FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/16/10 | Printable Version

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        H:::::H     H:::::H   a::::aaaa::::::a  l::::l o::::o     o::::o
        H:::::H     H:::::H  a::::a    a:::::a  l::::l o::::o     o::::o  C
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      H:::::::H     H:::::::Ha:::::aaaa::::::a l::::::lo:::::::::::::::o
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      HHHHHHHHH     HHHHHHHHH  aaaaaaaaaa  aaaallllllll   ooooooooooo     

                       Halo: Reach Walkthrough (360)
                           Written by ACTestaALT
                    Version 2.0 - Last Updated 09/16/10

Table of Contents
1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Basic Tips
5. Walkthrough
     5.1 - Winter Contigency
     5.2 - Oni: Sword Base
     5.3 - Nightfall
     5.4 - Tip of the Spear
     5.5 - Long Night of Solace
     5.6 - Exodus
     5.7 - New Alexandria
     5.8 - The Package
     5.9 - The Pillar of Autumn
     5.10- Lone Wolf
6. Appendices
7. Credits
8. Legal Disclaimer
9. Contact Information

     1. Version History

2.0 - Completed walkthrough

1.0 - Initial version

     2. Introduction

Halo needs no introduction... >_>



     3. Controls

A: Jump
B: Switch Grenades
X: Action/Reload
Y: Swap Weapons
Left Stick: Move
Left Stick Click: Crouch
Right Stick: Look
Right Stick Click: Zoom
RT: Use Weapon
RB: Melee Attack
LT: Use Grenades
LB: Use Armor Abilities
D-pad left: Night Vision
Start: Game Menu
Back: Multiplayer Score

     4. Basic Tips

 * Don't go all-Rambo (especially on difficult settings) (aka **TAKE COVER**)
 * When your shields are down, TAKE COVER ****IT!!
 * Pick up enemy weaponry when your weapon is without ammo
 * Swap the pistol out for the biggest, baddest weapon
 * Sprint to points to get shot less (duh!)
 * Reload whenever possible; don't wait until you don't have any in the clip
 * Jump! like the Van Halen song whenever possible while getting shot at
 * Run over as much covenant as you can/use the vehicles to their advantages
 * Health packs are available throughout the levels. They are red/white.
 * Priority should be given to automatic guns and guns with high firepower 
   like the rifle.

Most importantly:

 * Enjoy the smell of napalm in the mourning (sp on purpose for legendary)

     5. Walkthrough

     5.1 - Winter Contigency

After the introduction, move the right stick around to adjust your view. The 
game prompts for inversion and even if you don't choose to do so now this can 
always be changed in the menu. Now hold X to leave the air vehicle. Head 
south down the hill, following the squadmate Emile, until you reach a dirt 

Follow this road to a circular building with an outside arena. Go up to the 
burning debris in the center and next to it the squad finds a red object. 
After the com speak, follow the squad along the dirt path. Don't be alarmed 
by the giant running birds; they are not hostile. You can kill them for fun, 

Down the stone steps and up a few steel ones, turn left inside the house. 
Head up the stairs on the left side of the room and continue outside with the 
squad. Some people are hiding inside the building when you get outside; 
apparently, they are farmers and non-hostile.

Head east, following the dirt path and the squad, to the waypoint 200m away. 
Press LB to sprint so you runs faster. Press it again just before the meters 
makes a circle so you don't have to wait any longer than necessary to use it 

Up the hill, go inside the building to find a few dead soldiers that were 
interrogated. Head right, through the doorway, and follow the hall outside. 
Steps are heard on top. Go outside and up the stone steps in front of the 
your vision.

Follow the squad through the building to a doorway. In here, you encounter a 
few grenades and some stairs. Grab the grenades and go down the back-and-
forth steps and throw a grenade at the blob of enemies up ahead. Kill any 
remaining fodder on this inside level and take their position.

