Unanswered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
At what rank have you unlocked every armour attachment for your spartan? 9
Firefight levels? 6
Good websites for hacks? 1
HALO Nameplates? 10
How do I "wear" a power up? 1
How do I get the gungnir helmet? 1
How do I unlock the armies through halo waypoint? 1
How do you get the firefight voice to work? 8
How....? 3
How??? 2
In forge Where can I find the placement of an invasion objective? 2
New helmets/armor? 2
People keep spawning in the wrong areas in my invasion map? 1
Recon helmet ? 1
What do you unlock the trauma kit at? 1
Where can I find the secret switches described in the data pads? 5
Why wont some items delete in forge? 5
A few Questions about the Armory, Credits, and Forge... (etc...)? 2
Ammunition crates? 1
Anyone know if achievements unlock armor? 3
Avatar unlocks? 3
Black-Ops or Reach? 6
Bulltrue medal? 5
Buy everything in the armory? 5
Can I despawn scorpions? 9
Can i fly a pelican or phantom? 7
Can you dual wield weapons ? 4
Carter or Emile? 8
Carter's Helmet Award? 2
Changes from the beta to the finalized copy? 7
Comendation? 4
Commendations for weapons? 2
Credit Jackpot? 4
Data pads? 6
Do I have to have LIVE to unlock Emile's Helmet for my avatar? 2
Does anything in Armory offer an advantage? 2
Does different armor affect gameplay or is it just for aesthetics? 11
Does the Hologram item work effectively in campaign? 2
Does the ornidanace work inside a building??? 2
Earning Credits in Splitscreen Firefight? 6
Emile's helmet in game? 3
Eva (C) variant? 3
Evade in campaign? 5
Flag score? 2
For what are diaries for and how many are them? 2
Halo: Combat Evolved PC unlock? 2
Help with preorder code! plzzzzz? 2
Help with Spawn Points?! 3
How can i gain more points to buy from the armory? 35
How can I get the armors that you need to play waypoint to get? 8
How can I unlock Tactical / patrol chest armour? 2
How can I use the EMP blast? 4
How can I? 1
How come you can't ride passenger in the falcon in multiplayer? 3
How do I change map paks in matchmaking ? 1
How do i easily get te achievement 4 assassin8in an elite from above? 2
How do I get a noble six avatar helmet? 6
How do i get infinite golf balls? 1
How do i get Lemme upgrade ya or something like that and If they came to hear me beg? 4
How do I get my recon helmet back? 1
How do i get the dmr logo by your name? 2
How do i get the mark V and mark VI helmet? 2
How do I make a capture the flag map? 3
How do I make assualt maps? 1
How do i swap weapons with a teammate? 3
How do I unlock all the helmets? 13
How do I unlock the Elite Armor? 1
How do I unlock the new elite armor set? 2
How do I use the laser on the moniter for forge? 2
How do i use the Recon Helmet for the Avatar? 1
How do you get the flaming helmet? 4
How do you get the haunted helmet? 6
How do you get the sniper shoulders? 3
How do you make a infection map? 3
How do you unlock Haunted Skull helmet? 3
How do you unlock the blue flame? 2
How do you use the firefight vioce? 2
How does the slot machine work? 15
How does the the customized power up work ? 1
How many types of armor will there be? 6
How to get loads of CREDITS!!!??? 7
I can't get vehicles to teleport? 3
If I'm at Warrent Officer Grade 3...? 2
Im looking for a forge EXPERT, plz help me? 2
in forge can u " Lock " obgects? 1
Is haunted helmet released on halloween? 5
Is there a way to set the Slayer Game type to Spartans vs Elites? 4
Is there any way to get spark's voice for firefight?? 2
Lowering the weapons? 2
Mark V(or VI)? 4
Master Chief's firefight voice? 5
Master chief? 1
Mechanical Arm? 3
Mystery gun.......? 7
New Armour? 8
Offline armor? 1
Recon Helmet passcode failing? 2
Recon!!!!???? 1
Robotic Arm? 4
Rockethog help? 2
Seraph easter egg? 2
Shoulders? 2
Special features??? 4
Teleporters? 1
