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A few Questions about the Armory, Credits, and Forge... (etc...)? Answered 2
Ammunition crates? Answered 1
Anyone know if achievements unlock armor? Answered 3
At what rank have you unlocked every armour attachment for your spartan? Open 9
Avatar unlocks? Answered 3
Black-Ops or Reach? Answered 6
Bulltrue medal? Answered 5
Buy everything in the armory? Answered 5
Can I despawn scorpions? Answered 9
Can i fly a pelican or phantom? Answered 7
Can you dual wield weapons ? Answered 4
Carter or Emile? Answered 8
Carter's Helmet Award? Answered 2
Changes from the beta to the finalized copy? Answered 7
Comendation? Answered 4
Commendations for weapons? Answered 2
Credit Jackpot? Answered 4
Data pads? Answered 6
Do I have to have LIVE to unlock Emile's Helmet for my avatar? Answered 2
Does anything in Armory offer an advantage? Answered 2
Does different armor affect gameplay or is it just for aesthetics? Answered 11
Does the Hologram item work effectively in campaign? Answered 2
Does the ornidanace work inside a building??? Answered 2
Earning Credits in Splitscreen Firefight? Answered 6
Emile's helmet in game? Answered 3
Eva (C) variant? Answered 3
Evade in campaign? Answered 5
Firefight levels? Open 6
Flag score? Answered 2
For what are diaries for and how many are them? Answered 2
Good websites for hacks? Open 1
HALO Nameplates? Open 10
Halo: Combat Evolved PC unlock? Answered 2
Help with preorder code! plzzzzz? Answered 2
Help with Spawn Points?! Answered 3
How can i gain more points to buy from the armory? Answered 35
How can I get the armors that you need to play waypoint to get? Answered 8
How can I unlock Tactical / patrol chest armour? Answered 2
How can I use the EMP blast? Answered 4
How can I? Answered 1
How come you can't ride passenger in the falcon in multiplayer? Answered 3
How do I "wear" a power up? Open 1
How do I change map paks in matchmaking ? Answered 1
How do i easily get te achievement 4 assassin8in an elite from above? Answered 2
How do I get a noble six avatar helmet? Answered 6
How do i get infinite golf balls? Answered 1
How do i get Lemme upgrade ya or something like that and If they came to hear me beg? Answered 4
How do I get my recon helmet back? Answered 1
How do i get the dmr logo by your name? Answered 2
How do I get the gungnir helmet? Open 1
How do i get the mark V and mark VI helmet? Answered 2
How do I make a capture the flag map? Answered 3
How do I make assualt maps? Answered 1
How do i swap weapons with a teammate? Answered 3
How do I unlock all the helmets? Answered 13
How do I unlock the armies through halo waypoint? Open 1
How do I unlock the Elite Armor? Answered 1
How do I unlock the new elite armor set? Answered 2
How do I use the laser on the moniter for forge? Answered 2
How do i use the Recon Helmet for the Avatar? Answered 1
How do you get the firefight voice to work? Open 8
How do you get the flaming helmet? Answered 4
How do you get the haunted helmet? Answered 6
How do you get the sniper shoulders? Answered 3
How do you make a infection map? Answered 3
How do you unlock Haunted Skull helmet? Answered 3
How do you unlock the blue flame? Answered 2
How do you use the firefight vioce? Answered 2
How does the slot machine work? Answered 15
How does the the customized power up work ? Answered 1
How many types of armor will there be? Answered 6
How to get loads of CREDITS!!!??? Answered 7
How....? Open 3
How??? Open 2
I can't get vehicles to teleport? Answered 3
If I'm at Warrent Officer Grade 3...? Answered 2
Im looking for a forge EXPERT, plz help me? Answered 2
in forge can u " Lock " obgects? Answered 1
In forge Where can I find the placement of an invasion objective? Open 2
Is haunted helmet released on halloween? Answered 5
Is there a way to set the Slayer Game type to Spartans vs Elites? Answered 4
Is there any way to get spark's voice for firefight?? Answered 2
