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Where can I find recipes supposedly in Monastery (according to the Prima strategy guide)?

In the Monastery there are levers that open doors. The Prima strategy guide says that 3 recipes can be found in these secret rooms on bookshelves:

1.) Alchemical Recipe for Elixir of the Berserker
2.) Alchemical Recipe for Ironhide Elixir
3.) Alchemical Recipe for Heartsting Elixir

On my game, these scrolls were not in these room. I do not know if this is a mistake in the strategy guide, or if it is maybe a glitch in my game? I have heard that sometimes NPCs don't always load in the currect location (though I have never experienced this), so I was worried it was possible that these items didn't load like they were supposed to? Did anyone else find these recipes in the Monastery? If you have a save game before the monastery, could you load it and check to see if the recipes are there on your game?

I am playing the Xbox 360 version, so maybe they are only in the PC version?

Someone please help me ASAP!!! Thanks!

roachtbp provided additional details:

I found a recipe list on another forum (it list the names of the items created with the recipes, NOT the name of the actual recipe). Part of this list is copied and pasted below. It list these 3 items as being found in the Sea Cliff Monastery (and two of them can ONLY be found in the Monastery, according to this list). Did anyone else find the recipes for the following items in the Monastery?

1.) Elixir of the Berserker
2.) Ironhide Elixir
3.) Heartsting Elixir in the Monastery?

Alma's Best - Alma's House in Feshyr Village, Diego's Cave on Feshyr Island, Lyrca's Hut on Feshyr Island
Beliar's Blood - chest behind Snip's house in Thorniara Harbor, locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara
Draught of the Conqueror - locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara
Eagle Eye Elixir - quest from Nejos in Blackwater
Elixir of Arcane Might - Mama Hooqua in Blackwater

***Elixir of the Berserker - secret room at Sea Cliff Monastery (not in this location on the 360 version?????????????)

Elixir of Black Bile - Jabo's Hut
Elixir of Dark Tears - locked chest at Silverlake Keep. locked chest at Shurak's Tower
Elixir of Prowess - Borran in Blackwater, quest from Mama Hooqua in Blackwater, Mama Hooqua in Blackwater, Lester's Hut in Tooshoo
Elixir of Strength - quest from Mama Hooqua in Blackwater
Elixir of the Seven Winds - Melog's Medicine Chest, Lester's Hut in Tooshoo, Mari in Thorniara
Elixir of the Warrior - chest at Silverlake Keep, locked chest in Silverlake Orc Cave
Elixir of the Whirling Hand - Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif, Rigo in Thorniara Market, Snips in Thorniara Harbor, Cera in Thorniara Fortress
Essence of Immortality - locked chest in the Innos Temple of Thorniara
Greater Eagle Eye Elixir - Thom in Thorniara Market
Greater Elixir of Arcane Might - locked chest in the Goddess' Temple, Rigo in Thorniara Market, Snips in Thorniara Harbor
Greater Elixir of Prowess - Thom in Thorniara Market
Greater Elixir of Strength - Thom in Thorniara Market

***Heartsting Elixir - secret room at Sea Cliff Monastery (not in this location on the 360 version?????????????)

***Ironhide Elixir - secret room at Sea Cliff Monastery, Thor at Refugee Camp near Setarrif (not in this location on the 360 version?????????????)

Lesser Eagle Eye Elixir - chest in house at Hunter's Lodge
Lesser Elixir of Arcane Might - Silverlake Keep Archives
Lesser Elixir of Prowess - Ulfrich (northeast of Cleaved Maiden), chest on the beach just northwest of the Watch Tower near Cleaved Maiden, chest in the Watch Tower southwest of Cleaved Maiden, Elgan in Stewark
Lesser Elixir of Strength - Welgard at Silverlake Keep, on a barrel at Silverlake Keep
Nighteye Elixir - Ulrich's herb field northeast of Cleaved Maiden, Worgen in Stewark Keep
Stewark Cider Vinegar - quest from Gerrick in Stewark Keep
Stoneskin Elixir -
Strongtoe Applebrew - quest from Ingor in Stewark Keep
Swift Death - locked chest upstairs in Mari's House in Thorniara
Worgan's Secret Reserve - quest from Worgan in Stewark Keep
Wasp Elixir - locked chest in northeast goblin cave near Valley of Blood, locked Ranger chest in the goblin cave north of Silverlake Keep

roachtbp provided additional details:

Ok, I am glad to hear that my game is not glitched, and that the recipes are not in the Monastery.

As of right now, the "Master Chef" achievement is glitched, as learning any Stamina potion recipe first prevents you from learning any Mana potion recipes, and vica versa. Whichever type you learn first (stamina/mana), the other type is glitched. A patch is coming to the PC soon, so maybe a patch will also come to the 360, and hopefully it will address this glitched achievement.

I did not know that there were recipes in the guide that were not even in the game, but I do think more DLC is coming, simply because of the menu screen when you start the game. It has a lot of options that seems to hint that the company plans to release some DLC in the future.

Hopefully a patch and some DLC will come soon.

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roachtbp answered:

The guide is wrong - in the 360 version those 3 recipes cannot be found in the Monastery. I do not know if they can be found in the PC version.
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