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Last gold brick in library?

I'm at 99%. I've got 199 gold bricks. My indicator says the last brick is in the Restricted Section behind the library, but I just read in another question that this brick is just a glitch. If this is true, how can i play the final level if i've only got 199 bricks? Where is the real brick?

Zoerawrr asked for clarification:

Did you find the last brick? I'm having the same issue right now and I'm trying to check everywhere but it's impossible to keep track of the layout. Plus I need another student in peril. But yeah, I think there's only one gold brick in the library. The other is... somewhere else >.< Just have to keep looking.


RadiantViper answered:

So you only have one indicator in the Restriced Section? There's one that's just a bug (so ignore it) and it is on the back left. The second marks and actual Gold Brick, and should be near the middle of the room.

If you already got the Gold Brick there, you'll just have to double check every area. Here are some hard to miss ones:

- All Time Turner areas (there are 5)
- Hagrid's Garden
- Lakeside
- The two in Diagon/Knockturn Alley
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kanwe13 answered:

I have the 199 gold bricks and can not find the last one it says it is in the libray but i can not find it
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