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How to use XP?

Does XP do anything or is it just to show how much you need to level up?

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ThFlsh03 answered:

With each lvl up you get a credit...that is what you spend to buy in-turn you only get a total of 20 for now (DLC will most likely increase the lvl cap). So I suggest picking out whatever Universals you want and then putting the rest in your main class. With my lvl 20 I filled Operative and all but 1 on Universal and had 2 creds left over to put where ever if I remember correctly. Also another tip is, save 2 points for when you reach lvl 20 because you can't buy downed fire (universal ability) or your final ability for your class until you reach Rank 5 (lvl 20).
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maxlc3 answered:

XP is used to level up which in turn gives you Unlocks for abilities as well as clothing/accessory unlocks and audio files.
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