Kid Buu by DutchKraken

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| [TEOCT] |
|              TABLE OF CONTENT                |
1a) Table of Content ................... [TEOCT]
1b) Before you continue ................ [BYCNT]
1c) Legal .............................. [LEGAL]
1d) Version History .................... [VHSTR]
1e) Coming In Next Update .............. [CINUE] *NEW*
1f) Controls ........................... [CNTRL]

2a) Kid Buu Story ...................... [STORY]
2b) Why pick Kid Buu? .................. [YPICK] *Updated*
2c) Kid Buu appearances ................ [PPRNC]

3a) Character Combat ................... [CCTCT] *Updated*
3b) Character Movelist ................. [CCTML] *Updated*
3c) Character Quotes ................... [CCTQS]
3d) Character Customs .................. [CCTCS] *Updated*

4a) FAQ ................................ [EFAQU] *Updated*
4b) Dictionary ......................... [DCTRY]
4c) Contact ............................ [CNTCT] *Updated*
4d) Credits ............................ [CRDTS]
4e) Final Word ......................... [FINAL]

| [BYCNT] |
|            BEFORE YOU CONTINUE               |
If you want to skip to a certain location, use Ctrl+F and then copy paste
the code in the Table of Content, then search until you found the targeted
section. If you don't know what I mean by certain abbreviation, just use
the Dictionary (4b). Also keep in mind that everything in this guide is
written as my personal opinion. Keep in mind this is a GAME, it supposed
to be fun, if my strategies ruin the fun for you, it is my strategies that
should be discarded. Not your own fun.

Also, it should be noted a few things:
* All damage output as been against a Normal Dodoria, using Kid Buu as
  Normal as well.
* I use my own way of writing how to do combo's to see which acronym is
  what, see the "Controls"-Section.

| [LEGAL] |
|                    LEGAL                     |
This guide has been made by DutchKraken and may only be used for personal or
private use. It may not be placed on any website or other distributed medium
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other website
or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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This FAQ/Walkthrough is free, if you paid for this, you've been ripped
off and I'm sorry for you, but I can't do anything about it as well.

Also, the most up to date version of this FAQ will be on

| [VHSTR] |
|               VERSION HISTORY                |
20 November 2009:
v0.00 - v1.00
* Started this FAQ, wrote it, and submitted it.

24 November 2009:
v1.00 - v1.10
* Added a site legal to use this FAQ as well (hello neoseeker :P)
* Fixed a xbox360 reference in the "Controls", sorry PS3-fanboys.
  It's not LU, LD, LR and LL, but MU, MD, MR and ML now instead. But
  this FAQ I was planning on letting used by both xbox360 and ps3-users.
* In some combo's I changed "KH" to "KS", which was a typo.
* Added some combo's in the "Character Combat"-Section. As well as
  notes for certain combo's. Also changed the "Dictionary" a bit in
  that location.
* Added both throws (yes, there are 2) in the "Character Movelist".
* Added an "Unlock" part in "Character Movelist" explaining how to
  unlock a certain thing. As not many know how to unlock Instant
  Transmission with Kid Buu.
* Added question in FAQ.

03 December 2009 - 12 December 2009:
v1.10 - v1.20
* Added Question in FAQ: "What to do against spammers and disconnectors?
* Added "Crash Throw" in the Character Movelist. Named it "Crash Roll"
* Found 3 new chains, the "MAx5, *chain*, MA^2",
  "MA^2, *chain*, <Special>" and "MA*5, *chain*, (MD/MU/ML/MR)x2".
* Added somebody in the credits, thanks to this man I was able to
  find the counters for dodging moves like Wild Sense.
* Changed the "Why Pick Kid Buu"-Section a little bit
* Added a new custom :).
* Removed Blast 1 and Blast 2, from now on, they are just Super Moves.
* Added: "Coming In Next Update"-Section.
* Changed "Contact"-Section, I'm now available on XBOX Live.

| [CINUT] |
|            COMING IN NEXT UPDATE             |
The next update will feature:
* Description of a Counter against any move in the Moveset.
* Dictionary
* Quote Database

| [CNTRL] |
|                   CONTROLS                   |
As the controls are heavily customizable, I figured it would be better to
just call every button a certain name itself and use that in my FAQ's. This
is also for the xbox360 version only at this point, as I lack a PS3. So if
somebody with a PlayStation 3 is reading this, please copy and paste the
"menu"-section of this location and rewrite it accordingly with that

