Question from camerenri11

I cant gain any credits or level up and im offline what do i do?

I cant gain any credits or level up and im offline what do i do?

Raptor5424 asked for clarification:

I need some more info do u gain any credits at all even 1? I level up fast and i have ofline.

camerenri11 provided additional details:

Im playing offline and iv been playing with my brothers and it wont give me even one credit and im stuck on corporal grade 1 and iv had the game since Christmas.

camerenri11 provided additional details:

But i only have 170 credits and it has stayed that way.


Flyextacy answered:

There is an offline level cap. Once you hit a certain amount of credits offline you no longer gain credits. If you want to earn more credits you need to have an xbox live gold account.
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fadedalexander answered:

So how i see this is they want you to play online. Because i have 2 accounts on my xbox,one is live and one is just for when friends come over and i live out in the country to so i rarely get to play live but anyhow only the xbox live one is stuck on recruit.
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