Truth about the Haunted Helmet? 9
Visor Colours? 1
Weapons? 2
were can I the Collor/Grenaider[UA]? 3
What are the hardest, most crazzy things to unlock in halo reach? 7
What do the Safe and Kill areas do? 3
What does "DMR" stand for? 2
What does lightning (armor effect) do? 8
What exactly is BOB's purpose? 3
What is all of emiles armors name & what rank are they unlocked? 2
What is on of the quickest way to get 2000000 cR? 16
What is the reticule bloom? 2
What lvl do i need to be to get emile's helmet? 4
What rank do u unlock the JFO helmet for purchase? 8
What rank for GUNGNIR helmet? 2
What rank unlocks Commando / Carters Helmet? 4
What visor colors are there, what rank do you unlock them at, and how much they cost? 1
What's a good way to earn credits offline? 2
What's are some fast ways to earn credits? 22
What's the easiest way to get credits? 2
Whats John S - 117 Armor? 1
Whats the code for recon helmet? 3
when do you get pilot helmet and mark VI shoulders? 4
Where can I find (Moa) In 2nd mission ? 6
Where can I find (Ordnance Weapon)? 3
Where can I find (recon armor)? 1
Where can I find a mjokin vi helment? 4
Where can I find all of the holopads in campain? 1
Where can I find master chief's helmet? 1
Will I still have eternal? 1
Will you be able to customize the Covenant Elite's armor for multiplayer? 3

Level Help Answers
Halo 3 ODST vidmaster endure help? 1
How do I get past long night of solace on Legendary? 8
How do I make a one flag capture the flag map? 2
how do I play the noble map pack? 5
How do you pilot the Falcon in New Alexandria? 3
How does the game keep track of solo legendary runs for the achievement? 2
If I start the seventh lvl on rally point bravo will it still give me the achievement for it? 5
Killtacular Help? 1
New ranks??? 6
Weopon powerful? 6
What is the best way to lv up???????????????????????????????? 5
Whats the fastest way to gain credits and rank up without online? 8
Campaign Add-ons??? 4
Can you *SPOILER* take down the scarabs? 6
Can you Forge your own Firefight map? 1
Comfuse?? 3
Credits? 2
Dlc??? 1
Firefight help? 2
Forge world race? 3
Game mode? 3
Halo Reach Sword Base.How do i help Emile? 3
Halseys lab? 1
Has anyone else gotten into Halsey's lab alone? 1
How can you make the Angel Variant? 1
How did i get commander? 4
How do I get past Long Night Of Solace? 1
How do I get past the end of level 10? 7
How do i not die and beat last stand? 2
How do you finish the mission,New Alexandria or what ever?Tips for passing the part when you have to leave that building 1
I beaten the game but it says i haven't ? 1
In Exodus....? 2
In New Alexandria,where can i find the secret grunt and brute dance party? 4
Is their a fast way to level up? 1
Legendary Ending? 1
Noble 1? 3
Precision adjustments on Forge? 4
Rank Question? 1
Ranking Listings Please? 1
Score Attack, other than Heroic? 1
What comes after LT. Colenel in the ranking system? 2
What happens when a commendations gets max? 3
Will there be a story based DLC? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Commendation for Killing Vehicles with Convenant/Killing Enemy with Vehicle? 3
Forge making things turn+assasinate ? 1
How can you spectate in this game? 1
How do i see my credits while playing campaign? 9
Invasion map help? 2
Is it possible to unlock "A Monument To All Your Sins"? Any strategies? 12
What are some good offline strategies for earning credits? 26
What determines whether you get beat down or assasination? 9
What do datapads do in legendary? 5
What is a good strategy for a laso (Legendary All Skulls On) challenge? 2
What is the best level to jack a banshee in? 8
What is the best strategy for earning credits the fastest? 4
What is the best strategy for Fire Fight? 5
What is the best strategy for Running Riot on Daily Challenge? 7
Armor upgrades just for looks? 1
