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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Achievment help??? Open 2
Alexandrea??? Open 9
How do I get the bulture metal? Open 5
How do i play a rocket race??? Open 2
Technical Help status answers
0 CR?wtf? almost no point in playing after that? Open 2
?Why does it say Open 3
Anybody elses campaigh messing up? Open 3
Capture the Flag/Stockpile? Open 1
Console? Open 3
Credit earning and leveling up? Open 3
Dosent let me pick up stuff in forge? Open 1
Forge World Boundary Problem? Open 1
Freezing? Open 3
Game Competion issue with The Package Mission? Open 1
How do I create an Infection game type so that survivors can't pick up zombies' swords? Open 2
How do you play custom game with random people other then your friends? Open 3
How do you post something on the file browser? Open 1
I cant gain any credits or level up and im offline what do i do? Open 2
I don't much credits any more.Can you help me? Open 5
I LOSE CREDITs!?!?!?!?!?!? Open 5
Lost campaign? Open 2
My Bomb won't set? Open 1
My Campainge restarted? Open 2
Noble Map Pack help? Open 2
Screen glitch on game and dashboard? Open 3
Small amount of credits? Open 2
The game treats my profile as a guest/temporary profile? Open 1
Tier 2 isn't showing up in my custom slayer game, why not? Open 2
What is the best way to delete all of my data? Open 2
Where is the active transfers? Open 1
Why am i not getting credits? Open 2
Why can't i play campaign matchmaking? Open 3
Why did my entire Campaign get erased? Open 3
Why did the game erase my campaign progress? Open 3
Why does it keep saying (user content not permitted) every time I try to do forge? Open 2
Why does the game go blank when i put the disk in? Open 1
Why does the game keep lagging? Open 7
Why does the game keep telling me (loading failure)? Open 4
Why does the game keep telling me I cant play co-op over live due to not enough hard disk memory? Open 3
Why does the game say ? Open 3
Why i can't start halo:Reach campaign? Open 3
Why is his data kinda deleted? Open 1
Why won't Atlas for Halo Waypoint GPS track me on my phone? Open 1
Why won't my downloadable content appear? Open 1
Will a hard drive fix it? Open 2
Other Help status answers
Anybody want to help me rank up? Open 4
Anyone know if it's possible 343 would EVER consider removing armor lock from Reach? Open 1
Armor/Cap? Open 1
Can Firefight Versus on custom games be played 4v4? Open 2
Can you??? Open 3
Can't play custom games? Open 4
Can't you make it to where the elites on defense ? Open 3
Capture the flag king of hill ect.....? Open 2
Character Customization? Open 3
Co-op experience gains, 2p doesn't get any? Open 3
Commendations in custom games? Open 1
Difference between matchmaking game and matchmade game? Open 2
Does it swear at all? Open 9
Energy sword vault? Open 1
Extermination medal???? Open 3
Firefight Elites? Open 3
Firefight voice? Open 2
Future expansions? Open 6
Halo 2 had the most stages so far. Will Halo Reach have more stages than Halo 2? Open 7
Halo waypoint? Open 1
How can I find the specific reason for being banned? Open 3
How come Drop Shields aren't in Multiplayer anymore? Open 2
how do i access File Browser? Open 1
How do I get a DMR for my nameplate? Open 6
How do I get a lot of credits? Open 16
How do i get into my privacy settings? Open 1
How do I get the flag to work? Open 2
How do i make my created maps compatable with other game types? Open 2
How do I send the Blue flaming Helmet to friends? Open 2
How do I set up spawn points for objective games in Forge? Open 1
How do i unimstalled to sotfware to start over? Open 1
How do i unlock the eva healmet in the armoery? Open 2
How do i use loadouts ? Open 5
How do you get host? Open 8
How do you put the "Hill" in KotH on the Warthog? Open 1
How do you return a flag? Open 2
How do you set forge maps to specific varients? Open 4
How do you switch grenades? Open 3
How Do You Use Infection Settings On A Forged Level? Open 2
How is the story/campaign mode ? Open 4
How many waves are in one firefight arcade game? Open 1
How much memory does this game take when you save it ? Open 1
HOw oto get a bulltrue? Open 3
How to make a good fat kid gametype? Open 1
I get more credits in Forge than anywhere else? Open 1
I killed over a hundred enemies without dying once yet i can not unlock Jun's helmet for my avatar what is the deal?! Open 4
I want to know if it's just going to be d.l.c or is it going to be a disc ? Open 4
Is there away to have no emblem? Open 2
Issues With Custom Local Game? Open 1
Item shape in forge? Open 2
Juggernauts with Rockets? Open 1
Kill Ball Spawning? Open 2
Level up help? Open 2
Live maps for halo? Open 1
Local or system link??? Open 1
Look Both Ways Secret Achievement? Open 2
Losing progress on noble actual? Open 1
Losing Ranks on Xbox live? Open 3
Losing Ranks? Open 2
Lowering weapon help? Open 2
Max Rank w/o Xbox LIVE? Open 1
MY halo reach is freazing on the story? Open 2
Old weapons? Open 4
On my porfile my spartan has a robotic arm like Kat's one and i want my human arm again! What can i do? Open 1
PC Port? Open 1
Preorder Amazon? Open 1
Ranks? Open 1
Sgt Johnson? Open 1
Super weekend jackpot ? Open 1
Time of Beta? Open 1
Unknown (76) weapon? Open 1
Weapon stats? Open 1
What a easy way to get lots of credits without xbox live? Open 2
What are all of the items in the armory? (In order, with rank and cost) Open 2
What do you think about halo? Open 2
What resolution will the game render at? Open 1
Whats a rocket race????????????? Open 3
Whats wrong with my nameplates? Open 2
When will campaign matchmaking be up????? Open 4
where do I find generator defense game mode? Open 1
Where do i put my codes in reach? Open 1
Why can't I change my name plate on Open 1
Why can't I get the two corpse in one grave achievement? Open 5
Why can't I play on the map Spire? Open 2
Why did Bungie take out dual wielding on reach? Open 6
Will i lose my credits again for connecting to xbox live for the 2nd time after i have been offline in between? Open 4
Will the recon armor redeemtion thing work for all game accounts.? Open 5
Will you be able to save your firefights? Open 2
Zealots in a Firefight? Open 1

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