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How to change from single fire to rapid fire?

Help me with this asap please

Yeaitswill asked for clarification:

Could you clarify the question please? Are you talking about a specific gun? Because if you are talking about the rifles that you can throw the sniper scopes on, then no, you cannot turn them into a rapid firing gun like the smg's or the assault rifles. The most you can do is put the rapid fire attachment, thats pretty much about it

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Zeix50 answered:

With guns like the Famas, you have a three-shot burst. With handguns you can make the ammo 'Rapid Fire' which basically makes it semi-automatic or fully-automatic, depending on the gun.
Unfortunately, you can't toggle single/semi/full fire with guns.

Submachine guns and Assault Rifles generally use full fire while the Light Rifles use single shot. Things of that nature.
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mmaraz answered:

Rapid fire is unlock for completing one of the challeneges that grants you an attachment for some guns that called "rapid fire."
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jniebaum32 answered:

Yeah there is no "Fire Rate" toggle in the game.
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123blame answered:

You have to earn it by completing parkour this and then attatch it to a pistol. you use it by pressing the shoot button quickly angain and again
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