Assassination moves? 3
Best strategy for completing legendary? 9
Blocking assassinations? 4
Can Brutes be assasinated? 8
Can some one tell me some efficient firefight tactics? 12
Doe killing the banshees and seraphs in Long Night of Solace count towards the Right of Way commendation? 1
Does the Game Keep Tabs on the solo Legendary Achivement? 1
Flamethrower??? 2
How can I get a bulltrue medal so I can unlock Emile Helmet? 1
How come I keep getting betrayals? 1
How Do I Get The Cross Mapping Achievement?? 2
How do you initiate an assassination? 2
How do you make kill balls spin? 1
How do you??? 1
How does ONI trick? 3
If possible how can u survive in Lone Wolf Mission? 8
Is there a way to finish legendary easier??? 5
Is there campaign matchmaking? 3
Level up? 1
More than one forge? 1
No credits at the end of missions? 2
Question about Firefight and skulls? 1
Skulls Improve Credits Earned in Campaign? 9
Skunked! achievement? 7
The best/easiest way to get "If they came to here me beg" achievment? 5
Two corpses in one grave? 2
Were do i find the drivable hummer truck? 2
What does this armory mean and how does it help?? 2
What game type gives you the most credits for completion? 6
What is a good strategy for Hemorrage? 1
What is the best stragety for earning a bulltrue medal? 1
What is the best strategy for Banshees, Fast And Low ? 2
What is the best strategy for beating hunters? 6
What is the best strategy for getting a lot of points in Firefight? 2
What is the best strategy for getting behind an enemy in multiplayer/single player? 3
What is the best strategy for getting Score Attack Achievement? 3
What is the best strategy for killing my little brother in slayer? 5
What is the best strategy for Lucky me? 4
Where is the Elite Zealot in chapter 5? 5

Technical Help Answers
Credit Problems. Pleas help? 0
Why can't I blow a bomb up on one bomb assault? 0
0 CR?wtf? almost no point in playing after that? 2
?Why does it say 3
Anybody elses campaigh messing up? 3
Capture the Flag/Stockpile? 1
Console? 3
Credit earning and leveling up? 3
Dosent let me pick up stuff in forge? 1
Forge World Boundary Problem? 1
Freezing? 3
Game Competion issue with The Package Mission? 1
How do I create an Infection game type so that survivors can't pick up zombies' swords? 2
How do you play custom game with random people other then your friends? 3
How do you post something on the file browser? 1
I cant gain any credits or level up and im offline what do i do? 2
I LOSE CREDITs!?!?!?!?!?!? 5
Lost campaign? 2
My Bomb won't set? 1
My Campainge restarted? 2
Noble Map Pack help? 2
Screen glitch on game and dashboard? 3
Small amount of credits? 2
The game treats my profile as a guest/temporary profile? 1
Tier 2 isn't showing up in my custom slayer game, why not? 2
What does it mean when Halo Reach tells me "User Content not Permitted"? 1
What is the best way to delete all of my data? 2
Where is the active transfers? 1
Why am i not getting credits? 2
Why can't i play campaign matchmaking? 3
Why did my entire Campaign get erased? 3
Why did the game erase my campaign progress? 3
Why does it keep saying (user content not permitted) every time I try to do forge? 2
Why does the game go blank when i put the disk in? 1
Why does the game keep lagging? 7
Why does the game keep telling me (loading failure)? 4
Why does the game keep telling me I cant play co-op over live due to not enough hard disk memory? 3
Why does the game say ? 3
Why i can't start halo:Reach campaign? 3
Why is his data kinda deleted? 1
Why was I banned from matchmaking? 1
Why won't Atlas for Halo Waypoint GPS track me on my phone? 1
Why won't my downloadable content appear? 1
Will a hard drive fix it? 2
"If they came to hear me beg" Achievement won't unlock. Can anyone help? 4
Achievement glitch/bug? 5
