Question from ThunderMan63

Can't play custom games?

When I make a custom game and forge a new map, it says that this game type is not compatible with this map. Does anybody know how to play custom-made games on custom-made maps? If so, please tell me how.

ThunderMan63 provided additional details:

I made an infection map and I made everything infection labled.


Neoncamouflage answered:

Be sure when you've made a map that it contains everything needed for whatever game type you have. Like if you want to play CTF on a map without any flag points, it's not going to work. Same for invasion, assault, headhunter...etc.
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LoneSerenade answered:

read this, it should help a lot.
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usatheman2001 answered:

Go to spawning and to spawn humans make then the red team and go to advanced lable them as inf_haven as for the zombies blue team and lable them as inf_spawn remeber blue for zombies red for humans and go to advanced lable inf_haven for humans and inf_spawn for zombies if this does not help then go on youtube and tipe in how to make halo reach infection maps hope this helped.
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fridge_lord answered:

Look it up on YouTube, Bruh.
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