A-Button               = Confirm
B-Button               = Back
D-Pad/L-stick          = Configuration

Battle (non-customizable):
L-Stick                = M<X> (move)
                         <X> = Direction (U = Up - D=Down - R=Right - L=Left)
D-Pad                  = Change Camera

Battle (customizable):
Descend                = DC (flying down)
Jump/Ascend            = AC (jump on ground/flying higher up)
Defend                 = DF (defend)
Switch Out/Transform   = ST (opens the switch/transform screen)
Ki Blast/Smash Attack  = KS (fires ki blast, or use smash attack after combo)
Melee Attack           = MA (simple melee attack)
Signature Skills       = SS (use your signature skill)
Dash                   = DH (where to dash is determined by the L-stick)

| [STORY] |
|                KID BUU STORY                 |
Not written by me, this comes straight out of the game:

This is the original form of Majin Buu, as created by the wizard Bibidi.

Long ago, Buu acquired some level of self-control and rational thought by
absorbing the Southern Supreme Kai and the Grand Supreme Kai. However,
when Goku and Vegeta entered Buu's body after he had absorbed Gohan,
they set the good part of Buu free, and thus Buu reverted to his form of
absolute evil.

A being of pure evil, Kid Buu could not even be controlled by his own
creator, Bibidi. His evil soul, along with his incredibly high power
level, are a dangerous combination.

In this form, Buu was violent and unpredictable, and had no qualms
about destroying the Earth in battle. After Kid Buu destroyed the Earth,
he used his newly-learned Instant Transmission to travel to the Supreme
Kai's World, where he engaged in the ultimate battle for the fate
of the universe against Goku and Vegeta.

With his unlimited regenerative ability, and even a mastery of
Instant Transmission, Kid Buu is free to go on a violent rampage
throughout the universe. He is truly a Majin of destruction. Kid Buu had
the upper hand against Goku and Vegeta, but during the battle Majin Buu
split from Kid Buu and entered combat with him. in the end Kid Buu was
completely and utterly destroyed by the Super Spirit Bomb, made with the
energy of everyone on Earth after Hercule convinced them to give their
energy to Goku.

After his death, Kid Buu is reincarnated in an impoverished village as
a boy named Uub. One day, he meets Goku at the World Tournament, and
Uub ends up becoming Goku's number one disciple.

| [YPICK] |
|             WHY PICK KID BUU?                |
Kid Buu is fast and quite the respectable melee fighter, while most
people pick him because of his super rush, I'm not one of those
persons. However, Kid Buu still has its great melee to do with, and
with a character with 3 health bars, he's strong enough to take on
the mighty other characters as well.

* Instant Transmission
* Fast Melee Attacker
* Can easily combo
* 3 health bars which is average.

* Blocks slowly
* Unreliable moveset

You can unlock Kid Buu by beating "Grab the future! The battle of
the universe" in the Majin Buu Saga.

| [PPRNC] |
|            KID BUU APPEARANCES               |
Kid Buu, even though he is such a big character in the 3 enemies (Frieza,
Cell and Kid Buu), makes it in the least amount of stories. As a character
from the Majin Buu Saga, he only appears there.

Saga           :   Majin Buu Saga
Name           :   Attack! The Pure Majin Buu
Short Summary  :   Kid Buu (player) VS Krillin (CPU)
Missions       : * Finish on Hard Difficulty
                 * Perform 10 sways
                 * Perform a Signature Skill from your opponent's rear.

Saga           :   Majin Buu Saga
Name           :   Buu Advances! Final Battle on the Supreme Kai's world
Short Summary  :   SSJ3 Goku, SSJ2 Vegeta (player) VS Kid Buu (CPU)
Missions       : * Finish on Hard Difficulty
                 * Land two Super Attacks in a row
                 * Finish with little damage

Saga           :   Majin Buu Saga
Name           :   Quit picking on Hercule! The original Buu returns.
Short Summary  :   Kid Buu (player) VS Fat Buu (CPU)
Missions       : * Finish on Hard Difficulty
                 * Throw your opponent from the rear
                 * Perform two counters