Lowering the weapons? Answered 2
Mark V(or VI)? Answered 4
Master Chief's firefight voice? Answered 5
Master chief? Answered 1
Mechanical Arm? Answered 3
Mystery gun.......? Answered 7
New Armour? Answered 8
New helmets/armor? Open 2
Offline armor? Answered 1
People keep spawning in the wrong areas in my invasion map? Open 1
Recon helmet ? Open 1
Recon Helmet passcode failing? Answered 2
Recon!!!!???? Answered 1
Robotic Arm? Answered 4
Rockethog help? Answered 2
Seraph easter egg? Answered 2
Shoulders? Answered 2
Special features??? Answered 4
Teleporters? Answered 1
Truth about the Haunted Helmet? Answered 9
Visor Colours? Answered 1
Weapons? Answered 2
were can I the Collor/Grenaider[UA]? Answered 3
What are the hardest, most crazzy things to unlock in halo reach? Answered 7
What do the Safe and Kill areas do? Answered 3
What do you unlock the trauma kit at? Open 1
What does "DMR" stand for? Answered 2
What does lightning (armor effect) do? Answered 8
What exactly is BOB's purpose? Answered 3
What is all of emiles armors name & what rank are they unlocked? Answered 2
What is on of the quickest way to get 2000000 cR? Answered 16
What is the reticule bloom? Answered 2
What lvl do i need to be to get emile's helmet? Answered 4
What rank do u unlock the JFO helmet for purchase? Answered 8
What rank for GUNGNIR helmet? Answered 2
What rank unlocks Commando / Carters Helmet? Answered 4
What visor colors are there, what rank do you unlock them at, and how much they cost? Answered 1
What's a good way to earn credits offline? Answered 2
What's are some fast ways to earn credits? Answered 22
What's the easiest way to get credits? Answered 2
Whats John S - 117 Armor? Answered 1
Whats the code for recon helmet? Answered 3
when do you get pilot helmet and mark VI shoulders? Answered 4
Where can I find (Moa) In 2nd mission ? Answered 6
Where can I find (Ordnance Weapon)? Answered 3
Where can I find (recon armor)? Answered 1
Where can I find a mjokin vi helment? Answered 4
Where can I find all of the holopads in campain? Answered 1
Where can I find master chief's helmet? Answered 1
Where can I find the secret switches described in the data pads? Open 5
Why wont some items delete in forge? Open 5
Will I still have eternal? Answered 1
Will you be able to customize the Covenant Elite's armor for multiplayer? Answered 3
Level Help status answers
Campaign Add-ons??? Answered 4
Can you *SPOILER* take down the scarabs? Answered 6
Can you Forge your own Firefight map? Answered 1
Comfuse?? Answered 3
Credits? Answered 2
Dlc??? Answered 1
Firefight help? Answered 2
Forge world race? Answered 3
Game mode? Answered 3
Halo 3 ODST vidmaster endure help? Open 1
Halo Reach Sword Base.How do i help Emile? Answered 3
Halseys lab? Answered 1
Has anyone else gotten into Halsey's lab alone? Answered 1
How can you make the Angel Variant? Answered 1
How did i get commander? Answered 4
How do I get past long night of solace on Legendary? Open 7
How do I get past Long Night Of Solace? Answered 1
How do I get past the end of level 10? Answered 7
How do I make a one flag capture the flag map? Open 2
How do i not die and beat last stand? Answered 2
how do I play the noble map pack? Open 5
How do you finish the mission,New Alexandria or what ever?Tips for passing the part when you have to leave that building Answered 1
How do you pilot the Falcon in New Alexandria? Open 3
How does the game keep track of solo legendary runs for the achievement? Open 2
I beaten the game but it says i haven't ? Answered 1
If I start the seventh lvl on rally point bravo will it still give me the achievement for it? Open 5
In Exodus....? Answered 2
In New Alexandria,where can i find the secret grunt and brute dance party? Answered 4
Is their a fast way to level up? Answered 1
Killtacular Help? Open 1
Legendary Ending? Answered 1
New ranks??? Open 6
Noble 1? Answered 3
Precision adjustments on Forge? Answered 4
