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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
Achievement guide
Author:  Groudon199


The following guide includes a table.  If the above lines are not lined up,
the table may not display correctly.  Change your font until they are.

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Main Achievements
3a. True Blue
3b. Amber De Amigo
3c. Red Out
3d. Virtual Bronze
3e. Captain Silver
3f. Golden Acts
3g. Now There Are No Limits!
3h. Welcome to the Next Level!
3i. To be this good takes AGES!
3j. Fighters Megamix
3k. Time Stalker
3l. Clock Work
3m. Shadow Dancing
3n. Ghost Master
3o. Mega Driver
3p. Crazy Box
3q. Magical Sound Shower
3r. Top of the Class
3s. Dreamarena
3t. Racing Hero
3u. Outrunner
3v. Death Adder
3w. Lucky Dime
3x. High Roller
3y. Classic Collection
3z. SEGA World
3aa. Power Drift
3ab. Turbo
3ac. Triple Trouble
3ad. Gaining Ground
3ae. Wheels of Fire
3af. Rolling Start
3ag. Road Rampage
3ah. After Burner
3ai. Up 'N' Down
3aj. Streets of Rage
3ak. Wonder Boy
3al. Altered Beast
3am. Last Survivor
3an. Super Hang-On
3ao. Project Rub
3ap. Enduro Racer
3aq. Ultimate Collection
4. Secret Achievements
4a. Sonic Unleashed
4b. Feel the Magic
4c. Working Man
4d. Giant Egg
4e. Top Skater
4f. The Chariot
4g. Cat Mania
5. Conclusion & Contact Information

1. Introduction

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing lets you use various SEGA characters, like Ryo
Hazuki, B.D. Joe, and Opa Opa, to race on courses from different SEGA
franchises, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball, and House of the
Dead (abbreviated to "HOTD" and referred to as "Curien Mansion").
This guide will explain how to get each of the achievements in the game.
Only GameFAQs may host this guide at this time.  Don't ask me for permission,
because I won't respond.

2. Version History

Version 1.0 (04/04/10): Guide started and finished.

Version 1.1 (04/28/10): Added some info regarding certain achievements

3. Main Achievements

Format is as follows.
Achievement name (Gamerscore)
Achievement description
How to unlock

NOTICE: Make sure you allow the game to save after unlocking an achievement.
If the game doesn't save, obtaining the final achievement might be difficult.

NOTICE: I've heard reports about certain achievements on the in-game list
returning to "locked."  I don't know what causes it, but I'm a victim of it
now (though this was way after getting all of them).  If certain achievements
are suddenly locked (including most of the secret achievements, Lucky Dime,
and Shadow Dancing), you'll have to delete your save file and start again."

3a. True Blue (10G)
    Earn your BLUE SEGA License.
    Unlocked when you obtain 50,000 SEGA Miles.
Miles spent in the store will not affect your achievement progress.  SEGA Miles
are obtained after every race.  The better you race, the more Miles you'll
receive.  You should unlock these achievements while you work on the other ones.

3b. Amber De Amigo (10G)
    Earn your AMBER SEGA License.
    Unlocked when you obtain 100,000 SEGA Miles.

3c. Red Out (15G)
    Earn your RED SEGA License.
    Unlocked when you obtain 150,000 SEGA Miles.

3d. Virtual Bronze (20G)
    Earn your BRONZE SEGA License.
    Unlocked when you obtain 300,000 SEGA Miles.

3e. Captain Silver (30G)
    Earn your SILVER SEGA License.
    Unlocked when you obtain 500,000 SEGA Miles.

3f. Golden Acts (80G)
    Earn your GOLD SEGA License.
    Unlocked when you obtain 750,000 SEGA Miles.

3g. Now There Are No Limits! (10G)
    Win your first Grand Prix Cup.
    Finish 1st in the points standings for any cup in Grand Prix.  Shouldn't
be too difficult.

3h. Welcome to the Next Level! (15G)
    Win every race within a Grand Prix Cup.
    Same as above, except you need to finish 1st in every race.  Easiest cup
is the Chao Cup on Beginner.

