Question from konkerhavoks

Is there 4 player offline campaign co-op?

My friends don't have internet and system link is annoying when you only have 1 copy of the game.

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Sonic_Cannon answered:

No, it is only open for 2 players for local games - the console isn't capable of rendering the environment 4 times.
Firefight and campaign are both open for 4 players, but only if you use LAN (system link) or Live.
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AweSome_Purple answered:

4 player offline co-op is going to happen.
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jasperthefishy answered:

Not unless you system link.
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Supergamer23 answered:

Campaign and Firefight can only handle 2 people per console. So no, there isn't 4 player offline co-op on one console.
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Vx7 answered:

You can play 4 player split screen campaign if you do the glitch.
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sorriankphoenix answered:

Unfortunately the only way to do 4 player co-op offline is to system link meaning you need 4 xbox360's, 4 copies of Halo:Reach, and 4 TV's (obviously). Faster to get credits and easier to play legendary. One playthough with 4 people on legendary averaged for team scoring nearly 150k cr.
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kris0797 answered:

Yes .
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Snp712 answered:

No one has actually answered your question yet so here goes. You can play local multiplayer with 4 people locally. But you can only play firefight or campaign with 2 people locally. If you have 2 copies of the game and two system linked xboxes then you can do 4 player in campaign and firefight.
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bobbert178 answered:

Short Answer: No (2 people per xbox & disk)

Long Answer:
4 player co-op will be available soon on live (from update), however, you will only be able to play 2 on one xbox. for you to play offline 4 player, you will need 2 xboxs and 2 disks.
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