Rank Question? Answered 1
Ranking Listings Please? Answered 1
Score Attack, other than Heroic? Answered 1
Weopon powerful? Open 6
What comes after LT. Colenel in the ranking system? Answered 2
What happens when a commendations gets max? Answered 3
What is the best way to lv up???????????????????????????????? Open 5
Whats the fastest way to gain credits and rank up without online? Open 7
Will there be a story based DLC? Answered 2
Strategy Help status answers
Armor upgrades just for looks? Answered 1
Assassination moves? Answered 3
Best strategy for completing legendary? Answered 9
Blocking assassinations? Answered 4
Can Brutes be assasinated? Answered 8
Can some one tell me some efficient firefight tactics? Answered 12
Commendation for Killing Vehicles with Convenant/Killing Enemy with Vehicle? Open 3
Doe killing the banshees and seraphs in Long Night of Solace count towards the Right of Way commendation? Answered 1
Does the Game Keep Tabs on the solo Legendary Achivement? Answered 1
Flamethrower??? Answered 2
Forge making things turn+assasinate ? Open 1
How can I get a bulltrue medal so I can unlock Emile Helmet? Answered 1
How can you spectate in this game? Open 1
How come I keep getting betrayals? Answered 1
How Do I Get The Cross Mapping Achievement?? Answered 2
How do i see my credits while playing campaign? Open 9
How do you initiate an assassination? Answered 2
How do you make kill balls spin? Answered 1
How do you??? Answered 1
How does ONI trick? Answered 3
If possible how can u survive in Lone Wolf Mission? Answered 8
Invasion map help? Open 2
Is it possible to unlock "A Monument To All Your Sins"? Any strategies? Open 11
Is there a way to finish legendary easier??? Answered 6
Is there campaign matchmaking? Answered 3
Level up? Answered 1
More than one forge? Answered 1
No credits at the end of missions? Answered 2
Question about Firefight and skulls? Answered 1
Skulls Improve Credits Earned in Campaign? Answered 9
Skunked! achievement? Answered 7
The best/easiest way to get "If they came to here me beg" achievment? Answered 5
Two corpses in one grave? Answered 2
Were do i find the drivable hummer truck? Answered 2
What are some good offline strategies for earning credits? Open 26
What determines whether you get beat down or assasination? Open 8
What do datapads do in legendary? Open 5
What does this armory mean and how does it help?? Answered 2
What game type gives you the most credits for completion? Answered 6
What is a good strategy for a laso (Legendary All Skulls On) challenge? Open 2
What is a good strategy for Hemorrage? Answered 1
What is the best level to jack a banshee in? Open 8
What is the best stragety for earning a bulltrue medal? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for Banshees, Fast And Low ? Answered 2
What is the best strategy for beating hunters? Answered 6
What is the best strategy for earning credits the fastest? Open 4
What is the best strategy for Fire Fight? Open 5
What is the best strategy for getting a lot of points in Firefight? Answered 2
What is the best strategy for getting behind an enemy in multiplayer/single player? Answered 3
What is the best strategy for getting Score Attack Achievement? Answered 3
What is the best strategy for killing my little brother in slayer? Answered 5
What is the best strategy for Lucky me? Answered 4
What is the best strategy for Running Riot on Daily Challenge? Open 7
Where is the Elite Zealot in chapter 5? Answered 5
Technical Help status answers
"If they came to hear me beg" Achievement won't unlock. Can anyone help? Answered 4
0 CR?wtf? almost no point in playing after that? Open 2
?Why does it say Open 3
Achievement glitch/bug? Answered 5
Anybody elses campaigh messing up? Open 3
Assassanation fail? Answered 1
Atom Emblem Problem? Answered 1
Campaign scoring? Answered 12
Can anything I can do about the mute ban? Answered 4