3i. To be this good takes AGES! (30G)
    Win every Grand Prix Cup.
    Finish 1st in the points standings for every cup.  It's best to go for this
when you've unlocked (and practiced) every course, especially the Super Monkey
Ball courses.  Remember to play on Beginner to make it easier.

3j. Fighters Megamix (30G)
    Take out an opponent with each character's All-Star Move.
    This achievement is a little annoying to unlock.  You need to hit someone
with each All-Star Move.  However, it's not as simple for some characters.
Shadow- Don't hit anyone with Chaos Spear.  Run into them directly instead.
Knuckles- Charge his punch long enough so that you get a big shockwave.
AiAi- He's the one that needs to hit someone, not the other monkeys.
Amigo- Make sure you overtake people on the same lap as you.

Note: Downloadable characters do not count towards this achievement.

3k. Time Stalker (10G)
    Set a Personal Best Time on any Time Trial course.
    Finish a lap in Time Trials.

3l. Clock Work (30G)
    Set a Personal Best Time on every Time Trial course.
    Finish a lap on every course in Time Trials.

3m. Shadow Dancing (10G)
    Defeat a Staff Ghost on any Time Trial course.
    On every course, there is a Staff Ghost you race against.  Finish a lap
before the ghost does.

3n. Ghost Master (30G)
    Defeat a Staff Ghost on every Time Trial course.
    Defeat every Staff Ghost.  If the in-game counter says "24/24" but you
don't have the achievement, you didn't defeat one of the ghosts.  The counter
tracks the Clock Work achievement instead of Ghost Master.  This is a bug that
Sumo Digital may or may not patch.  If this happens to you, go back through
every course until you find a Staff Ghost you haven't beaten yet.

3o. Mega Driver (10G)
    Score AAA on any mission.
    The majority of the missions (at least the early ones) are very easy, so
you should get this achievement in your first few missions.

3p. Crazy Box (15G)
    Pass every mission.
    To complete a mission, you need to obtain at least an A rank on the
mission.  For the missions where you have to defeat a giant enemy (51 and 64),
use the item boxes on the outside of the area.

3q. Magical Sound Shower (30G)
    Race to every piece of music.
    There are 40 songs in this game.  Songs can only be played on courses from
their respective franchise.  Below is a table of songs and the courses they
can be used on.  Mark off each song as you race to it:

|  Sonic the Hedgehog (Seaside Hill)  |
| Seaside Hill                        |
| Palmtree Panic (Present)            |
| Can You Feel the Sunshine?          |
| A New Day                           |
| Windy and Rippley                   |
|                                     |
|   Sonic the Hedgehog (Casino Park)  |
| Casino Park                         |
| Back 2 Back                         |
| BINGO Highway                       |
| Super Sonic Racing                  |
| Be Cool, Be Wild, and Be Groovy     |
|                                     |
| Sonic the Hedgehog (Final Fortress) |
| Final Fortress                      |
| Metal Scratchin'                    |
| What U Need                         |
| Crank the Heat Up!!                 |
| E.G.G.M.A.N. (Instrumental)         |
|                                     |
|     Super Monkey Ball franchise     |
| Monkey Island                       |
| Party Game 1                        |
| Party Game 2                        |
| Ultra Heaven                        |
| Monkey Race                         |
|                                     |
|   Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg   |
| Tumbling Xylophone                  |
| Bossa Nova of Briny Air             |
| A Jack-in-the-Box!                  |
| Volcanic Orchestra                  |
| Billy's Courage                     |
|                                     |
|           Samba de Amigo            |
| Samba de Janeiro                    |
| Carnaval                            |
| Bum Bum                             |
| Vamos a Carnaval                    |
| Mambo de Verano                     |
|                                     |
|         "Curien Mansion"            |
| Hope with Doubt                     |
| Into the Dark                       |
| Aura of Dread                       |
| Theme of the Magician               |
| Restoration of Terror               |
|                                     |
|         Jet Set Radio Future        |
| The Concept of Love                 |
| Sneakman (Toronto Mix)              |
| Funky Dealer                        |
| Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix)      |
| Fly Like a Butterfly                |
|                                     |

3r. Top of the Class (30G)
    Score AAA on every mission.
    Most missions should be easy to get a AAA rank.  A few might take a few
tries, but they should be simple.  Mission 42 is the only one where you might
get stuck.  Instead of trying to explain what directions to turn, here is a
video of a route you can take to get a AAA rank for this mission:

3s. Dreamarena (10G)
    Play a friend over Xbox LIVE.
    Start an online race with someone on your friend list.  The achievement
will unlock after the countdown.

