Question from mstyer01

Asked: 4 years ago

Goblin character?

How do I get a goblin, i cant get it in story mode cause i dont have the right magic, and in free play i cant get past the gate because i dont have a goblin???????????????

Additional details - 4 years ago

I am aware of that. the problem is, when i go back and play in story mode, i dont have any magic so i cant open it. and if i play in free mode then i cant get past the gate because i dont have a goblin

Accepted Answer

From: legopotter 4 years ago

You need reducto.Use it on the lock on the chest down near the vault in 'The Magic Begins' and you'll get griphook.You can also get Ollivander and Tom the innkeeper by using reducto on the locks on the chest after you open the first goblin lock.You'll have to replay it obviously.

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