Can I transfer a picture from halo reach to my computer? Answered 1
Can someone help me make an invasion map? Answered 2
Can you hit the credit limit repeatedly? Answered 1
Capture the Flag/Stockpile? Open 1
Co-op multiplayer match help? Answered 3
Console? Open 3
Credit earning and leveling up? Open 3
DLC downloading? Answered 1
Do i get banned for boosting oni sword base? Answered 3
Do Rounds Reset in Multiplayer? Answered 1
Does Halo Reach campaign mode take you back to the Main Menu after each level? Answered 3
Dosent let me pick up stuff in forge? Open 1
Exodus problems? Answered 2
Forge Mode: Unable To Edit Previous Layout? Answered 1
Forge World Boundary Problem? Open 1
Forge- can someone help me with a problem on my map? Answered 4
Forging a race map? Answered 1
Freezing? Open 3
Game Competion issue with The Package Mission? Open 1
Game not compatible with map? Answered 1
Gravity Effects in Forge World? Answered 1
Halo reach doesn't work on my xbox 360 slim 250gb. why ? Answered 3
How do I create an Infection game type so that survivors can't pick up zombies' swords? Open 2
How do you control where the humans spawn and where the zombies spawn? Answered 1
How do you get access to the campaign matchmaking? Answered 2
How Do you Make a teleporter to accept vehicles? Answered 1
How do you play custom game with random people other then your friends? Open 3
How do you post something on the file browser? Open 1
How long is the ban from matchmaking? Answered 2
I cant gain any credits or level up and im offline what do i do? Open 2
I don't much credits any more.Can you help me? Open 5
I LOSE CREDITs!?!?!?!?!?!? Open 5
I might buy this game and I have an old xbox, will I be able to play multiplayer? Answered 1
Installing game? Answered 1
Is it true that offline accounts have no level cap? Answered 1
Is there 4 player offline campaign co-op? Answered 9
Is there any way to get temporary videos back? Answered 1
Lost campaign? Open 2
Motiob blur? Answered 1
Multiplayer? Answered 2
My Bomb won't set? Open 1
My Campainge restarted? Open 2
My forge maps have this odd, sort of milky figure, help? Answered 1
No view of weapon and all info in upper corners disappeard? Answered 4
Noble Map Pack help? Open 2
Rank went down? Answered 1
Re-downloading Falcon avatar item? Answered 1
Recon Helmet? Answered 3
Screen glitch on game and dashboard? Open 3
Screen help? Answered 2
Send me out with a bang glitch?! Answered 1
Small amount of credits? Open 2
Storage device? Answered 1
The game treats my profile as a guest/temporary profile? Open 1
Tier 2 isn't showing up in my custom slayer game, why not? Open 2
Warrant Officer......Again? Answered 3
Were do I find the Bottomless Clip option? Answered 2
What is the best way to delete all of my data? Open 2
What is wrong with fire fight ? Answered 1
When editing your symbol, is there a way to bring the back ground to the foreground? Answered 1
When i installed the game,it said to insert the game.What should i do? Answered 3
Where is the active transfers? Open 1
Why am i not getting credits? Open 2
Why can't I change the language of the game? Answered 6
Why can't i play campaign matchmaking? Open 3
why cant I play KotH on my map? Answered 1
Why did my entire Campaign get erased? Open 3
Why did the game erase my campaign progress? Open 3
Why do I keep getting banned? Answered 2
Why does show my armor to be different than what it really is? Answered 7
Why does it keep saying (user content not permitted) every time I try to do forge? Open 2
Why does the game give me only 1/100 of the credits I should be getting? Answered 4
Why does the game go blank when i put the disk in? Open 1
Why does the game keep lagging? Open 7
Why does the game keep telling me (loading failure)? Open 4
Why does the game keep telling me (user content not permitted)? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me failure to load content? Answered 1