3t. Racing Hero (15G)
    Win any race over Xbox LIVE.
    Win a race online.  If you can't seem to win and someone on your friend
list has this game, ask them to let you win a race.  This will also unlock
Dreamarena if you don't have it.

3u. Outrunner (30G)
    Lap a trailing player over Xbox LIVE.
    If you pass someone that's not on the same lap as you, you have "lapped"
them.  The achievement will unlock shortly after passing the person.  As with
the two above, you can get a friend to help you or just keep racing like normal
and you'll eventually get it (some people don't move from the starting line,
making it an easy lap).

3v. Death Adder (30G)
    Take out opponents with items one hundred times over Xbox LIVE.
    Every item you use that hits an enemy will add to your total.  You should
unlock this achievement as you continue playing online.

3w. Lucky Dime (10G)
    Purchase any item from the shopping menu.
    After your first race, you should have enough SEGA Miles to purchase a
music track from the store.  Do this to unlock the achievement.

3x. High Roller (15G)
    Purchase every item from the shopping menu.
    To purchase everything from the store, you will need 472,000 SEGA Miles.

3y. Classic Collection (15G)
    Win a race as each character.
    You will need to win as everybody.  The best way to get this achievement
is to us a character immediately after purchasing him/her/them from the store.

Note: Downloadable characters do not count towards this achievement.

3z. SEGA World (30G)
    Complete a race on each course in Grand Prix, Single Race, or Time Trial
    Same as above, race on a course immediately after purchasing it from the
store (or complete all the Grand Prix cups).

Note: Downloadable courses do not count towards this achievement.

3aa. Power Drift (15G)
     Perform a fifteen second drift.
     The best location for this is on Deadly Route.  There's a spiral ramp
that takes you up through a tower.  Hold a drift on this ramp and the
achievement should unlock.

3ab. Turbo (15G)
     Perform twenty Turbo-Boosts within a single lap of any event.
     The best place I found to do this at is Lost Palace.  The course isn't
too difficult and it's of a decent length.  You can easily pull off at least
20 Turbo-Boosts by drifting on this course.

3ac. Triple Trouble (15G)
     Perform three tricks in one jump and make the landing.
     There aren't many jumps that give you enough time to perform three tricks.
The best spot to do this at is on Shibuya Downtown.  After the first few turns,
the path splits into three routes.  The side routes lead to the same location,
so go up one of them.  Up here, there's a spot where you'll fly high into the
air.  This should give you plenty of time to perform three tricks and land

3ad. Gaining Ground (10G)
     Get a Turbo-Boost Start in any event.
     To get a Turbo-Boost at the start of a race, you need to hold down the
accelerator at a specific point in the countdown.  The spot varies depending
on the character's acceleration.  Sonic gets a Turbo-Boost by holding down the
accelerator right as the "2" starts to appear, so use him.

3ae. Wheels of Fire (15G)
     Perform a Turbo-Boost Start across 3 consecutive events.
     Same as above, except you need to do it 3 times.

3af. Rolling Start (15G)
     Complete Sonic's Test Drive.
     This can be found under "License."  In this mode, Sonic introduces you to
the basics.  Do everything he says, then press Start to end the session and
unlock the achievement.

3ag. Road Rampage (15G)
     Take out three opponents with one All-Star Move.
     The easiest way to get this is to use Knuckles' move.  Charge his punch
long enough and he'll hit everyone in front of him.

3ah. After Burner (15G)
     Take out three opponents with one triple-weapon.
     When you get three of the same weapon at once, hold the item button to
use all three at once.  The easiest triple-weapon to use is the Triple
Missiles, since it'll hit three other racers as long as they don't block them.

