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Where can I find Audio Logs?

Where do I find all the audio logs? I've completed campagin stories for both sides including the "What if" missions, but I'm still missing some. Where are the last few?

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A_Gamer_X360 answered:

You are awarded 1 audio log per win on solo, and 2 per win when playing online.

There are 32 mission specific audio logs (2 per mission) and 42 general ones. One mission audio log is for simply winning the mission, the other is for satisfying all of the primary objectives (which requires a shut-out win on all 8 of the defense maps). The general audio logs are awarded for wins where you already received the mission specific ones, or you didn't satisfy the objective requirement.

You do NOT get audio logs for the challenges or for leveling. You do NOT have to complete the secondary objectives. You do NOT have to play the campaign to get them -- you can get all of them (and the achievement) by playing only freeplay maps (even custom 1 v 0 games).

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SrgSkittles answered:

I think you unlock more by playing on multiplayer
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Aek202 answered:

You unlock them from leveling up
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klofnod answered:

you unlock audio logs by completing every mission every way. What this means is on the defensive maps you must stop them at every objective once if you understand what i mean as in the second mission for resitence if your security you must stop the from opening the panel to blow the conduit then you must stop them again from blow the conduit and so on and so forth
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Harvey7x12z answered:

Audio logs are for completing different missions on different difficulty's also attempt to do challenges you can find lots of special items there.
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