Saga           :   Majin Buu Saga
Name           :   Grab the future! The battle of the universe
Short Summary  :   Base Goku, Base Vegeta (player) VS Kid Buu (CPU)
Missions       : * Finish on Hard Difficulty
                 * Finish with little damage
                 * Land five Pursuit Attacks: 2 after sending your opponent
                   in the air

Saga           :   What-If Saga
Name           :   Buu the Bodyguard
Short Summary  :   Fat Buu, Videl (player) VS Yamcha, Base Adult Gohan,
                   Kid Buu (CPU)
Missions       : * Finish on Hard Difficulty
                 * Land three Super Attacks in a row
                 * Land a hit with a deflected ki blast

| [CCTCT] |
|             CHARACTER COMBAT                 |
     / This has been tested on a /
    /      "Normal" Dodoria     /    For information on how to read
   /   with this character on  /   these controls, see the "Controls-
  /          "normal"         /  Section" in this FAQ.
Basic Combat:
                                         MA : 0280 damage   (01 hits)
                                         KS : 0412 damage   (01 hits)
                                     MA, KS : 0560 damage   (01 hits)
                                   MAx2, KS : 0653 damage   (01 hits)
                                   MAx3, KS : 1307 damage   (10 hits)
                                   MAx4, KS : 1680 damage   (07 hits)
                                       MAx5 : 1400 damage   (05 hits)
                                       KS^1 : 0412 damage   (01 hits)*1

Advanced Combat:
                <Rush>, KS+MU^2, AC^1, MAx4 : 1773 damage   (01 hits)*2
                              <Rush>, KS+MD : 0186 damage   (01 hits)
                                       MA^2 : 0467 damage   (01 hits)
                                       KS^2 : 1236 damage   (01 hits)
                         <KD>, DF + MD + SS : 0906 damage   (01 hits)*3

                      AC^1, MA, *chain*, MA : 0373 damage   (02 hits)
                    AC^1, MA, *chain*, SSx5 : 0949 damage   (06 hits)*4
                   MA^2, *chain*, <Special> : ???? damage   (?? hits)*5
                    MAx4, KS, *chain*, SSx5 : 2536 damage   (12 hits)*4
                        MAx5, *chain*, KS^2 : 2224 damage   (01 hits)
                        MAx5, *chain*, MA^2 : 1754 damage   (08 hits)*6
             MA*5, *chain*, (MD/MU/ML/MR)x2 : 1400 damage   (01 hits)*4
                        KS^2, *chain*, SSx5 : 1679 damage   (06 hits)*4
                  <Moving>, MA, *chain*, MA : 0373 damage   (02 hits)
               <Rush>, KS+MD, *chain*, SSx5 : 1042 damage   (06 hits)
                     <Throw>, *chain*, KS^2 : 3142 damage   (05 hits)
                     <Throw>, *chain*, SSx5 : 3261 damage   (10 hits)*6

       ^1 = Requires you to not charge.
       ^2 = Requires you to charge a little
       ^3 = Requires you to charge to maximum
     x<X> = Use the same button <X> times.
     *<X> = Has a note written about it below. <X> is the number of that
   <Rush> = During a Rush Attack (MA)
 <Moving> = While you are moving
  <Throw> = Use a throw (DF+SS)
     <KD> = Used on opponents who are Knocked Down on the ground.
<Special> = Use a Super Move or Ultimate Move
  *chain* = The Chain-sequence appears.
  ( and ) = Either one of the buttons

Specific Notes:
       *1 = Can fire a maximum of 6 blasts.
       *2 = If close to the ground, slams the opponent in the ground,
            makes this move 2 hits as finish and deal 500 damage more.
            Making this move deal 2273 damage instead.
       *3 = More information in "Upwards Slam" part in the "Movelist"-
            Section of this FAQ.
       *4 = Can be used to counter Wild Sense and Afterimage (and maybe
            Afterimage Strike as well).
       *5 = Damage and Hit Count depends on Super used, only Beam-Type
            or Ball-Type will hit. Depending if the opponent also has
            Wild Sense/Afterimage as well, a Rush-Type will hit just
            as well.
       *6 = Only when thrown against a wall will this move connects.
            In other situations the Signature Skill will just miss. Best
            used in the World Tournament Stage or in a crowded area.

| [CCTST] |
|             CHARACTER MOVELIST               |
Character Skills:

       Name : Mystic Shoot
     Damage : 171, 342, 513, 684, 856 damage
         KI : 5% KI per hit
Description : Buu stretches his arms to deliver punches from far-ranged
              It can do a maximum of 5 punches each time.
      Anime : Probably against Vegeta is the closest of the time he used
              this technique. Except there it was 1 punch after choking
              him for so long the first time.
    Opinion : A nice Signature to use in a lot of situations.

