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How is the game after its day one patch and will there be other patches?? on xbox 360

I would like to buy the game but before spending money i want to know if it is going to be improved

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flechetteXXX answered:

To properly answer your question there wasnt a "day one patch" so I am assuming you are talking about the recent update to online meant to "reduce lag"? Understand that this isnt necessarily a "patch" and is only temporary until Bethesda can fix the lag. All this does is lower the total number of HUMAN PLAYERS allowed in campaign and "some freeplay" modes from 16 to 8. Meaning while playing online versus you are now playing 4v4 human players instead of the 8v8 at launch. The teams will still be 8v8 with bots filling in the additional 4 on each team. Despite what most people are saying I have not had an issue with my AI at all and this should not effect your overall gameplay. I personally thoroughly enjoy this game and have not experienced any game breaking lag even before this temporary update. Still I guess enough people complained to make Bethesda decide they needed a "fix" although Im not sure its even their servers. Please also understand that ALL games get patches. So yeah there will most likely be several more patches in the future.
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maxlc3 answered:

The game is not very good. The AI is pathetic, the there are only about 9 different levels, and the guns aren't set up well. If you are needing further proof, rent this game. Do not waste $60.
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skinnygingertop answered:

Personally I like the game. Love the customization, the hectic running around and the objective based game play.
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Gaiko answered:

Online is problematic as there are still lag issues for some. However plenty of people are enjoying the game. There will no doubt be more tweaks made to improve the game and there is a planned free map pack in a month or two. Consider renting it if undecided, as there's no real telling if you'll like it or not. It is being improved though.
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