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Fast start? 5
How do i unlock After Burner? 1
Other characters in the Xbox-360 version? 3
Why does the game keep crashing/freezing? 3
How are SEGA Miles (Points/Currency) tallied in each race? 2
cant seem to AAA mission 42 any tips? 2
Can Tails actually fly in this? 3
How do I beat Eggman's Robot? 1
Concerning what Sonic says...? 4
How do I use the All-Star moves? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Is force feedback available on compatible xbox360 steering wheels ? 0
Is Silver the Hedgehog in the game? 4
What does Amigos All-Star attack do? 2
Online MP - Viewing host's rules before entering lobby? 2
Is there a special verison of this game I can buy? 3
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