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Faster travel?

I found these teleporters but is there any sort of faster travel throughout the game? a horse? sneakers? anything??

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Yea, I got that but isn't that just a temporary boost with only one use?

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PhilR1 answered:

You also get better runes for the rune of the four winds. I am around 30 hours into the game and the one I just got lasts a lot longer than the first one you find. Altogether I have got three runes of four winds, each lasting a different time. The rune will NOT disappear after use, only the scrolls do that. Just put it to one of your hotkeys and you can use it whenever you want. You will have to wait a while after using it each time though.

Unfortunately the teleports will not teleport you to the opposite side of the map. Each teleport only links to one other. Personally I do not bother with them at all.

There are no horses in Arcania, no flying spells etc.
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ludain420 answered:

Rune:of the four winds i would suggest hotkeying it, u get it almost right away. believe from the witch u learn lightning scrolls from.
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