Stay inside this building, using the side of the doorway as cover, and slowly 
kill all the enemies outside. Run outside now, disposing of the remainder of 
enemies, and head northeast-east down the hill and over the bridge. The 
needle rifle is particularly useful here as an enemy ship drops a shipload of 

If you don't have sniper capabilities, just follow the squad as the mop up 
the enemies. Stay behind and stick the rocks if you are on particularly hard 
difficulty levels. Run north up the slope and go over the river. Head 
southeast now, following the squad, and take cover behind the rocks as you 
defeat the foe ahead of you.

Go northeast now and down the small cliff to find a warthog. Enter the 
driver's seat and follow the dirt path northeast until you reach a river. 
Cross the river in the vehicle and get back on the dirt path. Follow the path 
to a building full of covenant.

It is advisable to stay in the vehicle and drive around as your gunner picks 
them all off. You can also stealth-infiltrate inside (well, cover-infiltrate) 
and take out the enemies. Some enemies can't be killed while in the vehicle 
so you will have to slowly move inside and kill them.

After the com goes off, get back inside the vehicle and a new waypoint shows 
up. Follow the dirt path and cross the river via the bridge. Now go up the 
hill to the south and follow the road until you reach a building on your 
right. You should be about 80-100m away from the drop site. Get off and 
follow the waypoint until you see more troops.

Mop up the weak enemy squadron in front of them and talk to the troops. 
Afterward, a ship drops some more enemies off. Go back inside the building to 
find some useful "ordinance," then use the marksman rifle on the newly-
revealed enemies.

Stay back here, using the sliding door as cover, and kill all the covenant in 
front of you. After the waves are defeated, a slew of Falcons drop. Hold X to 
get inside one, then enjoy the scenery as you get flown to the relay station. 
Off the ship, get a head start by killing the covenant with the shield in 
front of you.

After killing just the covenant outside, follow the squad inside the building 
and they will start to close it. Stay inside as more covenant arrive. Use the 
sides of the door as cover as you pick the covenant off. When prompted, 
fallback into the station to leave the fight outside. Follow the squad inside 
the control room and look at the waypoint to find a dead body.

Now follow the squad to another firefight. Here, hide behind the crates and 
kill'em all like the Metallica album. Go up the ramp and hang a right. Follow 
the squad to reach a chiasm. Fire at the covenant on the other side and when 
they take cover head right to flank them. Kill the remaining covenant with 
the energy sword and hold X at the waypoint to complete the mission.

     5.2 - Oni: Sword Base

Time to defend the courtyard. Out now you have a marksman rifle; use it on 
the weak covenant who try to charge you. Get to their position to find the 
party has just begun. Kill the few covenant in front of you and while the 
remaining stay safe behind the shields, go up the ramp on the left.

Follow the walkway across to the otherside, killing the covenant on it along 
the way, and now you have an excellent vantage point to kill the covenant 
behind the shields. Once they are disposed of, head down the slope - killing 
the covenant along the way - until you reach the ordinance.

Swap the ammoless gun/covenant weapon for the pistol that makes things go 
boom. Head south to find that your fellow comrades have enemies on their 
tail. Shoot at the small ones and wait until the two big ground ships are 
together before you use the pistol that go boom on them. Hold the trigger 
until the crosshairs go together, then take cover behind a big rock as the 
boom occurs.

Swap with a teammate (not someone in your squad) the pistol for a marksman 
rifle. Now hop aboard the driver's seat of the warthog. You have a choice: 
left or right. You will do the other one after the first, so it doesn't 
really matter. But left is totally the devil according to my philosophy 
class, so just go right.

Follow the path (ignore the enemies) until you reach the first outpost. Here, 
try to mop up as much covenant as you can while on the warthog. Then, defeat 
the remainder and climb the stairs of the right building to activate the gun. 
After defeating the remaining hostile, get inside the new warthog and pick up 
Kat (no, not on a date...).

Head back to the start and now take the left path. Once you reach the base, 
your first priority should be the purple vehicle as it can actually destroy 
your vehicle. Once the gunner has (well...) gunned it down, drive the warthog 
around - getting different viewpoints of the enemy - until you have killed as 
many as you can.

Mop the remainder on foot and flip the switch to continue. Another building; 
another switch to flip. Go to the building behind you and walk up all the 
stairs to the very top. Once that's done, eliminate the remaining hostiles to 
finish this part.

