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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Aragog?

How do i beat the big spider in the forest in year two? i've tried throwing the spiders at him but it doesn't seem to be working!

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From: gentleman_mwl 4 years ago

Look for the black spiders that have a purple lego on bottom (this will be different than the regular spiders). Once you stun these, use the Leviosa spell once (pressw and hold B) to pick them up, release and quickly press B again to throw the spider at Aragog. Do this 3 times and he's out.

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What untill the bigger black spiders come down and then pick them up and you then must spin them and throw them at the giant spider.

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to throw the spiders lift them with wingardium Leviosa when they are in the air release the button you casting with then press it again quickly to make them spin, when they are spinning, release the button and they will be thrown at Aragog.

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After a little bit of fighting, a black spider will come down. Attack it with a spell, then wingardium leviosa it into Aragog.

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It took me a little bit, but this is the only way to kill off Aragog:
Step One: Locate a spider with purple on it's underbelly whilst dodging Aragog's web sprays and the regular spiders.
Step Two: Hit the X button at the purple spider, then quickly switch to Wingardium Leviosa(Or hold down the X button until the purple ring shows around spider and lifts it.) and press B.
Step Three: HIt and hold B after levitating spider to highest point, and let go.
Rinse and repeat until Aragog dies.

(It took me at least my charrie dead thrice to figure it out on meh own. It's simple once you do it the first time. If you get hit with a web spray, switch to Ron and continue, or tell ur Co-Op buddy to do the rest until you're freed.)

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