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How do I summon the horde?

Please help I need 2 kill some zombies

pacman199980 provided additional details:

And i am in dead center so i need help getting them from the stairway.

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firewall941 answered:

Ways to trigger a horde are:
1. Throw boomer bile
2. Activate a car alarm
3. Trigger a horde event
4. (less effective) throw a pipe bomb
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Bobberdong answered:

Find a container of Boomer bile. Throw it, and the horde appears.
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MetroidsShadow answered:

Boomer bile is one way to summon a horde along with any crescendo events that are in the campaign levels. To kill a bunch of infected quickly you could just play either Dead Center 3 as it continuosly sends hordes at you non-stop or just play any level with a rolling cresendo and keep killing them till you are satisfied.
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haloboy88 answered:

Use Boomer bile or a pipe bomb. I reccomend the pipe bomb because you won't have to waste all your ammo.
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snakeslay444 answered:

In Dead Center 3 there's a area where u open a door and a alarm sounds u then have to climb up three flights to shut the alarm off (I would recommend a melee wep) when u get to the room with the alarm there's a closet opposite the alarm where u can sit chopping zombies and they will keep coming until u shut the alarm off
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