Question from thetureks

Asked: 4 years ago

What is Halo Waypoint?

Title says it all.....

Accepted Answer

From: blackhawk579 4 years ago

Its like an international halo scoring/record keeper/awarder that is free in the xbox live marketplace. You use it to check your halo gamerscore, compare halo profiles with your friends, earn halo reach armour, and earn virtual halo medals by getting achievements. It also has daily and weekly halo news and updates on its homepage.

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What he said, plus you can watch all the game trailers, some, if not all, of the Red vs Blue videos, and most of the other shows that are made in-game.

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Halo way point is mainly an add on that bungie made to give you updates ,like funny vids etc., so that when the halo saga ends (aka when reach dies) they still have something to keep you connected to all halo games

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