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Bulltrue medal?

How do you earn a bulltrue medal to unlock Emiles helmet?

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GaMeR_JeNn answered:

to add to the answer already there, u have to kill someone charging at you with the energy sword (with the sword the aim turns red and u zoom at people when you hit the trigger).

shotgun excels at doing this, also a melee attack if they are unshielded.

it doesn't matter if you die as long as they charged you and you killed them.

you can also get bulltrues from killing sword wielders charging other people.

untested method, in the Beta i used to remove a sword wielders shield and when they got close used armour lock, in the Beta it reflected melee damage back at the attacker, like i said, i havent tested this on the official release

go on invasion or invasion slayer as a spartan, choose a shotgun loadout and cross your fingers.
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Neoncamouflage answered:

You have to kill an enemy as they're attacking with the energy sword. If you get this in multiplayer that means they've hit the trigger on the sword before you kill them.
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RazielParadox answered:

Just like the others mentioned, kill an enemy as they use the sword lunge attack. Best place to do this is in Rumble Pit with one of the Infection game types, because all the enemies have swords and no shields and you start with shotgun. Safe Haven is probably best because people still don't understand that they can't attack you while you're in the Safe Zone so they lunge at you and are gonna get destroyed no matter what.
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FrankTheTank98 answered:

I did it on invasion last phase spartans can choose shotguns and most elites choose swords just find someone with a sword to chase after you backpeddle wait for him to lock on and dash at you and boom shotty to the face and bulltrue
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lordgamingtonV answered:

one method: grenades everywhere. Not a good method, but it works.
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