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Where can I find the Akuma (bike)?

Wondering if anyone has found where the Akuma is located?(without cheats). Thanks.

sloatyourthrit provided additional details:

WITHOUT CHEATS PLEASE! Also, I've found the Vader around algonquin and alderney so the Akuma must be somewhere! Why would rockstar make a vehicle that is only accessible via cheats? seems illogical.


juggalostabyou answered:

Press up twice to bring up the cell phone number pad and enter the number, 625-555-0200. it's the code for it. I've never found it in the game. Though if you drive a Saber GT along the road by the Golf range. and you'll find a Super drop or Super diamond. The normal version of Yusuf's car.
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Shaymin82 answered:

There is apparently no way of getting the Akuma without cheats!
So if you desperatley want one you could type this number into your cell phone: 625-555-0200.
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