Return to base now from whence you came. You'll encounter enemies across the 
way; please just ignore them. Once you reach the gates (at the waypoint), get 
out and hold X at the switch. It will take a while to open. Once it does, jam 
it inside and take cover behind the cement on the same side.

Covenant have reinfiltrated the base. Take them out while behind the cement 
walls. Continue through the base until you reach more strong foes. Take cover 
behind objects and take them out. Now go inside the building in front of you 
to find two super-foes.

These guys can't really be taken out with normal attacks. Instead, use 
grenades sparingly and with cleverness to kill them. Additionally, strafe 
around them and shoot them in the back to kill them. Just don't shoot their 
shields or get caught in the megablast they charge up. It's easy to dodge, 
don't worry.

Now head to the activation switch after you kill the covenant in the room. 
After the elevator is finished, exit via the opposite side. Kill all the 
covenant in this hall and exit through the closed door at the end. You will 
find yourself in an even bigger room full of covenant.

Luckily, you can now recruit friends to help you. Kill all the covenant on 
this floor, then take the stairs to the next. This formula continues until 
you reach the top with the yellow special covenant. Once you kill him, exit 
stage right.

Immediately go right and kill the two covenant with shields. Pick up the 
rocket launcher a little bit further and start shooting. Destroy the big, 
big, big purple ship first. Now get the remaining little ones. It's easy: 
just lock on by keeping your reticle over them until it turns red and fire!

If you run out of ammo, head left to find another launcher. Some cloaked 
enemies might appear (or not... really... appear >_>) so be wary of your 
back. Destroy the remaining air vehicles by locking on and shooting. Once 
you've destroyed all the ships, another cutscene occurs.

     5.3 - Nightfall

Run southeast toward the cliff and then northeast-east up the dirt pathway. 
At the top you will encounter an Elite. Slowly go up to him and press RB to 
stealth kill him. Continue southwest to find two weak enemies napping. 
Dispose of them in the same way as before with RB kills.

Go east-southeast up the dirt path to find a big rock. Go left around the 
rock and walk forward to find another rock that is lightly shining green. 
Next to the rock you will find a valuable assault rifle; swap it with your 

While next to the rock, snipe out the two strong enemies on top of the two 
story building to the right. They are both blue and go down in one headshot. 
Now the fun begins: start sniping at everyone on the ground until they are as 
red as dead.

The remaining enemies should be killed with the Assault Rifle while on the 
ground. When they are all gone, a phantom will arrive and start shooting at 
you. This is your cue to run backward to the building with the open doorway. 
Just run inside and watch as the building absorbs the damage.

The ship drops another welcoming committee that you need to destroy. I advise 
staying inside and picking them off while using the building as cover. 
Additionally, you can flank them if you veer left when you immediately exit 
the building. Follow the dirt path which will loop around to the enemies' 

Once they're toast, head south until you reach a rock cliff. Now go northwest 
to find a building. Inside, press the left d-pad to toggle nightvision. Make 
your way through to the otherside to find a circular silo with enemies all 
around it. Yes, again kill'em all. Use the railing and tin walls as cover.

After the checkpoint, head south to the opening in the rock cliffs to find 
two more covenant. After this checkpoint, follow the dirt path to find what 
can only be described now as supermutants. Swap out to the sniper rifle 
(because it is more powerful) and down these two beasts.

Now that they are gone, finish off the remaining weak covenant in the area. 
Take the south cave to find another pathway. Follow this path to another 
enemy base. Here, you at least have militia to help you out as you destroy 
all the covenant.

After the checkpoint, meet at the militia to find a few good weapons in 
chests. Take them please as you are probably out of ammo. After this, another 
phantom drops another armada of troops. Get to the otherside immediately and 
start sniping them out one by one with either the sniper or marksman.

*Another* phantom drops more troops on the opposite side. Sprint over there 
and stop at the bridge. Snipe them out from here. Additionally, one grenade 
into the blob might just do the trick. A third phantom drops troops on the 
last third-ish side.

