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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you unlock voldemort from year 4?

How do you unlock voldemort from year 4?

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From: Endomorth 4 years ago

Once you have all 200 bricks go to diagon alley and take the knockturn alley exit head to the shop at the far end and reasseble the bonus level, once you begin that level you can buy lord voldermort

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You cannot unlock Voldemort as he is in the final chapter in the Graveyard. You can however unlock his three forms- Tom Riddle (in Chapter 6 of Chamber of Secrets, go into the Basilisk room and use Griphook to open the goblin lock), Voldemort-Quirrel (unlocked in Chapter 6 of Philospher's Stone, go into the chess board room and use a dark magic wielder to open the glowing red chests) and Weak, reborn,Voldemort (find all 200 gold bricks).

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