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GT Goku?

I downloaded the Demo yesterday and I noticed something. There is in the copyrights list Dragon Ball GT. Does anyone know if Super Saiyan 4 Goku is in this game?

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TCKaos answered:

No, they just throw in the trademark because "DragonBall" usually refers to the entire series. This only goes through the Majin Buu saga, and the highest form of Super Saiyan is 3.

No DB or GT characters here.
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breadheadboy answered:

Ermm This isnt an exact answer but in the transformation menu there is only 4 spaces for transformations and one is already taken up for his normal state, so unless it is a seperate character then i dont think so which would be a shame
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Comdr_X answered:

As far as I have heard and seen there are no DB or GT characters in this game. Kind of sucks because I liked GT Goku (kid) from BT3.
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Juggalo_Jackass answered:

The only Gokus in this game are normal, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, and fusions (Vegito, SSJ Vegito, and Super Gogeta)
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ArmoredGenuis answered:

From what I've heard there are no ss4 Which I find as a good thing..
'Cus you know people would cheap their ass off online.....
Like they will with SSJ 3 Broly..
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Brandon9x answered:

Copyrights is there just to ensure everyone that they are the only ones who are allowed to make copies of dragonball in any form. It said dragon ball, dragonball z, dragonball gt . It just said those things because some people may veiw it as a seperation. In anycase, they have rights to dragonball period. Anything and everything about it basically.

Also I read somewhere we can expect dragon ball raging blast 2 out in a year or so. And that one I think is supposedly going to GT. Dont point to this as absolute fact. I am just saying what I read, it may not be true but it seems logical enough.
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