       Name : Up-Throw: Rolling Tornado (made the name myself)
     Button : DF+SS
     Damage : 1906 damage
       Hits : 04 hits
Description : Buu grabs his opponent by the feet and is spinning around
              Each time he is gaining momentum and when he finally has
              enough, he will let go of his opponent, flying far away
              from him.
      Anime : The only time I can remember is when he was fighting Vegeta
              the second time, just after Piccolo scares everybody in the
              carnaval, Buu kicked Vegeta around and later grabbed him.
    Opinion : Not really to write home about, yet it's still a descent
              move. It sends them flying pretty far as well.

       Name : Down-Throw: Upwards Slam (again, made up the name myself)
     Button : DF,+MD,+SS (On Knocked Down opponents feet)
     Damage : 0906 damage
Description : Buu grabs his opponent in the feet, then slams them to
              the other side.
      Anime : I think Kid Buu did this with Fat Buu sometimes. Except
              he did this in the air, swinging Fat Buu around similair.
    Opinion : A hard to execute move, but worth it. It does big damage
              for an attack so usable, most people just stay down for
              a little while. So it's still usable, but you can only
              use it once and then you have to knock them down again.
              This move is a nice finisher to a long combo.

       Name : Crash-Throw: Crash Roll (made up name)
     Button : DF+SS (near a wall/building)
     Damage : 3906 damage
Description : Buu kicks his opponent with an uppercut, and then keeps
              rolling and hits his opponent with his body, sending your
              opponent flying towards the rock/building.
      Anime : Unknown
    Opinion : Difficult because you need to look at the surroundings
              but if you manage to do this throw, use it and completely
              open up your opponent. If you can use it, use it, it's
              worth it.

Super Moves:

       Name : Instant Transmission
     Effect : Teleports yourself to your opponents back
Description : Kid Buu dissapears in a flash, and teleports to
              his opponent back
      Anime : Learned after watched Goku using it, used it himself
              after blowing up the Earth and travel to Supreme Kai's World
    Opinion : Aaaah, the good old Instant Transmissions is the best B1 in
              the world. This move opens up for a lot of ways to get your
              opponent. And is pretty cheap now as well to use.
     Unlock : Beat: "Buu the Bodyguard" in the What-If Story-Mode.

       Name : Sleep
     Effect : Heals 2500 hp gradually, can be interrupted but health is then
              not restored anymore.
Description : Simple, Buu goes to sleep, don't you see the soap bells(?)
              above him? That is him sleeping. In the meantime, he regains
              back some of his health.
      Anime : Buu falls to sleep just before the fight against Goku.
    Opinion : Not really a good move, as it only heals 2500 hp, good fact
              is it can be interrupted. But there is a better choice out

       Name : High Tension
     Effect : Goes into High Tension Mode.
Description : Buu acts like King Kong (what? I first thought King Kong
              when I first saw him charging like that). Where there is
              also steam coming out of him.
      Anime : Kid Buu used this when he woke up, not even a kick from
              Goku in his face was enough to stop this guy when he was
              doing it.
    Opinion : Within 2 seconds you gone to 1 bar of KI to High Tension.
              Do I need to spell it out to you? Okay, from the same
              location it requires you just a little less then 6 seconds
              to charge the normal way. Although this move can be handy
              in some situations, but not in all, most of the time you
              only need to charge the blue bar which will only cost you
              about 3 seconds. Only a second win, you could better use
              this slot for another move.

       Name : Super Kamehameha
      Style : Instant Beam-Type
     Damage : 7726 (+Boost: 8884)
Description : First Kid Buu is pulling his hands to his side, then pushes
              both of them away, sending a purple beam at his opponent
              which explodes on contact. It does 5 hits.
      Anime : This move was used plenty of times, as one of Kid Buu's main
              ways of attacking. Notable was the fight against SSJ3 Goku
              which he used it on. But it wasn't purple in the anime :S.
    Opinion : A reliable beam is always handy in every situation, you can
              counter another beam/ball to start a clash, or just for big
              damage. A beam is always handy to use, this move does fine
              damage and is handy.