Position yourself behind the tin walls and take them out by any means 
necessary. These ones can't be disposed of easily with a grenade or two. Once 
they're toast, head back to the small bridge. After discussion, follow the 
troops to the hydro plant through the riverbed.

About halfway through, an enemy phantom drives by from above. Now, I was 
*jumping* like a dolt and it didn't spot me, so just ignore it. Once you 
reach the plant, headshot the strong covenant on the bridge. Go to his 
position and destroy the four charging weak covenants.

From this place, shoot at the covenant manning the guns on the big structure. 
Now head to the structure and detach one of the guns. Use the firepower to 
clear the area around you. When you run out of bullets with one of them, use 
the next and finally the last to finish the job.

Now head northwest to the slope to reach the second floor of the building. 
Run all around the buildings now, committing massacres along the way. Once 
the area is clear, run back to the pylon where Jun is (it is marked with a 
"defend" waypoint).

Defend the area at all costs. Hide behind the pylon and use any remaining 
turrets you might have not used already. The phantom drops two big boys to 
play. Defeat them as you did before; use firepower at their backs and 
headshot the hell out of them.

Once the area is clear, proceed further into the dark zone by following the 
troops and the waypoint. At the iron gate, heal as necessary and walk up to 
the covenant barricades. Here, take out the covenant in front of you. Move to 
their position to find three turrets all in a line behind each other.

To destroy these turrets, first take out all the enemies around them, then 
run to the side (sprint) and flank the gunner. Do *not* destroy the second 
turret. Instead, hop aboard it and use it on the last one and all the enemies 
around it.

Behind the last turret, head through the mountain pathway to find a few 
remaining stragglers. Take them out, then head through the darkness to end 
the mission.

     5.4 - Tip of the Spear

Push up the hill and secure a landing zone. 'Nuff said. Use the rocks as 
cover along the way and make good use of the grenade launcher. Enter one of 
the two blow-you-up-with-green turrets to destroy the other.

Once that's taken care of, enter the driver's seat of the warthog and wait 
for the passengers to get in. Follow the path (ie broken road) to the AA 
unit. Just drive the warthog right up to it and circle around it as your 
passengers take care of business.

Run over the ones you can, and be wary of the phantoms because they can 
destroy your vehicle. Once the area is clear, go inside the AA unit and 
destroy the glass with your bullets. With that gone, grenade the center of 
the structure to destroy the AA unit.

Head west and follow the road as it loops around to the bridge. You will 
encounter two different types of Covenant vehicle here that can destroy your 
vehicle; be sure to circle around them while your passengers take them out. 
They will garner a checkpoint after the beast is destroyed.

Cross the bridge and follow the road to the mining facility. Clear the bridge 
and the turret just above it. Follow Kat up the steel stairs and take out the 
charging covenant. Follow the walkway, killing the covenant along the way, 
until you reach an area with steel posts.

Take cover behind the posts as you slowly go up the lane while killing 
covenant. Make your way around the bend and drop off to the ground. Go up to 
the stairs and kill all the covenant on this floor while using the first-
floor-second-floor as cover.

Drop down the hole on this level and mingle with the three weak covenant. Go 
through the doorway with the exit sign and pick up the plasma launcher. Kill 
the two covenant outside and get inside a ghost. Around the bend you 
encounter a few covenant and some ghosts. Kill them all.

Follow the road to a similar-looking structure. Yes, another AA unit. But 
this time you have those two green supermachines with which to deal. Luckily, 
you have your trusty ghost. Merely get up behind them and fire at their backs 
to kill them. If you must, get out the plasma launcher and annihilate'em.

Once that's taken care of, go inside the AA unit and take down the glass. 
Throw a grenade inside and run out. Get back on your vehicle and go to the 
phantom. You need to defend this point and it should be easier with the 

Now that the area is clear, a falcon will land. Get on the turret and kill 
all the targets along the way. First, there are an armada of covenants on a 
bridge in between a canyon. Second, there are some covenant on the ground in 
turrets. Third, there is a big gray vehicle unit.

Once you reach the forcefield, you go through it and are dropped to the 
ground. Pick up the jetpack and start the massacre. Hide behind the big rocks 
for cover. Follow the white dirt path to find a blob of covenant you can 
destroy with a grenade.

