Question from dogknight6

How to get loads of CREDITS!!!???

My questions are:
1.Can you mod a offline account without getting your xbox live account getting hacked.
2.If the answer is NO,Can i mod it on a non-modded xbox.
3. if that question is yes,What is a good website and a good tutorial to show me how to do it.
4.If you can answer all of my questions,Thank you very much

dogknight6 provided additional details:

It takes 2 long,i just want to show off to my freinds as my account is pretty cool but it takes for ever to level up as i only have A xbox live Silver account.

dogknight6 provided additional details:

I am geting gold soon but i am only 16 and my job is a paper run and i get paid in another 3 weeks and i already have an account that i is not going to be modded,i just want to show off so i can say i am better than them because i am a FISH

dogknight6 provided additional details:

I check this sheet every day,as i just want to show off to my freinds---I have keep playing the game but i am getting bored of it and don't really want to play it anymore,Can anyone help me get a good tag to a good mod or i am going to keep on playing Bully untill that gets boring.

Accepted Answer

dogknight6 answered:

Hey this is a awsome tutorial to get what you want
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Arukio answered:

Dude, just play the game normally.
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TCD3 answered:

If you have everything then it'll make you look likje a nerd who spends alot of time playing halo. Besides part of the fun is GETTING the credits legitimatly
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bluedragon619 answered:

Theres a great way to get credits easily, mentioned in another faq here. You repeatedly punch yourself in the crotch for about 4 hours while just staring at the matchmaking screen. Have fun with that,or, could try using the same hours to play game.
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bluedragon619 answered:

And btw, i bet your friends think your a total badass
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RogueJoker answered:

Heres a thought...why dont u actually EARN the credits like everyone else, and stop being such a noob and get gold membership, which is kind of the whole point of xbox live
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ARMY5partan117 answered:

Upgrade to gold and do the rocket firefight game mode. get 500- 2000 Cr. every time
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