Why does the game keep telling me I cant play co-op over live due to not enough hard disk memory? Open 3
Why does the game keep telling me my profile and 360 are ban from earning credits? Answered 1
Why does the game say ? Open 3
Why doesn't forge work? Answered 1
Why i can't start halo:Reach campaign? Open 3
Why is his data kinda deleted? Open 1
Why is my profile not allowed access to temporary history, file share, and local files?? Answered 2
Why won't Atlas for Halo Waypoint GPS track me on my phone? Open 1
Why won't my downloadable content appear? Open 1
Will a hard drive fix it? Open 2
Other Help status answers
. A Couple questions? Answered 1
1/16 Please help getting annoyed with it? Answered 3
2 years after release, can I still unlock certain armor? Answered 1
?Who wants to play some mlg? Answered 1
A Monument To All Your Sins? Answered 3
Again!!!!!!!!!???? Answered 3
Aiming help? Answered 1
Anybody want to help me rank up? Open 4
Anyone interested in being my doubles partner in multiplayer? Answered 1
Anyone know if it's possible 343 would EVER consider removing armor lock from Reach? Open 1
Anyone notice the secret elites? Answered 2
Are armor upgrades more than aesthetic? Answered 4
Are there any new enemys? Answered 12
Armor/Cap? Open 1
Bot Control for Multiplayer? Answered 5
Bulltrue?? Answered 1
Campaign save wiped? Answered 1
Can anyone help me with these contest details? Answered 1
Can Firefight Versus on custom games be played 4v4? Open 2
Can i get Emile`s helment in matchmaking? Answered 4
Can I keep my colors in forge? Answered 3
Can I lower my weapon in campaign? Answered 7
Can I still get the legendary achievement if I restart campaign? Answered 1
Can quitting in-game from a mode in score attack trigger the quitter ban? Answered 1
Can someone explain bloom and how it works? Answered 3
Can someone explain nameplates to me? Answered 1
can someone help with the Color Me (Red) Dead secret achievment? Answered 2
Can the juggernaut only use the gravity hammer? Answered 3
Can you assasinate your teamates in campaign? Answered 3
Can you build tunlles in forge world? Answered 2
Can you fly pelicans in Halo Reach? Answered 8
Can you make a customised version of 'Rocket Race'? Answered 2
Can you make enemy spawn points? Answered 1
Can you play as an Elite against AI Spartans? Answered 1
Can you play halo reach online without the halo:ODST? Answered 3
Can you recreate the "kill in order" gametype as in Halo 1? Answered 1
Can you??? Open 3
Can't play custom games? Open 4
Can't you make it to where the elites on defense ? Open 3
Captain? Answered 5
Capture the flag king of hill ect.....? Open 2
Cartar Helmet?? Answered 1
Changes in Credits for Time Spent? Answered 1
Character controlling self? Answered 1
Character Customization? Open 3
Co-op experience gains, 2p doesn't get any? Open 3
Co-op? Answered 3
Color of vehicles ? Answered 1
Commendations in custom games? Open 1
Cr??? Answered 2
Credits offline? Answered 2
Cross Mappin Achievement? Answered 1
Difference between matchmaking game and matchmade game? Open 2
Differences between male and female Spartans? Answered 3
Do I have to do 'wake up, buttercup' Achievement alone or caqn I do it with others? Answered 3
Do you have to be in matchmaking to get the firefight achievements? Answered 1
Do you think Halo Reach will be The Game of the Year? Answered 9
Do you think there will be a Halo Reach Xbox 360 pack? Answered 1
Does Buck still have the "Bam, said the lady" line in firefight? Answered 2
Does it swear at all? Open 9
Earning credits in firefight? Answered 3
Easiest and fastest way 2 get 25000000 cR? Answered 1
Elite armor more powerful by rank???? Answered 2
Elite armor unlocking? Answered 3
Emile's helmet? Answered 3
Emils helmet? Answered 8
Ending credits? Answered 3
Energy sword vault? Open 1
Extermination medal???? Open 3
Firefight Elites? Open 3
Firefight Perfection ??? Answered 1
