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Asked: 5 years ago

I can't get into the Bahama Mamas club. Anybody know why?

It keeps on saying its currentley closed , anybody know why it's doing this or how to help?

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From: LegendOfGta 5 years ago

Logically, killing the owner of the club was cause it to become permanently unenterable due to the fact the owner is dead and cannot manage the club any longer.

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i posted a question asking about this club too since in my opinion it was the nicest and I wanted to come back, but after your mission sequence where you shoot up the owner and his boys, it will permanently become closed. The only way to replay it is by beating the game and loading up the mission again for better scores.

im pretty sure thats it unless someone else can correct me on this.

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An error on rockstars part. There were ideas that you could get away without killing the boss but you would get slaughtered by his hitmen anyway. An update should be released soon

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I believe Flippy is most likely correct. This seems like an odd choice. Some things I noticed were:

In the managers office there's a health pack. This may just be a mission specific health pack, OR it could be simular to the repawning health in the managers office in Massonette 9.

I bought Episodes from Liberty City, the stand alone disc, this comes with a new Map/Poster. Bahama Mamas is depicted on this map, even with it's own icon making it appear like a visitable club.

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Since after that mission where you killed the manager dont you think that tony would have taken that club since no one owned it and i for got if you can go in it in multiplayer

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I believe once you beat the game you can, but online and before the mission were you kill the manager you can.

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You can go there before the mission for tony but after it you can't because the LCPD will probably doing secret investigations or after the managers death everyone was afraid you'll come back and kill everyone so it went broke.

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