Armor resets each time i start the game.Anyone able to help? 1
Assassanation fail? 1
Atom Emblem Problem? 1
Campaign scoring? 12
Can anything I can do about the mute ban? 4
Can I transfer a picture from halo reach to my computer? 1
Can someone help me make an invasion map? 2
Can you hit the credit limit repeatedly? 1
Co-op multiplayer match help? 3
DLC downloading? 1
Do i get banned for boosting oni sword base? 3
Do Rounds Reset in Multiplayer? 1
Does Halo Reach campaign mode take you back to the Main Menu after each level? 3
Exodus problems? 2
Forge Mode: Unable To Edit Previous Layout? 1
Forge- can someone help me with a problem on my map? 4
Forging a race map? 1
Game not compatible with map? 1
Gravity Effects in Forge World? 1
Halo reach doesn't work on my xbox 360 slim 250gb. why ? 3
How do you control where the humans spawn and where the zombies spawn? 1
How do you get access to the campaign matchmaking? 2
How Do you Make a teleporter to accept vehicles? 1
How long is the ban from matchmaking? 2
I don't much credits any more.Can you help me? 5
I might buy this game and I have an old xbox, will I be able to play multiplayer? 1
Installing game? 1
Is it true that offline accounts have no level cap? 1
Is there 4 player offline campaign co-op? 9
Is there any way to get temporary videos back? 1
Motiob blur? 1
Multiplayer? 2
My forge maps have this odd, sort of milky figure, help? 1
No view of weapon and all info in upper corners disappeard? 4
Rank went down? 1
Re-downloading Falcon avatar item? 1
Recon Helmet? 3
Screen help? 2
Send me out with a bang glitch?! 1
Storage device? 1
Warrant Officer......Again? 3
Were do I find the Bottomless Clip option? 2
What is wrong with fire fight ? 1
When editing your symbol, is there a way to bring the back ground to the foreground? 1
When i installed the game,it said to insert the game.What should i do? 3
Why can't I change the language of the game? 6
why cant I play KotH on my map? 1
Why do I keep getting banned? 2
Why does Bungie.net show my armor to be different than what it really is? 7
Why does the game give me only 1/100 of the credits I should be getting? 4
Why does the game keep telling me (user content not permitted)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me failure to load content? 1
Why does the game keep telling me my profile and 360 are ban from earning credits? 1
Why doesn't forge work? 1
Why is my profile not allowed access to temporary history, file share, and local files?? 2

Other Help Answers
How do I make a game end after a defuse in one bomb assault? 0
How do I use file share? 0
Online population community as of recently? (1/30/2016) 0
Anybody want to help me rank up? 4
Anyone know if it's possible 343 would EVER consider removing armor lock from Reach? 1
Armor/Cap? 1
Can Firefight Versus on custom games be played 4v4? 2
Can you??? 3
Can't play custom games? 4
Can't you make it to where the elites on defense ? 3
Capture the flag king of hill ect.....? 2
Character Customization? 3
Co-op experience gains, 2p doesn't get any? 3
Commendations in custom games? 1
Difference between matchmaking game and matchmade game? 2
Does it swear at all? 9
Energy sword vault? 1
Extermination medal???? 3
Firefight Elites? 3
Firefight voice? 2
Future expansions? 6
Halo 2 had the most stages so far. Will Halo Reach have more stages than Halo 2? 7
Halo waypoint? 1
Help modding Reach for online gameplay? 1
How can I find the specific reason for being banned? 3
How come Drop Shields aren't in Multiplayer anymore? 2
how do i access File Browser? 1
How do I get a DMR for my nameplate? 6
How do i get into my privacy settings? 1
How do i make my created maps compatable with other game types? 2
How do I send the Blue flaming Helmet to friends? 2
How do I set up spawn points for objective games in Forge? 1
