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How do you get the mustachio achievements?

There are at leats 2 mustachio achievements. How do I get them?

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Skipwithr answered:

These achievements are both made available during the Barns stage of the Dark Carinval campaign.

Gong Show involves beating the strong-man type carnival game of the same name. To do this, you first need to take a shot of adrenaline, then you must hit the red target with a melee weapon. A melee shove (as in, L-Trigger) will not work.

'Stache Whacker can (as per the strategy guide, here) only be beaten with a grenade launcher. In this, you're somewhat up to the whim of the AI Director. Grenade Launchers do not, I believe, have a fixed spawn point. So, if you find one early on in the campaign, it may be wise to hang on to it, if you're interested in being awarded this achievement.
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SuperPlinko answered:

You don't need a grenade launcher to beat Stache Whacker. I stood in front of the machine with an assault rifle and a friend of mine stood on the side with a shotgun. Just keep shooting the Whack-a-Staches as they come out. You'll have to play a few times but it eventually should break the machine and you'll receive the achievement. Also for Gong Show you're health should be reasonably high along with the adrenaline shot.
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