       Name : Shocking Ball
      Style : Instant Ball-Type
     Damage : 6726 (+Boost: 7734)
Description : Buu opens his hand and charges a red electric ball full of
              energy. Then he throws this at his opponent. It does 6 hits.
      Anime : Unknown
    Opinion : This is Kid Buu's alternative for his Beam-Type move, and it
              can be either one of the 2. I suggest though picking one of
              them, but don't let his low damage fool you.

       Name : Mystic Ball Attack
      Style : Homing Rush-Type
     Damage : 7176 (+Boost: 8252)
Description : This one is fun, and one of my favorite rushes, it's so
              hectic. While the first strike sends you opponent flying
              you fly next to him who has no idea what is up or down
              anymore. This let's Kid Buu make them even more confused by
              returning back for another attack on which he is all over the
              place. Finally, he bumps into them from above which is sending
              them flying to the ground. This move does 10 hits.
      Anime : This move is used against SSJ3 Goku.
    Opinion : This move is the prove that Kid Buu is crazy and unpredictable
              why? Because this move just proves that. It's a great move
              with great damage, it's a rush, which is always if the first
              hit connects the other one will hit hands-down as well. All
              in all, no Kid Buu fighter can be without this move.

       Name : Nightmare Impact
      Style : Melee-Type
      Combo : MA, MA, KS
     Damage : 1794, 3588, 5382, 7176
Description : The first move alone is powerfull, which is a strong kick
              in the stomach which sets your opponent off. The second one
              is a punch to the jaw with almost equal strength. Then
              follows another punch to the stomach. Finally, Buu sends
              them flying with some of his KI. This move does 4 hits.
      Anime : Unknown
    Opinion : A strong attack for any close combat fighter, handy and
              powerfull, and it's always nice to see your opponent flying
              like that. Also it's fun to be part of the attack by
              pressing the correct buttons.

Ultimate Blast:

       Name : Planet Burst
      Style : Instant Ball-Type
     Damage : 14456 (+Boost: 15456)
Description : Kid Buu raises 1 hand in the sky, and then red energy comes
              out of his palm, ultimately followed by 1 big ball of
              energy which he fires at his opponent. This move does
              8 hits.
      Anime : Used to destroy Planet Earth.
    Opinion : Much as I like Kid Buu, it's just in every game his Ultimate
              is nothing compared to the other ultimates. It does have
              it's good sides though, 14k damage is still a hefty amount
              no matter how you look at it. The move itself is quit
              large as well, also a big plus for this move. This move is
              nice to use if your opponent is down to his last health-bar.
              But even then, Kid Buu isn't designed to be good at his
              Ultimate in the first place.

Team Combination Blasts:
So far, Kid Buu doesn't have any Team Combination moves. Or at least
I haven't found any moves like that, but if you managed to have found
a move which suits here, send me an E-mail, details about this are in the

| [CCTQS] |
|              CHARACTER QUOTES                |
Really? You wanna see a Kid Buu Quote collection. Well, I can't speak
Kid Buu's, but heck... here is his different shouts I've heard him
say in the game. Not really that talkative fella he is.

Intro #1: "Ha haaaaah!"
Intro #2: "Gya gya gya!"
Intro #3: "Shaaaaah!"
Goku: "Ooooh! Uho uho uho uho ho ho ho!!!"
Vegeta (including SSJ3): "Hohhhhhh!"
Fat Buu: "Shaa!"

"Ah graaggh..."

Goku: "Eeh heh heh heh heh!"

Really, if there was one thing I wouldn't enjoy in this FAQ it's the quote
section. So expect to wait a little while for this to be completed.
Most likely even longer as this is friggin Kid Buu here.

| [CCTCS] |
|              CHARACTER CUSTOMS               |
In here you can see the customs for Kid Buu.

