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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get the helicopter?

Where is/how do I get the helicopter?

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From: spyro60hi 4 years ago

Helicopters are located at the island containing the Agency Tower, also known as the Keep. In case you don't know, this is the center island on the map in crackdown 2. The helicopters are on a raised platform right by the area you spawn at here. You need level 5 agility to reach the platform however. Also, the helicopters can not be stored at any tactical location / drop zone in the game.

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u have to go to the agency tower and there should be a helipad somewhere by the entrance the long vridge entrance and just climb and climb and then u have to glide over to the helipad and ENJOY hopefully it helps :)

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Pay attention to the weapons on the helicopter you pick up. You can use them at night to build either weapon or explosive skill pretty fast once the freaks come out. It's a little less frustrating when you're doing lvls 4-5, which requires a ridiculous amount of killing.

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Ooooh, that is a nice tip BFE1127...I will have to remember that!

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