Firefight question? Answered 2
Firefight voice? Open 2
Firefight? Answered 2
Flaming helmet will not work? Answered 1
Flaming Helmet? Answered 4
Forge world map? Answered 1
Forge? Answered 1
Future expansions? Open 6
Game Variant Invalid? Answered 1
Gamerpic? Answered 1
Halo 2 had the most stages so far. Will Halo Reach have more stages than Halo 2? Open 7
Halo logos beside names??? Answered 1
Halo reach as violent as halo 3? Answered 4
Halo Reach Beta Armor for playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live on 14th April? Answered 5
Halo waypoint? Open 1
Halo: Reach Avatar Awards with LIVE? Answered 2
Halo: Reach Avatar Awards? Answered 2
Halsey Journal page missing?? Answered 1
Has anyone else noticed...? Answered 1
Has anyone noticed that when the Grunts speak it sounds like they are spoken in reverse? Answered 3
Hayabusa armor? Answered 2
Health Regeneration? Answered 1
Help With Cr???? Answered 2
Help with slayer? Answered 1
Help? Answered 1
Honking horn on vehicle & night vision? Answered 1
How can I find the specific reason for being banned? Open 3
How come Drop Shields aren't in Multiplayer anymore? Open 2
How customizeable is the armor? Answered 1
How do I a stealth kill in single player or multiplyer? Answered 7
how do i access File Browser? Open 1
How do I get a DMR for my nameplate? Open 6
How do I get a lot of credits? Open 16
How do i get into my privacy settings? Open 1
How do I get the "Lemme Upgrade Ya" achievment? Answered 3
How do I get the 'Offensive Driver' achievement? Answered 3
How do I get the Cross-Mappin' Achievement? Answered 2
How do I get the flag to work? Open 2
How do I get the slot machine? Answered 2
How do I get those halo, halo 2, and ODST signs or pics on the side of your halo reach gamertag? Answered 1
How do i make my created maps compatable with other game types? Open 2
How do I restart the game a new? Answered 2
How do I send the Blue flaming Helmet to friends? Open 2
How do I set up spawn points for objective games in Forge? Open 1
How do i unimstalled to sotfware to start over? Open 1
How do i unlock other armor? (Mark V, ODST, EVA, Rouge) Answered 4
How do i unlock the eva healmet in the armoery? Open 2
How do i upload a video to my Mac? Answered 2
How do i use loadouts ? Open 5
How do I view my comodations without being conected to xbox live? Answered 4
How do you activate recon armor when you pre-order the game? Answered 2
How do you create game types for forge made levels? Answered 1
How do you delete matchmaking progress in halo:reach? Answered 1
How do you get host? Open 8
How do you lower your weapon? Answered 3
How do you make the barriers in forgeworld? Answered 1
How do you play online split screen? Answered 3
How do you put the "Hill" in KotH on the Warthog? Open 1
How do you return a flag? Open 2
How do you set forge maps to specific varients? Open 4
How do you switch grenades? Open 3
How Do You Use Infection Settings On A Forged Level? Open 2
How else can I get Recon armour? Answered 1
How is it? Answered 2
How is the story/campaign mode ? Open 4
How long is the Halo Reach campaign? Answered 13
How many 7 references have you seen in Halo Reach? Answered 1
How many players? Answered 1
How many waves are in one firefight arcade game? Open 1
How much memory does this game take when you save it ? Open 1
HOw oto get a bulltrue? Open 3
How to make a good fat kid gametype? Open 1
How to see cr? Answered 1
how to unlocke the A Spoonful of Blamite ? Answered 8
I cant get the credit jackpot? Answered 1
I don't have Xbox Live (unable to get Highspeed internet where I live) can I still play this game? Answered 6
I gain 300 to 500 credits in matchmaking win or lose, why? Answered 2
I gain 300-500 credits in matchmaking win or lose, why? Answered 1
I get more credits in Forge than anywhere else? Open 1
I got 2 questions one about downloads and one forge? Answered 1