How do i unimstalled to sotfware to start over? 2
How do i unlock the eva healmet in the armoery? 2
How do i use loadouts ? 5
How do you get host? 8
How do you put the "Hill" in KotH on the Warthog? 1
How do you return a flag? 2
How do you set forge maps to specific varients? 4
How do you switch grenades? 4
How Do You Use Infection Settings On A Forged Level? 2
How is the story/campaign mode ? 4
How many waves are in one firefight arcade game? 1
How much memory does this game take when you save it ? 1
HOw oto get a bulltrue? 3
How to make a good fat kid gametype? 1
I get more credits in Forge than anywhere else? 1
I killed over a hundred enemies without dying once yet i can not unlock Jun's helmet for my avatar what is the deal?! 4
I want to know if it's just going to be d.l.c or is it going to be a disc ? 4
Is there away to have no emblem? 2
Issues With Custom Local Game? 1
Item shape in forge? 2
Juggernauts with Rockets? 1
Kill Ball Spawning? 2
Level up help? 2
Live maps for halo? 1
Local or system link??? 1
Look Both Ways Secret Achievement? 2
Losing progress on noble actual? 1
Losing Ranks on Xbox live? 3
Losing Ranks? 2
Lowering weapon help? 2
Max Rank w/o Xbox LIVE? 1
MY halo reach is freazing on the story? 2
Old weapons? 4
On my porfile my spartan has a robotic arm like Kat's one and i want my human arm again! What can i do? 1
PC Port? 1
Preorder Amazon? 1
Ranks? 1
Sgt Johnson? 1
Super weekend jackpot ? 1
Time of Beta? 1
Unknown (76) weapon? 1
Weapon stats? 1
What a easy way to get lots of credits without xbox live? 2
What are all of the items in the armory? (In order, with rank and cost) 2
What do you think about halo? 2
What resolution will the game render at? 1
Whats a rocket race????????????? 3
Whats wrong with my nameplates? 2
When will campaign matchmaking be up????? 4
where do I find generator defense game mode? 1
Where do i put my codes in reach? 1
Why can't I change my name plate on bungie.net? 1
Why can't I get the two corpse in one grave achievement? 5
Why can't I play on the map Spire? 2
Why did Bungie take out dual wielding on reach? 6
Will i lose my credits again for connecting to xbox live for the 2nd time after i have been offline in between? 4
Will the recon armor redeemtion thing work for all game accounts.? 5
Will you be able to save your firefights? 2
Zealots in a Firefight? 1
. A Couple questions? 1
1/16 Please help getting annoyed with it? 3
2 years after release, can I still unlock certain armor? 1
?Who wants to play some mlg? 1
A Monument To All Your Sins? 3
Again!!!!!!!!!???? 3
Aiming help? 1
Anyone interested in being my doubles partner in multiplayer? 1
Anyone notice the secret elites? 2
Are armor upgrades more than aesthetic? 4
Are there any new enemys? 12
Bot Control for Multiplayer? 5
Bulltrue?? 1
Campaign save wiped? 1
Can anyone help me with these contest details? 1
Can i get Emile`s helment in matchmaking? 4
Can I keep my colors in forge? 3
Can I lower my weapon in campaign? 7
Can I still get the legendary achievement if I restart campaign? 1
Can quitting in-game from a mode in score attack trigger the quitter ban? 1
Can someone explain bloom and how it works? 3
Can someone explain nameplates to me? 1
can someone help with the Color Me (Red) Dead secret achievment? 2
Can the juggernaut only use the gravity hammer? 3
Can you assasinate your teamates in campaign? 3
Can you build tunlles in forge world? 2
Can you fly pelicans in Halo Reach? 8
Can you make a customised version of 'Rocket Race'? 2
Can you make enemy spawn points? 1
Can you play as an Elite against AI Spartans? 1
Can you play halo reach online without the halo:ODST? 3
Can you recreate the "kill in order" gametype as in Halo 1? 1
Captain? 5
Cartar Helmet?? 1
Changes in Credits for Time Spent? 1
Character controlling self? 1
Co-op? 3
Color of vehicles ? 1
