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Does different armor affect gameplay or is it just for aesthetics?

Just wanted to know if the armor actually changes anything, like one of the shoulder pads said something about hepling with flight, does that make using jetpacks easier? or anything like that?

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olanmills answered:

It's only for aethestics. The different armor does not affect your hit box either.

However, Elites are different than Spartans, which is why you cannot choose between them freely in Matchmaking. Elites are significantly larger, they run faster (faster than a Spartan with Sprint), they can jump higher, and their health reacharges, and their shields recharge faster.
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chrisgamehead answered:

I have wondered the same thing i get different answers from different sites.
If someone has the strategy guide i think it would defenatly shed some light on this.
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ChaseGhost360 answered:

The strategy guide specifically states that the armor is only for aesthetic purposes. None of it will affect stats.
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Lion_hearted1 answered:

Armor in no way effects gameplay, it serves an aesthetic purpose only. The only difference between Spartan and Elite armour is how you get them, (Buying Spartan armour in the armory and being promoted for Elite armour) and that you can't mix and match with elite armour. You can only choose full sets.
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qnaqna321 answered:

IT CHANGES GAMEPLAY! For instance, I put on tactical/recon armor on the campaign level where you are with
jun in the night, and I started with 60 rounds for my sniper as opposed to the usual 20, and I had 84 pistol rounds! It's AWESOME!!!
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bcbloodchain answered:

Well, if you're playing online with a Recon or flaming helmet. or really hard to obtain armor piece. You will have more little kids hate you than usual :)
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untameddarkness answered:

i have the limited edition strategy guide and olanmills is right. Armor is just for the aesthetics. And the elites are faster, stronger, and have health regen.
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DarkCaptain3 answered:

Okay all the Elite abilities mentioned in the first post are the abilities from the beta, they do not have those over powered things now in multi-player. Bungie balanced the system and made it so the Spartans and Elites are equal.
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rayneotacon answered:

It has an effect for me. My friend bought a bunch of stuff, and I started fresh. For a full 50 to win game, we came at each other, unloaded a full Assault Rifle clip, then Meleed. I died, and I only emptied his shields. No shots missed. Melees occurred at the exact same time. This happened for FIFTY kills. We saved it, and replayed it many times, so that we know FOR SURE what happened.

Anywho, I'll go ask this guy who works at the mall near my house. He somehow knows EVERYTHING.
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rayneotacon answered:

Okay, I figured out what was happening with me and my friend. We played the vid in slo-mo, and he got in his melee just a couple frames before me. I apologize for any misrepresentation of fact that I conveyed.

Also, after testing EVERY weapon against EVERY piece of armor, there was no difference in performance.
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untameddarkness answered:

elites just run faster, regenerate their health, jump a tad bit higher, and finally they look completly more bad@$$ then in Halo 3
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