/    Online Beast    / PL: 38 /
| 01 01 02 02 02 03 xx xx 04 04 04 04 |   KID BUU BASE    |
| 01 01 02 02 02 05 05 06 06 06 06 06 |                   |
| 02 02 02 02 02 05 05 06 06 06 06 06 |        Melee : 29 |
| 02 02 02 07 07 05 08 08 08 06 06 06 |           KI : 00 |
| 02 02 02 07 08 08 08 08 08 06 06 06 |      Defense : 54 |
| 09 09 10 10 08 08 08 08 08 11 11 11 | Super Attack : 00 |
| 09 09 09 10 08 08 08 08 08 11 11 11 |      Special : 00 |
| 09 09 09 10 08 08 08 xx xx xx 11 11 |                   |
|       Up : Super Kamehameha                       / © DutchKraken       /
|    Right : Mystic Ball Attack                    o---------------------o
|     Left : Nightmare Impact                      |
|     Down : Instant Transmission                  |
| Ultimate : Planet Burst                          |
xx = Filler (could be anything you choose)
01 = Rush Attack Up S
02 = Armor Break
03 = Defense Up S
04 = Paralyze Time Down S
05 = Charge Attack Up S
06 = Health Up M
07 = Air Attack Up S
08 = Heavy Armor
09 = Health Up S
10 = Beautiful Roll
11 = Charge Attack Up M

Item/Moves Reasoning:
Kid Buu ends with 5 filler spares, which you could equip it's fighting type
and aura changer. Also things such as the Halo can be equipped here, if
you really want it on. Anyhow, this Kid Buu is more a melee fighter then a
normal typical boring spammer because nowadays people are learning to
counter the annoying Mystic Ball Attack if it gets predictable (see more
in my FAQ). For online, it's always a good idea to equip at least the
Health Items. Most people also have at least 1 armor equipped, so it's a
good idea to equip melee-fighters with Armor Break to counter these. If
you are confident enough to remove Heavy Armor and replace it with something
more your liking. The moves are pretty self-explainatory. You got the SK for
a beam-type move, MBA for a rush and NI for a melee-type move. One of each
pretty much in the game, although you might want to change NI for maybe Sleep
or High Tension as well, if you think that works better. IT is great on all
melee-fighters to get to the opponent fast so making it he's unable to charge
a move.

In short, kick the crap out of every character in Melee combat, then send
them flying across the screen in the end, and charge, then use IT to get
close to them really fast (90% of the people are charging after that combo)
and again beat the crap out of them again because they cannot escape your
combo if they are charging. Also if the opponent uses a move such as
Wild Sense/Afterimage(Strike) or you know he has random vanishing, take
it a little more defensively with smaller combo's. But still keep a
constant threat and stay as close as possible. If they spam a rush move,
start to predict when they will use it, and use IT the moment it is safe to
use, and show no mercy in the combo's you use. Also differentiate your
combo's a little less, because you want to be as unpredictable as possible.
Fight with your instinct, if you think a Down Smash is a good idea, do not
hesitate and do it. This will set any human player a little more of the
edge and makes you a terror, as they never know what they will get. Also,
if the opponent is constantly blocking, use MBA to guard-crush them.

| [EFAQU] |
|                     FAQ                      |
Q: Can I use this character FAQ on my website
A: Contact me, I'll update my legal website section and you may use
   it on your website.
Q: You're missing something
A: If I missed anything, don't mind how little, as long as it has to
   do with Kid Buu AND this game, then send me an E-mail. I will be
   happy to add it next time. See "Contact"-section for more
   information about this.
Q: Any differences about the PS3; RB Kid Buu and the xbox360 Kid Buu?
A: I don't know, if there is, I will tell it in my next update, but if
   there isn't I won't specifically say that.
Q: Can this guide also be used for the PlayStation 3 Kid Buu?
A: I think so, I did my best to make this faq for both consoles at the
   same time. Ignoring xbox360 and playstation 3 specific things, such
   as the buttons.

Q: Why a FAQ about a character that spams?
A: BECAUSE he is a character most people use to spam, I wanna start
   introducing a way to use Kid Buu by using Melee and close-combat.
   Hopefully later people will realise it doesn't work being a spammer.

