Question from oxnutz

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I do a supercombine explosion?

There is an achievement that says you need to kill 10 enemies with a supercombine explosion . How and where can this be done?

Accepted Answer

From: Jinn_Remona 4 years ago

This can be done anywhere with either the Needler or the Needle Gun. Keep shooting enemies until you see a bright PINK explosion. That explosion is a Supercombine Explosion. 10 times for an achievement. Easy.

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For the needler, just shoot an enemy while there shields are down and the needles will explode in due time. For the needle rifle, you have to hit the enemy with 3 consecutive shots for it to explode.

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Check the instruction booklet. For the two weapons that qualify (Needle Rifle and Needler) It says how many needles are required for both. 6 for Needler, and 3 for Needle rifle. You need to get this on 10 enemies, and be warned, the needles don't stick in if the enemies shields are up.

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