3ai. Up 'N' Down (10G)
     Take out a racer by manually directing an item.
     Use a K.O. Glove or Bowling Bomb to hit somebody.

3aj. Streets of Rage (15G)
     Ram an opponent off the course without using a weapon or power-up.
     The easiest way to get this is in split-screen multiplayer.  Place one
player near the edge of the course and use the other player to run into the
one on the edge.

3ak. Wonder Boy (15G)
     Win a race by crossing the finish line in reverse.
     You can use split-screen multiplayer to make this easier, but if you want
to use single player, get very far ahead of the AI, then just back-up into
the finish line to win the race.

3al. Altered Beast (10G)
     Win a race while using an All-Star Move.
     Obtain an All-Star Move, then get into 1st without using it.  When you're
near the finish line on the last lap, use the move.  If you can't do this in
single player, go into split-screen and try it there.

3am. Last Survivor (15G)
     Finish the first lap in last position and go on to win the race.
     Do exactly what it says.  Again, do this in split-screen if you're having

3an. Super Hang-On (15G)
     Win the race holding first place on each lap.
     At the end of every lap, make sure you're in first place.

3ao. Project Rub (15G)
     Complete any Race event without collisions.
     This one can be tricky, but there's a very easy way to unlock it.  Start
a 1-lap race on Whale Lagoon and stay in 8th place.  Don't hit anything for
the entire lap and you'll unlock the achievement after the race.

3ap. Enduro Racer (15G)
     Play one hundred events including any race, mission, or time trial in any
     You'll unlock this one as you go for the other achievements.

3aq. Ultimate Collection (100G)
     Earn every achievement in the game.
     Remember that you need to have all other 49 achievements unlocked
according to the game.  If your gamertag has 49 but the in-game list does not,
you didn't allow the game to save after getting one of them.  This means you
have to re-obtain that achievement.  If both show 49 achievements but you
didn't unlock this one, return to the dashboard, go back into the game, and
complete a race.  The achievement should unlock after that.

4. Secret achievements

4a. Sonic Unleashed (15G)
    Use Sonic's All-Star Move to take out Dr. Eggman and show him who's boss!
    Just hit Eggman with Sonic's All-Star Move.  I don't know if you have to
be boosting, but do that just to be safe.

4b. Feel the Magic (15G)
    Use Amy's All-Star Move to send Sonic dizzy with love!
    Hit Sonic with Amy's All-Star Move.  Make sure her hammer hits him.

4c. Working Man (15G)
    Use Ryo's All-Star Move to take out Jacky and Akira and show them who's the
ultimate martial artist!
    Hit Jacky and Akira with Ryo's All-Star Move.  You need to flip them.

4d. Giant Egg (15G)
    Use Billy's All-Star Move to squash the Crows!
    Crows are the hazards on the three Billy Hatcher courses.  Hit one of them
with Billy's All-Star Move.

4e. Top Skater (15G)
    Perform three tricks in one jump with Beat on Tokyo-To - Shibuya Downtown.
    Go to the huge jump on the track.  You should have enough time to pull off
three tricks.

4f. The Chariot (15G)
    Use Zobio and Zobiko to send one hundred Curien Mansion Creatures back to
the grave.
    These creatures can be found on all three Curien Mansion courses.  Just
driving into them won't work.  You need to hit them with an item or boost into
them.  Because this is a secret achievement, you won't be able to see your
progress on the achievement list.  Just keep defeating creatures until the
achievement unlocks.

4g. Cat Mania (15G)
    Summon the giant KapuKapu and gobble up Big the Cat for mouse revenge!
    Hit Big with the ChuChus' All-Star Move.

5. Conclusion & Contact Information

This guide is owned by me.  Use of this guide for profit motive is illegal.
Do not plagarize this guide or post this on any site not listed.

You may contact me at groudon_199 { AT } yahoo { DOT } com for any questions
regarding any of these achievements.  Include something along the lines of
"Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing achievements" in the subject line.  I will not
assist anyone with the online achievements.

(end of guide)