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About Multi-Player?

I sadly realized while reading the instructions that there's no 4 player splitscreen, but can you do 2 player splitscreen and 2 online players?

Accepted Answer

Zeon_Twilight answered:

You can have a partner join, if they are a guest, they will appear as "Yourname" (1) and will not be able to use a mic,
If they have their own live account, they can still play split screen and can use a mic as well.

Four player splitscreen is impossible, but you might be able to system link two xbox's together for splitscreen on both of them and thus get four players.
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aznman08 answered:

This has been the same with L4D1. only 2 player split-screen whether playing offline or over xbox live
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New_Flesh answered:

Yes. Have the second player press start on his controller before selecting a game mode.
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BudWisor1012 answered:

You can do two-player Co-op offline or online (assuming both players have Gold memberships, or the second player uses a guest ID). You can also do four-player offline co-op with a system link.
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