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No view of weapon and all info in upper corners disappeard?

I think I saved at main menu, and now I can't see my weapon or the crosshairs for shooting, and all info in upper corners disappeared.
The weapon shoots, but I can't see it, or where to shoot with no crosshair.
Everything else seems to work normal.
Anybody else see this glitch?

alsmastiff provided additional details:

How do I change my helmet from skull during the game?

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Neoncamouflage answered:

Yeah, you turned on the skull that remove your view of the weapon and HUD. Just go to the campaign main screen, go to skulls, and deactivate it.
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Yaganagi answered:

If that skull is on, then you will not have anything on your HUD
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alsmastiff answered:

OK, I found it !!!
Thank you for the help, it was driving me nuts.......
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Emerald_Lance answered:

You must have accidentally activate the Blind skull. In the main menu, click Campaign and then scroll down to Skulls. Make sure Blind is deactivated; it's the one on the lower left.
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