Cr??? 2
Credits offline? 2
Cross Mappin Achievement? 1
Differences between male and female Spartans? 3
Do I have to do 'wake up, buttercup' Achievement alone or caqn I do it with others? 3
Do you have to be in matchmaking to get the firefight achievements? 1
Do you think Halo Reach will be The Game of the Year? 9
Do you think there will be a Halo Reach Xbox 360 pack? 1
Does Buck still have the "Bam, said the lady" line in firefight? 2
Earning credits in firefight? 3
Easiest and fastest way 2 get 25000000 cR? 1
Elite armor more powerful by rank???? 2
Elite armor unlocking? 3
Emile's helmet? 3
Emils helmet? 8
Ending credits? 3
Firefight Perfection ??? 1
Firefight question? 2
Firefight? 2
Flaming helmet will not work? 1
Flaming Helmet? 4
Forge world map? 1
Forge? 1
Game Variant Invalid? 1
Gamerpic? 1
Halo logos beside names??? 1
Halo reach as violent as halo 3? 4
Halo Reach Beta Armor for playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live on 14th April? 5
Halo: Reach Avatar Awards with LIVE? 2
Halo: Reach Avatar Awards? 2
Halsey Journal page missing?? 1
Has anyone else noticed...? 1
Has anyone noticed that when the Grunts speak it sounds like they are spoken in reverse? 3
Hayabusa armor? 2
Health Regeneration? 1
Help With Cr???? 2
Help with slayer? 1
Help? 1
Honking horn on vehicle & night vision? 1
How customizeable is the armor? 1
How do I a stealth kill in single player or multiplyer? 7
How do I get a lot of credits? 19
How do I get the "Lemme Upgrade Ya" achievment? 3
How do I get the 'Offensive Driver' achievement? 3
How do I get the Cross-Mappin' Achievement? 2
How do I get the flag to work? 2
How do I get the slot machine? 2
How do I get those halo, halo 2, and ODST signs or pics on the side of your halo reach gamertag? 1
How do I restart the game a new? 2
How do i unlock other armor? (Mark V, ODST, EVA, Rouge) 4
How do i upload a video to my Mac? 2
How do I view my comodations without being conected to xbox live? 4
How do you activate recon armor when you pre-order the game? 2
How do you create game types for forge made levels? 1
How do you delete matchmaking progress in halo:reach? 1
How do you lower your weapon? 3
How do you make the barriers in forgeworld? 1
How do you play online split screen? 3
How else can I get Recon armour? 1
How is it? 2
How long is the Halo Reach campaign? 13
How many 7 references have you seen in Halo Reach? 1
How many players? 1
How to see cr? 1
how to unlocke the A Spoonful of Blamite ? 8
I cant get the credit jackpot? 1
I don't have Xbox Live (unable to get Highspeed internet where I live) can I still play this game? 6
I gain 300 to 500 credits in matchmaking win or lose, why? 2
I gain 300-500 credits in matchmaking win or lose, why? 1
I got 2 questions one about downloads and one forge? 1
I have 2 questions, 1) how do I get silver commendation, and 2) Is there Hayabusa armor? 1
I heard that you can drive Civilian cars???? 16
I heard there can be 4 player co op does it mean that Reach can have 4 player co op on 1 360 or you still need more 360? 3
I need help? 2
I need to know how to get the zealot elite any help? 1
If i beat campaign on legendary, will i get all the campaign acheivments for normal and heroic too? 2
If They Came To Hear Me Beg won't unlock? 4
If you install the game into your hardrive will it run smoother? 3
Im only getting 60 cr why is this? 2
In Halo Reach do you play as any of the other seen spartans or just Master Cheif?. 6
Infection game type? 1
Installing to hard drive? 1
Invasion Gametype on Forge World? 1
Is Breaking Benjamin in the game? 4
Is halo reach as violent as halo 3? 1
Is hologram armor in mp? 1
Is the campaign matchmaking option up yet? 2
Is there a ghost in the begginning of Winter Contingency? 3
Is there way to gain mass amounts of credits? 1
Is this Halo: Reach that nice? 2