Continue until you reach the spire. Kill all the enemies below it first from 
a distance and then go up one of the levitation shafts to the top. Here, go 
left and kill the weak covenant. Up the steel slope lies a strong covenant 
with an energy sword. Keep your distance as you kill him. Flip the switch to 
disable the shields.

     5.5 - Long Night of Solace

Follow the squad to your first encounter of covenant. Keep your distance with 
the squad and take them out. Hide behind the barrier of rocks as needed. Go 
to the enemies' position and continue rightward to find more covenant. Hide 
behind the shields as you take them out.

Make your way into the big green building. Proceed to the flight control 
room. Along the way, you will encounter a strong covenant that has just KO'd 
one of your troopers. Take him out with firepower and maybe a karate chop to 
the forehead.

Continue along the fairly linear path to a control room full of dead bodies. 
Swap for the shotgun on the lower right side and head through the door behind 
it. Pick up the energy sword if you are an expert at it. Head up the stairs 
(and more stairs) to reach the ship.

The airfights are faily simple. Just put your crosshairs over the circle to 
shoot successfully at the ships. The first wave is full of banshees. Just use 
your normal machinegun on them. The second wave has seraphs - these can also 
be disposed of with the machine gun.

For the third wave, the phantoms arrive. These big boys need missile 
firepower. Be sure you are far away or they might crash into you ala Star 
Wars Episode VI. Now dock the ship at the waypoint. After, back on the ship 
destroy the banshees and seraphs, wave after wave.

Now an even bigger ship arrives and you need to destroy the four engines. Get 
far away from it and use the missiles on each of the four engines. You should 
be able to take out two a swoop. A recon unit of seraphs comes back that you 
need to destroy before they tell everyone about you. Now land the ship.

Clear this area which has three stories. Be sure not to fall through 
accidentally. Once the area is clear, follow the squad to a door. It will 
open and some strong covenant reveal themselves behind it. Kill them then 
continue to the hangar.

It is best to go right immediately and pick off the covenant while on the 
high ground with the shields for cover. Once the area is completely clear, go 
to the controls and flip the switch to deactivate the shields.

Now it is time to proceed to the bridge. Before you do so, pick up the ammo 
at the waypoint. Some weak covenant charge you around here to be careful. Go 
through the door they came from and flank the stronger covenant from the 

Follow the hallways to reach a big big room. Soon one strong covenant appears 
from the left and below. Kill it and you will have the order to get the hell 
out of here. Follow the squad to the door and take the hallway to reach the 

Take out the guys with cloaks first as you can't see them when they are 
alerted of you. You can *kind of* see them if you are close because they seem 
slightly corporeal. Now that the area is clear, go to the activate waypoint 
and hold X to start the ride.

Seems as though you need to go back to the hangar because you are taking 
heavy fire. Head through the door you came from, killing the covenant that 
charge out of it, and go back to the hangar. Back at the hangar, make quick 
work of the covenant on the ground floor with grenades and firepower.

After multiple waves of enemies, you will be in the clear. Just stay in the 
middle and fight them off one wave at a time.  After five or six waves, the 
battle will be over. (But not the war.)

     5.6 - Exodus

Head west and go into the half-closed door. Passed the darkness and through 
the white door lies two sets of stairs and an armada of covenant troops. 
After killing the three of them, pick up the plasma pistol off one of them so 
you have two weapons.

Go left and stay back as the weak covenant try to charge you. Shoot them once 
and they should blow up; they are suicide bomber and can kill you if you let 
them get in on you. Just stay back entirely for this part of the mission as 
you can die easily via grenade.

Down the stairs to the left, make a right and stay back as two more covenant 
suicidals charge you. After they're gone, follow the halls until you reach a 
big room full of suicidal covenants. Snipe them out one by one with the 
pistol; hell, there might even be a chain reaction that kills them all in one 

Go north through the room and past the two chained-side doorways. In here, an 
armada of covenant decide to charge you suicidally. Throw a grenade or kill 
one so they all go off. Through the green light door and outside, a ship 
ascends to your level. Shoot at the covenant inside if you want.

