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If possible how can u survive in Lone Wolf Mission?

since u can beat the game by dieing here, but it say survive is it possible and how? :D

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r0q answered:

You're the last fighter on Reach. Even if the Covenant stopped sending attackers after you, the entire planet's been destroyed. There's nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to rescue you, and no way to leave. Better to put the Covenant to work than wander off and die in some cave somewhere.

The objective is "Survive" only so you can kill as many Covenant as possible. Six knows damn well no one's coming for him/her.
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Slade8 answered:

No. The mission will only end when you die.
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B14z1ng_H4wk answered:

The mission is just for kicks.
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darkcyrax answered:

The goal is to die. I know it says survive but it's impossible. Last time i did that mission i grabbed the Splazer and aimed at my feet. Cutscene away!!!
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Dedaria answered:

I think it might be possible, there's just the fact that it's way too hard for anyone to beat it, even one easy.
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sitdxbass answered:

Covenant just keep coming whether it's elites or grunts, you will die eventually.
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TCD3 answered:

The premise is that you're the last UNSC soldier there. Along with thousands of elites and grunts. Besides who is gonna save you? Spartan IIIs are so cheap they're expendable. In fact Noble Six had bad karma anyway as a former assassin. XD
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gamergod20 answered:

I don't think you can because the point of the mission is to die.
You can try and live for log but you will eventually die.
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