Q: What to do against spammers and disconnectors?
A: First of all, never disconnect yourself. As this just adds to the
   problem and makes you no way better then them. Because spamming
   is a big nuisance for a player who is still new, because (s)he's
   unable to counter them properly. There still are counters.
   Wild sense = See combo's, anything with *4 in it can counter WS.
   Afterimage (Strike) = Same as WS, except multiple times
   Super Rushes = Counter stance (DF+KS)
   Melee = Not really spamming, as it truly requires attention from
   the attacker, but you can escape it by vanishing at the right
   moment and returning the favor. The right moment is just before
   a smash by pressing DF. It will Vanish you to safety (mostly).

| [DCTRY] |
|                 DICTIONARY                   |
Has yet to be writtin, ain't than an annoyance :P. But an
explanation is already at hands in the "Controls"-Section.

| [CNTCT] |
|                   CONTACT                    |
STOP: Before you continue sending me an E-mail, read this first:

* Be clear:
  Even though I might have my problems with being clear, doesn't give
  anybody the excuse to type l33t for instance. Just type normal
  english and I will try to do my best to descipher the entire thing.

* Have a fitting topic-title
  Things like "hey, can you help me" and in the body of the mail "see topic"
  isn't going to work. I suggest you first add in [Kid Buu FAQ] in your
  topic title so that I know that it's for my FAQ about Kid Buu.
* Anonymous or not?
  Please tell if I can give your (nick)-name in the credits. No mention and
  the default will be that you would like to be anonymous. It's sometimes
  okay not to be humble ya know?

Now, you can send me an E-mail about:

* Spelling mistakes (but first read below)
  This doesn't include 1 mistake each mail, you are welcome of course
  to try and make this FAQ grammer-correct. But since English is not
  my main language, I will probably have so many mistakes it's
  enough to give a grammer nazi a heart attack. If you want to
  tackle the entire file, you can send me an E-mail first. Because you
  will probably not be the only one. DO NOT START CORRECTING THIS FILE
  time on that. And I will not take responsability for your free time.

* Add-ons
  I just got this game, and started writing almost 1 day later for a FAQ.
  What do you expect? Plenty of things I might have forgotten. If you
  have a certain thing about it which I didn't realise at first, you can
  send me an E-mail about it. Just be clear of what I'm missing, if it's
  a Team Attack then explain in detail how you gotten it. If I can't
  verify it myself, then I probably ask you to videotape it.

* For new customs
  Always handy though, just make sure you copy paste the same look as I
  have it right there. Just change the font to "Courier New", and copy
  and paste my custom example, then change it accordingly to how it is
  with you. Explain yourself a bit on why this is unique and strong, and
  maybe next time you will be thanked in this guide. Also provide the
  name for which credit it is. Also the name may only be maximum 17
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It's fairly obvious I don't want any annoying mails or stuff like that
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And before you ask, no, that's not my MSN, nice try though. I'm also
avaible on Xbox Live under the nickname of "KrakenNLD", so you guys
can find me there as well. But please don't run away at the sight of me.

| [CRDTS] |
|                   CREDITS                    |
Me: For crying out loud... I wrote the skeleton of this FAQ.
    I think I deserve at least a little bit of credit.

You: For actually reading it, and THIS! Thank you! You are the
     one I'm doing it for.

Akira: For creating DBZ from scratch. One of the best 2 anime's
       out there.

Oda: For creating One Piece, the other one of the best 2 anime's
     out there.

Omega2040: Inspired me to go find some combo's who can counter Wild
           Sense and Afterimage. The video he used for this was this:
           His channel can be found here:

Sites: - For the logo above "big"-font and
"serifcap"-font. - Duh, the most updated version is here. And I like
the site for info about all kinds of games. And they let me host THIS on
their site as well.

ASTVAPTFAQOTSWP - (Any Site That Violates And Put This FAQ On Their
Site Without Permission) No, just kidding, you guys suck.

| [FINAL] |
|                 FINAL WORD                   |
"There is no such thing as perfect in this world. That may sound
cliché, but its the truth. The average person admires perfection
and seeks to obtain it. But what's the point of achieving perfection?
There is none. Nothing. Not a single thing. I loathe perfection!
If something is perfect, then there is nothing left. There is no room
for imagination. No place left for that person to gain additional
knowledge or abilities. Do you know what that means? For scientists
such as us, perfection only brings despair. It is our job to create
things more wonderful than anything before them, but never to obtain
perfection. A scientist must be a person who finds ecstasy while
suffering from that antinomy. In short, the moment that foolishness
left your mouth and reached my ears, you had already lost. Of
course, that's assuming you are a scientist."

- Kurotsuchi Mayuri @ Bleach (No, I will not tell you the episode)