Swap with the dead guys weapons to get some real firepower. Follow the mall 
until you reach three new enemies. These guys have some awesome firepower but 
go down pretty easy. Be sure to swap your pistol for one of their guns as it 
does not overheat and holds a lot in one clip.

More covenant decide to drop by to the west. Go inside the building now and 
up the stairs. Kill the weak covenant and hang a right. This is a big room 
full of covenant and civilians. Take them out while taking cover by the signs 
and rails.

When the room is clear, go north to the elevator and hold X to start the 
process of getting it to this level. While waiting, defend the position from 
covenant. Hide behind the purple covenant ammo crates. A few waves show up 
and one of them is equipped with the gravity hammer. This is a fun weapon but 
only on easy difficulties.

After the waves, get inside the elevator and press the switch to start it. 
Outside the elevator, go right across the catwalk to reach further into the 
level. At the end, go right and swap your sprint for a jet pack. Now follow 
the troops as they jet pack over to the otherside.

I advise jumping and at the height of your jump holding LB to jet pack 
across. You will have to go from platform to platform until you reach the 
otherside finally. Here, kill the covenant and follow the trail of the dead 
up the stairs.

Just keep going up stairs, killing covenant from stair to level to stair to 
level, until you reach the checkpoint. Up more stairs, in this new room jet 
pack to the top and go backward to reach the doorway. Outside, kill the weak 
covenant blob and go left down the stairs.

Here, kill the covenant and go across the causeway. Go up staircase after 
staircase, disposing of covenant along the way, until you reach the top. 
Additionally, on easier difficulties you can merely jet pack up it. At the 
top, go southeast into the building after killing the blob of enemy.

In here, kill everyone. You can use the staircase on your left or right to 
gain the high ground. Once done, pick up the fuel rod gun and destroy the two 
turrets outside. Outside, operate the turret on the falcon.

Look out mainly for the banshees on this trip as they can kill you. After the 
flight, get off and run to the warthog. Get inside and wait for passengers. 
Now follow the dirt path to a boatload of covenant. Just drive around and 
watch your friends to the work inside the warthog.

When the coast is clear, flip the switch on the two UNSCs to finish the 
checkpoints. Now you have to fire the missiles. On easier difficulties, just 
high-tail it over on the jet pack to the button and push it without a fight. 
On higher difficulties you will be shot dead, so slowly make your way to the 
button, killing everything along the way.

     5.7 - New Alexandria

This mission involves flying from place to place and flipping switches while 
killing stuff. To start, hold X to get inside the falcon and hold LT to 
ascend. Press RB to stay level. Now head to the hospital at the waypoint.

Outside the falcon, head inside the hospital through the white doors. The 
enemies inside have shields so they are tougher to kill. Whereas the 
weaklings would take one melee hit to kill, now they take two. Factor and 
analyze that into the gunfight: it will take twice as much to kill them.

Clear the area and keep descending levels till you get to the bottom. Here, 
clear the enemies ahead of you and go to their position. Follow the hospital 
to an even bigger room. Here, get up on the high ground by going up the ramp 
to the right.

Take everyone out, then make your way west to the end of the area to find the 
jammer. Hold X to destroy the jammer. Now doubletime back outside. You will 
encounter harder tangoes with jet packs; these mofos are particularly 
difficult to kill because they tend to fly away on you.

Get back in the falcon and head to the marines at the waypoint. Here, destroy 
the turret up top then kill the hunters below all while in your trusty 
falcon. Once the marines are in the ship, destroy the two banshees so they 
don't kill you and wait for the new waypoints.

Travel to the SinoViet. Before you land, take out the two turrets. Now land 
and make your way to the elevator (up all the stairs) while killing the 
enemies along the way. When you reach the elevator, hold X to start it up. In 
this maze-like room, hug the right or left wall until you reach the jammer.

Doubletime back to the elevator. Seems it was a trap and new foes appear - 
desolate them. Back down the elevator shaft, go back to the falcon. Rise and 
wait for the new waypoint. Go to it and decimate the enemy. Now land and exit 
the falcon. Destroy the jammer and get back on the ship.

