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Can you Forge your own Firefight map?

As above, also I want to know is there a limit to your rank or credits when not on xbox live?
I do not have live, never connected to live, bored of the firefight maps & want some new ones, want to know if I will be capped for credits?

Am at the time of writing Warrent Officer G3 with only about 1000 or so credits (could probably be done after next firefight or campaighn map) left to reach Captain.

P.S. Legndary. Alone. Done. Who. Da. Man?

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About the credit question, I know it has probably been answered but always with some faffing about being connected to live then playing when not connected. I have never connected to live. If someone who has never connected to live could answer that would be perfect.

DudeElLoco provided additional details:

Cheers for that, I have past Captain rank now. Maybe I'll give it a while before I play more Halo. I will play it again on split-screen co-op with my bruv at some point after we finish Army of Two 2 & Halo ODST (which he has yet to play on his own yet) & after he has played Reach on his own too.

You may also be interested to know that I have done Legendary alone on all five games (not counting Wars cuz I cannot play RTS games) & my bruv won't play above Normal unless it's on co-op & even then it's only hard / heroic with a few skulls on.

ben5687 asked for clarification:

By the way, how good is army of two from a coop perspective? I need something splitscreen toplay with my brother and thought it might be good game to get.

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ben5687 answered:

Hi DudeElLoco, unfortunately it is not possible to forge your own firefight maps on halo reach. It is possible to forge invasion maps or any other multiplayer game type maps, but this would be useless for you as you haven't got xbox live. The only way to get more firefight maps would be to download them from xbox live, but obviously that is not an option for you.

In answer to your credit question, there is not a limit, although I find that earning credits offline is ridiculously slow, so it is unlikely that you will ever reach a very high rank as it would require hundreds of hours of gameplay doing the same boring campaign missions/ firefight maps. I hope this answers your question, but if not post again and ask for extra details!

P.S: Nice one doing the campaign on legendary alone, the halo campaigns can be a pain in the ass on legendary :)
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