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Survive the end ?

SPOLIER ok after ending the game and seeing the credits a special mission showed the objective was SURVIVE soo endless elites and covernat atacked me I hold the line for abaut 6 min till i did die and then finaly the game realy ended but is there any way tho get a secret ending by surviving ?

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Killswitch-monk answered:

wrong Notusedgamertag reach does fall but Chief is not the last surviving spartan, there are the ones with Dr. Halsey on Onxy
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DarkLink346 answered:

No, there is no way to survive the ending.
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NotusedGamertag answered:

DarkLink is right, reach falls, and The Cheif becomes the last survivng spartan
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Rookerx88 answered:

Yeah, no, I was thinking the same thing until about eight elites came after me at once. Then the ending made it all clear. That busted helmet you see in the very beginning was yours all along. Kind of that "start at the end, then flashback to the beginning" idea.

I agree with Killswitch. Jun went with Halsey and we never saw them again. When the area they flew over heaved like that I was expecting an explosion or some super laser to engulf their bird and it didn't happen. Jun may have hopped off and chosen to die fighting with the rest of Noble Team, but nobody is aware of this. Jun's no longer mentioned once you part ways.
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DuranArtora answered:

I think Killswitch might be referring to the event in Halo: First Strike, though that wasn't on Onyx, it was deep underground on Reach, safe from the Covenant's orbital plasma bombardment. Though I was wondering what happened to Jun, since you never see him again after he leaves with Halsey.
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Killswitch-monk answered:

actually Halsey goes to reach and her Kelly, Linda, Fred, Will, a few spartan III are in the shield world inside Onyx.
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Doc_reborn answered:

No no way to survive the final onslaught. As for my two cents about Jun, if you read Halsey's journal the source of some of the enclosed materials is an old man. In my mediocre opinion this may be Jun.
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Neoncamouflage answered:

If you read the book Halo: Ghosts of Onyx I do believe it is then you'll see that Halsey and several Spartans are indeed inside the Forunner shield planet Onyx.
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Hunter_Zero72 answered:

I honestly think that, while all of your arguments make sense, they are all also invalid, since the game itself didn't even attempt to follow the books. For example: reach wasn't assaulted until August 30, 2552, but it happens several weeks before that in the game. Spartans didn't take out the Covenent super-carrier, Captain Keyes did, with a very impressive maneuver in the Pillar of Autumn. And, in my opinion most important, Cortana was not some Forerunner artifact, she was a so-called "smart" AI that was "grown" from a clone of Catherine Halsey's brain, and then she was given straight to the Master Chief. Anyway, my point is that no one can know what happened to Jun or Halsey from the books (excluding her journal of course) because they are two different stories that GREATLY conflict with each other.
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Thamior77 answered:

KIllswitch is right. Dr Halsey takes Blue Team with her in order to escape REACH. The Gray Team also "survived" REACH as they were never deployed to it (the only active SPARTAN-IIs that weren't deployed to REACH) since they were too far away.
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dragonrev answered:

Look. The point is that you cannot survive the Lone Wolf mission. You just fight until you die. You can last as long as you want. I would certainly like to see someone survive for a whole half hour on this mission. But there is no overcoming Noble Team's inevitable fate, and you get nothing for trying. That's that.
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bluedragon619 answered:

The fight is not endless. The last wave of enemies you will face is the Elites with Energy swords, however even if you manage to kill all of these, the game will end and the same movie will play
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HUNTERCRUX answered:

I hope someone submit Halseys diary in Game FAQs soon.
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