Go to the new waypoint. Before you land, destroy the two turrets and all 
ground soldiers. Now land and go through the orange doors. In this big room 
you encounter two hunters. Luckily, there is a grenade launcher in the center 
of the room.

Make use of the launcher to destroy the four hunters. Now head to the 
waypoint and activate the jammer to destroy it. Get back on the falcon and 
mosey on over to the olympic tower. Time to destroy the six AA units. Don't 
even get out of your ship; just fire at them from above.

Once all six are destroyed, land on Oni to end the mission.

     5.8 - The Package

Jump down and stealth kill as many enemies as possible before they turn 
toward you. Hell, get on one of those ghosts and destroy the two turrets. Now 
drive the ghost to the scorpion. Enter it and wait for passengers.

Drive down the road destroying everything in sight. Soon you will have to 
destroy A and B. These are the same AA units as before. Once the area is 
clear: hop out, destroy the glass, and throw a grenade inside the core. After 
destroy both A and B, drive to the gate to get back on the ground.

Follow the road to enemies. Backstab as many as you can before you sprint 
over them to your comrades. Clear the area and go down the restricted area 
terminal. Kill the two munchkins on the turrets and go inside the office. 
Follow the room to a big area full of enemies.

Here you need to keep circling up while killing baddies. This is much easier 
said than done. Once at the top, go up the stairs to reach another area. 
Follow the desolate area to a door. A waypoint shows up and the door opens. 
Clear the area and go to the waypoint. Hold X at the door to open it.

In this area, you need to quickly turn on all the turrets and then get to the 
defend point. You and your comrades need to fight off dozens of waves of 
enemies as they approach your position. Luckily, the turrets make it a little 
easier. Once finally finished, go through the door to end the mission.

     5.9 - The Pillar of Autumn

Follow the canyon and when you get into the great wide open hug the right 
wall. Kill the enemies below and when the coast is clear get on the mongoose.  
Just follow the linear road and ignore the enemies. Jump the bridge and drive 
through the gates. Ram it on the moongoose to the northeast and bypass the 
enemies as you find a canyon to go through.

Follow the trail to another canyon full of air baddies. These guys are tough 
to kill because they move like crazy. Once the area is clear, proceed through 
the catacombs east. Soon you will reach the enemy base. Fight them all, then 
run inside and through the buildings to find two hunters. These guys are 
tough because you don't have much to throw at them, but they will go down 

In this big building, there are several enemies including an elite with an 
energy sword. Just stay back and snipe out the room; they won't kill what 
they can't see. Once done, head to the west part of the room and go up the 

Follow the walkway to more enemies. Dispose of them, then go through the 
doorway and down the hall. Through another doorway, go up the stairs to meet 
more troops. They are firing futilely at enemy covenant; dispose of the enemy 
for them.

Follow the rooms to the outside. Here you need to clear the area of hostile 
enemy so Keyes can land. This is easier said than done as enemies pop out of 
everywhere. When you reach the checkpoint, even more enemies show up. Finally 
an aircraft with troops drops to help you out.

More and more and MORE enemies arrive and it just seems like an endless 
supply. Fend them off as best you can. On higher difficulties you absolutely 
must take cover and fight them one-on-one. Soon enough, Keyes comes for the 
handoff. Run up to the ship for a fade to black.

Now we need to reactivate the main driver cannon. Go to where enemy are at 
and after you kill them, go inside the doorway. In this big area, go to the 
southeast corner and up the stairs. Here, get on the cannon. Hold RT while 
targetting enemy ships to blow them up.

You will have to destroy dozens of them before you can finally shoot at the 
big boy ship. Once this happens, another cutscene occurs and the mission 
finally ends.

     5.10- Lone Wolf

Stay alive as long as you can before you eventually die... sounds like fun... 
bungie I hate you! :P I just threw a grenade at myself the first time to get 
it over with in a jiffy.