I have 2 questions, 1) how do I get silver commendation, and 2) Is there Hayabusa armor? Answered 1
I heard that you can drive Civilian cars???? Answered 16
I heard there can be 4 player co op does it mean that Reach can have 4 player co op on 1 360 or you still need more 360? Answered 3
I killed over a hundred enemies without dying once yet i can not unlock Jun's helmet for my avatar what is the deal?! Open 4
I need help? Answered 2
I need to know how to get the zealot elite any help? Answered 1
I want to know if it's just going to be d.l.c or is it going to be a disc ? Open 4
If i beat campaign on legendary, will i get all the campaign acheivments for normal and heroic too? Answered 2
If They Came To Hear Me Beg won't unlock? Answered 4
If you install the game into your hardrive will it run smoother? Answered 3
Im only getting 60 cr why is this? Answered 2
In Halo Reach do you play as any of the other seen spartans or just Master Cheif?. Answered 6
Infection game type? Answered 1
Installing to hard drive? Answered 1
Invasion Gametype on Forge World? Answered 1
Is Breaking Benjamin in the game? Answered 4
Is halo reach as violent as halo 3? Answered 1
Is hologram armor in mp? Answered 1
Is the campaign matchmaking option up yet? Answered 2
Is there a ghost in the begginning of Winter Contingency? Answered 3
Is there away to have no emblem? Open 2
Is there way to gain mass amounts of credits? Answered 1
Is this Halo: Reach that nice? Answered 2
Issues With Custom Local Game? Open 1
Item shape in forge? Open 2
Juggernauts with Rockets? Open 1
Jun?? Answered 4
Katanarama Challenge Help? Answered 1
Keeping the Blue Flames? Answered 1
Kill Ball Spawning? Open 2
Leaving? Answered 2
Level up help? Open 2
Live maps for halo? Open 1
Local or system link??? Open 1
Lone wolf ending?? Answered 1
Look Both Ways Secret Achievement? Open 2
Losing progress on noble actual? Open 1
Losing Ranks on Xbox live? Open 3
Losing Ranks? Open 2
Lowering weapon help? Open 2
Luggage carrier? Answered 2
Matchmaking without dlc? Answered 1
Max Rank Credits? Answered 1
Max Rank w/o Xbox LIVE? Open 1
MY halo reach is freazing on the story? Open 2
Need help how do you you get 1000000 credits without working for them? Answered 6
Never ending Loadouts? Answered 2
New Items to Find? Answered 3
Oddball playlist? Answered 1
Offline credit limit reached? Answered 20
Offline level up? Answered 3
Old weapons? Open 4
On Forge World, how do I get the bomb to spawn for Assault? Answered 1
On my porfile my spartan has a robotic arm like Kat's one and i want my human arm again! What can i do? Open 1
Online credit limit ? Answered 3
P1 gets way more XP than P2, anyone know why? Answered 3
Patch? Answered 2
PC Port? Open 1
Pilot helmet unlock? Answered 4
Pilot Helmet? Answered 1
Pod Kettle Black Help? Answered 1
Preorder Amazon? Open 1
Quitting ban??? Answered 2
Ranks? Open 1
Red arrows above enemies in multiplayer? Answered 4
Returning to lobby a must? Answered 2
Score Attack Unavailable? Answered 2
Secret Ending? Answered 2
Sgt Johnson? Open 1
Should I buy this, or COD MW3? Answered 2
Should I get this game? Answered 1
Since this is before Halo Combat Evolved. There is not going to be any floods in Halo Reach right? Answered 7
Since this is before Halo Combat Evolved. There is not going to be any floods right in Halo Reach right? Answered 4
Skulls and air strike weapon thingy...? Answered 3
So can I make a free for all Slayer game where everyone is just the Species they prefer to be!? Answered 3
Start on mission 2? Answered 2
Super weekend jackpot ? Open 1
The end of peoples names? Answered 1
The forklift? Answered 5
The last halo game? Answered 1
They came to hear me beg acheviement? Answered 2
Time of Beta? Open 1
Underwater? Answered 3
Unknown (76) weapon? Open 1
Unlocking emiles helmet? Answered 3
Very confused? Answered 1
Vibration? Answered 1
War Machine Commendation? Answered 1
Waypoint? Answered 1
Weapon stats? Open 1
