Question from PokemonGTAKid

Asked: 2 years ago

Free DLC???

One day my and a friend were playing l4d2 and while i was playing DC (Dark Carnival) He went to dlc packs and he told me that Cold Stream/Passing/ Sacrifice was free TO HIM and he downloaded CS but when i checked they all cost 560 MS points. WTF?!?!?

Additional details - 2 years ago

Actually 1 time i saw him (he is an XboX LIVE friend) playing the Passing. but now i starting to think he bought it AND when i 1ST checked ColdStream IT WAS FREE so i went to Storage ( i now have 899 MB i had to take stuff out. Big mistake :( ) and now it is 560 ms points!

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From: RayneLatios 1 year ago

Your friend might have just showed off. No DLC is free. I have All DLC, and it costed me for each. Sorry for inconvenience.

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He lies

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