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What is the best strategy for base jumping!???? the only thing that is too hard!

I think the base jumping is just simplt too hard! can any1 please help, any tips or guides for the best technique? all answers will be greatly appretiated .

dannymac2010 provided additional details:

. . . Still not really any help, what do you mean b to activate it you press a to get out your paracute. and eg, the one where you have to gluide through the checkpoints how do you prevent going lower because i eventually just land in the water.


gunmaster69 answered:

umm what? there is no strategy to Skydive. just press B to activate it and then use the left joystick to steer and land wherever you want. and its not hard at all i do it almost all the damn time and land on cars like 70% of the time. (if your wondering why i skydive into cars its because its funny as hell!)
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CoronelLink answered:

The surest way to get allthe checkpoints is to open the parachute with A, pull back on it and correct the altitude the closer you are to the checkpoints. If you are going over them pull on both triggers at the same time and this will create stall and let you fall at a straighter angle, but slower. If you need to make quick turns use the triggers. As for ground targets, open the parachute as fast as possible and pull back to lose little alttitude and the closer you get let off on it little by little. Stay high on the target and drop down using both triggers right at the end. DON'T release yourself from the parachute, you'll just get hurt. Hopefully this helps, otherwise trial and error. Try landing on a cop car! They get pissed and start giving chase! It's AWESOME!!
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