What a easy way to get lots of credits without xbox live? Open 2
What are all of the items in the armory? (In order, with rank and cost) Open 2
What are the armor prerequisites? Answered 1
What armor pieces should I use if i want to make Cat? Answered 1
What do you think about halo? Open 2
What Does Putting On Skulls Do? Answered 1
What does this mean? Answered 2
What exactly is a 'supercombine' explosion? Answered 2
What is a "safe area"? Answered 2
What is a Moa? Answered 2
What is better halo or call of duty? Answered 6
What is Halo Waypoint? Answered 3
What is Jun's exact armor? Answered 2
What is LASO? Answered 4
What is the Gruntpocalypse Glitch? Answered 1
What is the order of the ranks? Answered 1
What resolution will the game render at? Open 1
What the hell happened to my credit gain? Answered 2
What weapons count for commendations? Answered 3
What's with way point? Answered 3
Whats a rocket race????????????? Open 3
Whats is the highest rank for halo? Answered 9
Whats the best way to get commendations? Answered 2
Whats the ranking system like? Answered 2
Whats wrong with my nameplates? Open 2
When are the new maps available? Answered 1
When are they uping the level cap? Answered 2
When does the robotic arm unlock? Answered 2
When will campaign matchmaking be up????? Open 4
When you customize armor some are locked do you unlock them by playing on line or off line? Answered 2
Where can I see a complete armor list? Answered 4
where do I find generator defense game mode? Open 1
Where do i put my codes in reach? Open 1
Where to unlock Banshees, Fast and Low? Answered 5
Where's Gruntpocalypse? Answered 1
Which difficulty? Answered 4
Who else agrees that Reach is better than any COD game? Answered 2
Why am I not getting credits or experience? Answered 3
Why are there so many hackers on swat and team snipers? Is it that hard to play normally? Answered 2
Why can't I change my name plate on Open 1
Why can't I get credits? Answered 2
Why can't I get the two corpse in one grave achievement? Open 5
Why can't I play on the map Spire? Open 2
Why can't I play the beta? Answered 3
Why did Bungie not put scarabs in the campaign that you have to destroy like in Halo 3? Answered 4
Why did Bungie take out dual wielding on reach? Open 6
Why does halo reach have bad graphics? Answered 6
Why doesn't Firefight Matchmaking ever work? Answered 2
Why is'nt my spartan changing? Answered 1
Why only 50cr? Answered 2
Why will the game not give me achievments in the campaign? Answered 2
Will armor/rank unlocked in the beta carry over to the full game? Answered 1
Will custom skulls be for the campaign, or just firefight? Answered 12
will Halo Reach be for plastation3? Answered 3
Will Halo Reach have 3rd person view too? Answered 2
Will Halo Reach have other editions like limited edition? Answered 3
Will i lose my credits again for connecting to xbox live for the 2nd time after i have been offline in between? Open 4
Will invasion slayer type objectives be a customizable part of forge world? Answered 1
Will my rank restart on xbox live?? Answered 5
Will Snipers and Infection Get There Own Gamemode? Answered 1
Will the campaign offer co-op split screen? Answered 9
Will the recon armor redeemtion thing work for all game accounts.? Open 5
Will there be an offline versus split screen mode? Answered 1
Will there be another Halo after reach? Answered 1
Will there be forge? Answered 4
Will there be infection? Answered 3
Will this game be available to download from Xbox Live? Answered 2
Will this have offline and bots like GoW2? Answered 2
Will u play as master chief in this? Answered 13
Will you be able to do split-screen for beta? Answered 1
Will you be able to save your firefights? Open 2
Would this work? Answered 2
Xbox Live Gold Membership? Answered 3
Xtra flame helmet code? Answered 5
Zealots in a Firefight? Open 1

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