Question from jayroe3536

Asked: 4 years ago

Third person mode?

Is there a third person mode for xbox 360 or PS3?

Accepted Answer

From: Zeon_Twilight 4 years ago

If you want 3rd person mode, you're going to want the PC version. They get everything.

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I don't think so the only time your in 3rd person is when a smoker, hunter, jockey,or charger are destroying you

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No, there is not, just like the first L4D

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No, there is no 3rd person mode for the 360 version. There is also no PS3 version at all. If you want 3rd person, you have to play it on PC and do console commands. Although it does go to third person when you're an SI (Or caught by one.) and have someone grabbed in some way, that's probably not what you mean at all.

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