Question from gwilym101

Asked: 4 years ago

Do enemies still spawn after the end of the game?

In Crackdown 1 after you killed the gangs, there was no one to fight after. Is this the same in Crackdown 2 or do freaks and cell still appear?

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From: Rachet01 4 years ago

You cannot continue after you beat the game like the first, after you beat it the game will take you back to the main menu and when you load up your game you start right before the final mission.

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Yes enemies still spawn, just not as many as before.

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if you complete all of the tactical locations and stop the freak breaches, then there will be no more enemies. However, you can start a new campaign with the same agent. when you get to the level difficulty screen, press up on the analog stick and you can select a new campaign and if you press up again you can also select a new agent and start from scratch.

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After you complete the tactical locations cell still appear on the roads as they did before, freaks also still appear.

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