Jun?? 4
Katanarama Challenge Help? 1
Keeping the Blue Flames? 1
Leaving? 2
Lone wolf ending?? 1
Luggage carrier? 2
Matchmaking without dlc? 1
Max Rank Credits? 1
Need help how do you you get 1000000 credits without working for them? 6
Never ending Loadouts? 2
New Items to Find? 3
Oddball playlist? 1
Offline credit limit reached? 20
Offline level up? 3
On Forge World, how do I get the bomb to spawn for Assault? 1
Online credit limit ? 3
P1 gets way more XP than P2, anyone know why? 3
Patch? 2
Pilot helmet unlock? 4
Pilot Helmet? 1
Pod Kettle Black Help? 1
Quitting ban??? 2
Red arrows above enemies in multiplayer? 4
Returning to lobby a must? 2
Score Attack Unavailable? 2
Secret Ending? 2
Should I buy this, or COD MW3? 2
Should I get this game? 1
Since this is before Halo Combat Evolved. There is not going to be any floods in Halo Reach right? 7
Since this is before Halo Combat Evolved. There is not going to be any floods right in Halo Reach right? 4
Skulls and air strike weapon thingy...? 3
So can I make a free for all Slayer game where everyone is just the Species they prefer to be!? 3
Start on mission 2? 2
The end of peoples names? 1
The forklift? 5
The last halo game? 1
They came to hear me beg acheviement? 2
Underwater? 3
Unlocking emiles helmet? 3
Very confused? 1
Vibration? 1
War Machine Commendation? 1
Waypoint? 1
What are the armor prerequisites? 1
What armor pieces should I use if i want to make Cat? 1
What Does Putting On Skulls Do? 1
What does this mean? 2
What exactly is a 'supercombine' explosion? 2
What is a "safe area"? 2
What is a Moa? 2
What is better halo or call of duty? 6
What is Halo Waypoint? 3
What is Jun's exact armor? 2
What is LASO? 4
What is the Gruntpocalypse Glitch? 1
What is the order of the ranks? 1
What the hell happened to my credit gain? 2
What weapons count for commendations? 3
What's with way point? 3
Whats is the highest rank for halo? 9
Whats the best way to get commendations? 2
Whats the ranking system like? 2
When are the new maps available? 1
When are they uping the level cap? 2
When does the robotic arm unlock? 2
When you customize armor some are locked do you unlock them by playing on line or off line? 2
Where can I see a complete armor list? 4
Where to unlock Banshees, Fast and Low? 5
Where's Gruntpocalypse? 1
Which difficulty? 4
Who else agrees that Reach is better than any COD game? 2
Why am I not getting credits or experience? 3
Why are there so many hackers on swat and team snipers? Is it that hard to play normally? 2
Why can't I get credits? 2
Why can't I play the beta? 3
Why did Bungie not put scarabs in the campaign that you have to destroy like in Halo 3? 4
Why does halo reach have bad graphics? 6
Why doesn't Firefight Matchmaking ever work? 2
Why is'nt my spartan changing? 1
Why only 50cr? 2
Why will the game not give me achievments in the campaign? 2
Will armor/rank unlocked in the beta carry over to the full game? 1
Will custom skulls be for the campaign, or just firefight? 12
will Halo Reach be for plastation3? 3
Will Halo Reach have 3rd person view too? 2
Will Halo Reach have other editions like limited edition? 3
Will invasion slayer type objectives be a customizable part of forge world? 1
Will my rank restart on xbox live?? 5
Will Snipers and Infection Get There Own Gamemode? 1
Will the campaign offer co-op split screen? 9
Will there be an offline versus split screen mode? 1
Will there be another Halo after reach? 1
Will there be forge? 4
Will there be infection? 3
Will this game be available to download from Xbox Live? 2
Will this have offline and bots like GoW2? 2
Will u play as master chief in this? 13
Will you be able to do split-screen for beta? 1
Would this work? 2
Xbox Live Gold Membership? 3
Xtra flame helmet code? 5

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