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Asked: 4 years ago

I heard that you can drive Civilian cars????

I heard that you can drive Civilian cars if there not damaged or anything?

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From: bd0g5 4 years ago

You can use the forklift, but it's so overpowered.

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Yes you can drive civilians cars.

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There are two civilian vehicles you can drive.

Hummer truck- moves at around the same speed as a warthog, one driver and one passenger allowed. Jorge can get on the back of the truck and fire his MG.

Forklift- Moves about the speed of a wraith w/o boost and only allows a driver. It is pretty much useless.

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And in the first ONI swordbase mission there's a cart you can drive in the end of the first battle area (right before the movable roadblocks)

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Yes you can drive them. You can't drive them if they're too badly damaged though no.

I've driven forklifts, hummers, box trucks, semi's and a few others.

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What you can drive semis i didnt know thats cool

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Yes any car you see in Halo Reach IS DRIVABLE

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Yes you can drive civillian vehicles. ive drove a forklift and a hummer truck.

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Yes it true you can drive civie cars(even a forklift)

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The forklift is VERY useful for a co-op game as if you get a very long something you can create a portable wall that your teammates can use for cover, although this doesnt help the driver much so youll need to get in and out, the hummer is really only useful when youre with Jorge, i havent driven a semi but i assume its primary use would be to ram a wraith or something similarly large and devastating (assuming you remember to jump out before you crash it COULD work)

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There are four drivable civilian vehicles that I know of. Two have comabt uses.
1)A flatbed truck. It is the fastest land vehicle in the game, and therefore good for splattering.
2)Forklift. Good for pushing portable cover.
3)A trackter trailer. Useless..
4)In Oni Sword Base there is a cart in the first part. Most useless thing in the game.

They can not be used in forge world. Only in campaign.

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Yes you can drive civilian cars, you can drive:
a Cart,
Flatbed truck

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Just like Uchiha_Sasuke38 said. Any vehicle seen is drivable. There is also a transport warthog you can drive. It allows a driver and passenger seat. And in the back you can have 2 marines.

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Yesw you can. There are a few civilian vehicles in the game, such as a general car which is fast and has a place for a turret to be put on, a forklift which you probably know what it is, a truck which looks like Optimus Prime (FTW!) it's slow, but can take a lot of damage, and a armored truck, which is the slowest, but can take loads of damage

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The Hummer Truck: good for racing, same overall as a bulky, civilian warthog.
Forklift: like a wraith moving at half speed. good for placement then explosion, but no much else.
Semi: on the pillar of autumn, at the part where boneyard is, the semis are drivable. they are slow, and overall nothing better than a weaponless tank.

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Yes but they have terrible control but its still entertaining

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