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Asked: 4 years ago

Is there more than one Holy Essence in the game?

I know there is one by the anvil from the plot, but are there anymore? I would like to make a one-handed sword as well as the shield, but it seems like I have to choose between the one handed sword, shield, two handed sword, or bow.

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From the looks of it, no. I'm right near end game and there's no other holy essence that I've found either.

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No there is only one holy essence and you want to be sure that you really think hard about which weapon you use it on because once you use it you won't be able to use it again on another weapon.

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I heard on another forum that there are other recipes that use the holy essence. should i hold off on the wrath of innos for a stronger sword? or is it only for better armor or potions?

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