Question from thompsom1021

Gold car?

When i go in yusuf's gold car I don't get the gold uzi?

Accepted Answer

mikeysdabest03 answered:

You Get the Gold Uzi At the end of the game Yusef Will call you and he will say take my car or something like that ...if you just want the Gold UZI you can do all 50 drug wars and it will be in your apartment or you can call up Armando and select Gun Van and buy it for 5000
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thingymebob333 answered:

I thought that u get the gold uzi from a misson reward so thats odd......well good luck.
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thingymebob333 answered:

I have double checkd that its not a thing in the car and im onto that if its an unlockable so hold on

mayby its an unlockable that when u get it u go in the car and get after a certain point???
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