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Anyone know if achievements unlock armor?

Like in Halo 3 certain achievements and having a certain gamerscore got you some armor, can anyone confirm if this is in Reach?

JimDandD provided additional details:

Yea I know about the Waypoint ones, just wondering if there are any like Security and Hyabusa from H3, cuz I have almost all the Reach achievements. Well I hope they add some later.

Accepted Answer

FrankTheTank98 answered:

Um so far no, and i have all the achievements but 2 and both require just leveling up, but i did unlock some shoulder pads that weren't even available to buy somehow, so either bungie will just randomly add in new armor pieces to buy or have to unlock them with maybe the commendation medals or somethings
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TheWeaveX answered:

No, armor is all from cR points. Leveling up in multiplayer unlocks new elite armor sets and new pieces for spartan armor. Achievements have nothing to do with it.
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nejifx answered:

You can unlock armor with acheivements, but you need xbox live and have to download halo: waypoint to get the armor variants. Once there the first tab you see will say Halo: Reach armor or something like that and when you click that you can see which ones you have unlocked and which achievements you need to get to unlock them, but some of the achievements are for either Halo 3 or ODST campaign completions
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