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Is it possible to play 4 player offline co-op?

My friend and my two brothers and I just finished playing Halo 3 for the longest time and we wanted something different. So we rented Left 4 Dead to see if we can play 4 player offline coop....surprisingly they don't do that. So we are wondering now that if it is possible to play 4 player offline coop in L4D2??? I heard that you might be able to do it in Scavenge mode but I am unsure. Can you please answer before we head up to the video store.

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Could you provide a little more detail on the system link please? I just got my xbox a week ago.

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MephistoVI answered:

A system link is where you use the same type of cable (cat 5 or cat5e, both are types of ethernet cables) that connects the xbox 360 to the internet, but instead of connecting it to your router, modem, etc... you connect the other end to another xbox 360. Using this setup, it is indeed possible to have more than 2 people playing co-op in the game offline (not connected to Xbox Live). Two will be playing on one Xbox 360 and the other 2 will be playing on the second one, but you will be able to play as a team (or against, if thats what you want) in the same game due to the consoles being able to communicate with each other.
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GOARMYKILL answered:

It can be done through system link offline with a network\internet router\switch. No internet or xbox live gold membership required.
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saturn234 answered:

If you want to play offline with four players you have to system link with two x-boxes. go to play with friends, create lobby, and switch the permissions to system link. You might have to look around for it a bit but i have personally done it many times. If you want to do scavenge or versus just switch the game type in the options section.
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saturn234 answered:

the system link or lan cable comes with your 360. it goes into the port on the back of your x-box where the internet cable would go. It basically is an internet cable and any other will do. basically you connect the cable to one x-box to the other and play. if you played 4 player halo co-op you should have had to do this already.
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Hawnk54 answered:

I believe what saturn234 means by an "internet" cable is an ethernet cable. I have no experience with system link, but I hope this helps.
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