     6. Appendices

Achievement (#) Description
A Monument To All Your Sins (150) Completed every mission in Halo: Reach 
alone, on Legendary.
A New Challenger (10) Completed all of the Daily Challenges in a given day.
A Spoonful Of Blamite (10) Killed 10 enemies in Firefight or Campaign with a
supercombine explosion.
A Storage Solution (5) Used the File Browser to upload a file to your File 
An Elegant Weapon (10) Killed 10 enemies in a Firefight or Campaign session
with the DMR.
An Honor Serving (25) Reached the rank of Captain in the UNSC.
Banshees, Fast And Low (25) Hijacked a Banshee during the Reach Campaign.
Be My Wingman Anytime (5) Let a teammate spawn on you 5 times in an Invasion 
Matchmaking game.
Blaze Of Glory (25) Scored 200,000 points in a Firefight game.
Cool File, Bro (5) Recommended a file to someone.
Crowd Control (10) Earned a Killionaire medal in Firefight.
Doctor, Doctor (5) Used a Health Pack to replenish life after taking body 
Dust And Echoes (10) Completed the 8th mission on Normal or harder.
Firestarter (10) Scored 50,000 points in a Firefight game.
Folks Need Heroes... (50) Completed the Campaign on Heroic difficulty.
Game, Set, Match (25) Completed a Firefight set on Legendary without dying.
Gods Must Be Strong (125) Completed the Campaign on Legendary difficulty.
Heat In The Pipe (75) Scored 1,000,000 points in a Firefight game.
I Didn't Train To Be A Pilot (10) Killed 3 of the anti-aircraft batteries
during the 8th mission.
I Need A Weapon (10) Completed the 4th mission on Normal or harder.
I See You Favour A .45 (10) Killed 10 enemies in a Firefight or Campaign 
session with the M6G pistol.
If They Came To Hear Me Beg (25) Performed an Assassination against an Elite 
to survive a fall that would've been fatal.
Into The Howling Dark (10) Completed the 7th mission on Normal or harder.
KEEP IT CLEAN (5) Killed 7 Moa during the 2nd mission of the Campaign.
Knife To A Gun Fight (5) As an Elite, killed 5 Spartan players in 
Lemme Upgrade Ya (10) Advanced a Commendation to a Silver state.
Lucky Me (25) Earned a Triple Kill while Jetpacking in Campaign, Firefight or
Make It Drizzle (10) Purchased an item from the Armory.
Make It Rain (10) Purchased an item from the Armory that required the rank of
 Lt. Colonel.
One Down, 51 To Go (10) Completed a Weekly Challenge.
Protocol Dictates Action (10) Completed the 3rd mission on Normal or harder.
Score Attack (10) Scored 15,000 points in Score Attack Firefight Matchmaking.
Send Me Out... With A Bang (10) Completed the 10th mission on Normal or 
Skunked (10) Won a game of Invasion in the 1st phase.
Swap Meet (10) Traded weapons with an AI ally in Campaign.
Tank Beats Everything (25) Finished the 9th mission on Legendary with the 
Scorpion intact.
That's A Knife (10) Performed an Assassination on an enemy.
The Soldier We Need You To Be (25) Completed the Campaign on Normal 
The Start Of Something (15) Reached the rank of Corporal in the UNSC.
They've Always Been Faster (25) Cleared the 2nd mission without setting 
foot in a drivable vehicle.
This Is Not Your Grave (10) Completed the 9th mission on Normal or harder.
To War (10) Completed the 5th mission on Normal or harder.
Two Corpses In One Grave (25) Killed 2 vehicles at once with the Target 
Locator in the 3rd mission.
Wake Up Buttercup (25) Destroyed the Corvette's engines & escort in under 
3 minutes in the 6th mission on Heroic or harder.
We're Just Getting Started (10) Completed the 2nd mission on Normal or 
What's A Killing Spree? (5) Earned a Killing Spree in multiplayer 
Yes, Sensei (10) Earned a First Strike Medal in a Matchmaking game.
You Flew Pretty Good (10) Completed the 6th mission on Normal or harder.
Your Heresy Will Stay Your Feet (25) Killed the Elite Zealot before he 
escaped during the 5th mission.

     7. Credits

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