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Halo reach doesn't work on my xbox 360 slim 250gb. why ?

i bought my xbox 360 slim 250gb last september and then i bought a preowned halo reach game from gamestop 4 days ago , and i just tryed it yesterday ,, and it doesn't work it doesn't even boot , i either get play dvd and an xbox 360 logo screen just appears, or it get the open tray close tray thing which is like no disc in tray , .. ive tryed opening and closing over and over and still either both of those errors ,,, ive read many posts which say it doesnt work on a 4gb slim model cause of no memory or it doesnt work on older gaming consoles ,, others said it works fine but hangs when they start campaign or firefight .,,, BUT FOR ME IT DOESNT EVEN START and i have the new 250gb slim model ... PLEASEEE I NEED HELP !!

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Flyextacy answered:

I owned the 250gig slim xbox and my halo reach works fine. There is nothing wrong with your xbox; your gaming disk appears to be faulty. You should take the pre-owned copy back to gamestop and have them give you a replacement.
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Knightrunner369 answered:

When it's crap... replace it
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ColonelFisher answered:

Pre-owned? did you check for scratches?
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