Question from newgamer28

How do you get the house crest in level A Jinxed Broom?

There is part of the house crest up above where you build a lego thing & i have no idea how you get it! Any suggestions?


crago2000 answered:

When you get to the part where the Slytherin Prefect is there is a fence to the left of him. You need to jump the other side of it and continue left.
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muntyfutter answered:

As crago2000 says, to the left of where the prefect was is a stack of baskets and other assorted trash next to a wall. Do not destroy the items and use them to jump over the wall and head left. This was actually the last one I needed and I felt quite annoyed when I realized how easy it was.
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bobcatxj answered:

Are you talking about the fence that is right before you go up the ladder towards the end? if so how do you get over it ive tried and it wont let me....
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Gangster660 answered:

Actually, you are right muntfutter, but if you have trouble finding the house crests, then go to the owl emporium and buy the hogwarts crest decetor and mant other detectors.
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