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All All Questions for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Can any one join my police clan?? 4
How do i beat the First Leave of Yusfu? 1
Is there a special way to win the LC cage fighting? 3

Item Location Help Answers
Where can I find the hunter? 0
After your gunfight in Bahama Mamas? 3
Can I remove cheats in the phone? 2
Carry-over or separate? 1
How do I find the skylift in singleplayer? 2
How do i use car signals? 1
How do you deploy the parachute during freefall? 4
I've done all 50 drug missions and the golden uzi hasn't been unlocked? 2
Is there a cheat for the car called F620? 2
Is there a flying car cheat? 2
Is there any new downloadable content coming shortly??? 2
Song name? 1
Swift helicopter? 3
The two new police cars ? 1
Was I supposed to find this? 2
Weapon Locker? 1
Where can I find (Fast police car? 2
Where can I find (N.O.O.S.E. APC in single player)? 7
Where can I find a vader bike? 1
Where can i find boat? 1
Where can I find the 44? 2
Where can I find the Akuma (bike)? 2
Where can I find the Bati Custom? 4
Where can I find the golden car? 3
Where can I find the place to modificate cars? 1
Where's the golf cart, or caddy, spawn points? 1
Advaned sniper? 4
Can you buy extra clothes, other than the ones in your wardrobe? 1
Can you get drunk off shots in the clubs? 1
Gold car? 3
Gold Uzi? 3
How do I put cheat codes in my cell phone ? 1
How do you Detonate the Sticky Bombs? 1
Is any item unlocked when completing the Cage Match? 1
More arcade games? 1
Trouble with drug war unlockables? 3
Where are the sticky bombs in the apartment? 1
Where can I find a Double T? 1
Where can I find a Hakuchou? 1
Where can I find Nitro for my cars in single player mode? 2
Will there be any more new weapons in BoGT? 6

Other Help Answers
Add Xbox Live gamer tag? 0
Do you have to be join to xbox live to get a job or you can do that in story mode? 0
Any mission where u can stop wanted ratings? 1
Any one want to join a police clan? 6
Are all the cities unlocked after you play the addons? 1
Are there any girlfriends in the ballad of G tony? 4
At what point do the night clubs close down? 1
Ballad of g*y tony unowned? 1
Can you buy stuff? 3
Can you date people from the websites? 3
Can You Get a Blow Job Done? 2
Can you get a job on gta the ball of g Tony? 1
Can you play without owning GTA4 or xboxlive? 5
Cheats? 4
Dance Off? 3
Do bombs effect accuracy for 100% mission completion? 1
Do the cheats block the achievements like in gta IV? 2
Does Luis work with Niko or sees Niko beside the museum? 3
dont own GTA IV and never played it will i be able to buy episodes from Liberty City and play without playing gta iv?? 2
Erasing DLC after buying game disc without losing game saves? 3
For what is the love web page? 1
Has anyone successfully made a girlfriend (Dana) at Maisonette 9? 8
How do I do a dance off vs Armando or Henrique? 1
How do I get exploding sniper bullets to work? 3
How do i get the download to work on multiple accounts? 1
How do I get to the police mode ? 1
How do I go back and play the regular story and lost and the damned? 2
How do you blow up the arms dealer boat without damaging the helicopter? 1
How do you dance with just a single girl and not the whole crowd line dance in the nightclubs? 4
How do you get to play gta live? 1
How many main missions? 3
How many time does it take to finish it? 2
How the heel do u control the helicopter? 2
How to took a number of a strange girl? 1
I killed all seagulls what do i get out of it? 3
If I use a car cheat will it affect Achievments? 2
Is it possible to ride the Subway trains in TBoGT? 1
Is their any tune up shops for the cars in the Grand theft auto the ballad of *** Tony? 1
Joni's number do you get it? 2
LCPD Recruiting? 3
Like in Vice City, will the cheat codes interfere with saving? 2
Marketplace? 1
More than two cars? 3
My x box doesnt work it go 4 red lights and then it dont turn on? 3
New Clubs? 1
New music? 2
No Team Parachute mode? 5
Parachute? 3
Police Computer Error? 2
Police Computer? 1
Police Helicopter? 1
rAT mAn!!!!!!!!!!? 2
Seagull Guide? 1
TBOGT dlc ? 1
The Gold SMG? 2
Vice City FM dlc? 1
were can Luis make a hair cut? 1
What are some fun things to do once youve beat the story? 4
What are the glitches in Free Mode? 2
What do you get if you kill all 50 pigeons in BoGT? 2
What is the rockstar social club? 1
What's the name of the song played at the Masionette 9? 3
Whats the song called and by who, in the final mission? 1
Whats the website that shows u all the caricters criminal records ? 1
Where do you find the buzzard chopper without using the cheat code? 2
Where is Cindy's Apartment? 2
where is hooters in Balled of g tony? 1
Wheres the nudity in BoGT? 4
Which cheats disable achievements and which don't? 1
Which? 1
Why the cheats dont work ? 1
After I finish the DLC, can I still use the weapons and vehicles with Niko? 1
Are cutscenes included in the mission completion time? 2
Are the radio tracks random or do they repeat? 1
Are you able to call for a taxi? 1
Are your clubs open after you finish the game? 1
Cage fighter? 1
Can anyone give me a complete list of vehicles for TBoGT? 2
Can i save cars in other resident parking from other gta? 1
Can you access the night clubs at any time? 1
Can you change the order of cheats in the cheat menu on the phone? 4
Do i need to have gta iv on xbox 360 to play the disc version? 2
Does anyone know what the music is for the first trailer? 2
Episodes of Liberty City vs. Separate DLC? 2
Golden uzi ammo? 2
Help with random character? 2
How big is the world? 2
How do you do the dancing properly at the nightclubs? 7
How do you get into the Comedy Clubs?! 1
How long do you have to parachute for to get the achievment? 4
How many random characters are there in tbogt ? 2
How much does it cost? 3
I can't get into the Bahama Mamas club. Anybody know why? 7
If i deleted my save game by an accident can i get it back ? 1
iS there a lot of bi content in this game? 1
Is this game innappropriate? 5
Is Vice City FM restricted to disc only? 2
Liberty City ? 1
Missing guns? 1
More about G Tony himself? 1
New clothes? 1
Prank calls? 2
Radio Brooker and Liberty Rock? 1
Smoke on the parachute? 1
So what is some of the new content? 3
Super punch cheat? 2
The Police ? 2
The Swift Helicopter? 3
Vehicles ? 4
What's this number for? 3
When will the cheats be on this website? 5
When you play multiplayer, do you also play with owners of The Episodes? 1
Wheres the tank? 3
Why do some icons not show up on my map? 2
Why Do The Drug Wars Still Show On My Map? 1
Why is it that all these expansions are only on 360? 2
Will there be another vice city/ san andreas game? 1
will there be free roam in BoGT? 1
Will this game be online only, or will it have a singleplayer mode? 4

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