Easter Egg Guide by hellohi251

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                                     Easter egg Walkthrough
Notice: this walkthrough only contains in game Easter eggs and not
 data pads or radio chatter and is not a limited edition game

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edited- 1-17-11 deleted two fake ones, edited some to make them
better, and added a new one.

edited- 2-23-11 deleted two fake ones, revised some to make them
better, and revisited an old one

Table of Contents:
In Campaign:
Miniature Skirmisher-(MS)
Reach Racer-(RR)
Gun The Pelican Turret-(GTPT)
MOA burger-(MB)
Newspaper smiley face-(NSF)
Grunt Party-(GP)
Suicidal Marine-(SM)
Fly the Pelican and/or the Phantom-(FTPAOTP)
Star Wars dialogue-(SWD)
Four Banshees-(FB)
Tribute Room-(TR)
Jun Gun-(JG)
Master Chief in Incubator-(MCII)
Master Chief in Clouds-(MCIC)
Master Chief Statue-(MCS)
Marty O Donell-(MOD)

In Multiplayer or Forge:
Forge World Skull-(FWS)

Face on Shotgun Handle-(FOSH)
Golden Bullet-(GB)
Hornet Graphic on Jet Pack-(HGOJP)
Misriah Armory-(MA)
Turretless Vehicles-(TV)

In Campaign

Miniature Skirmisher-(MS)
Level-Winter Contingency
	For this, you need two or more players.
After the civilians come out of the building near the beginning
of the level, continue right to the next building on your objective.
To the right of the door, there are pipes vertically leading
to a ledge. Crouch jump onto it and walk around right until you are
on a cliff, then continue around until you meet the corner with a
boundary keeping you from the roof. Have one player jump continuously
in the corner while the other hits him until his feet are right at roof 
level. Then have the other player jump of the cliff and hopefully
respawn on the roof.	It may take a bunch of tries. Then, work your way
towards the back left of the building and the boundary may push you back.
Near the corner is a very small skirmisher that you can look at and kill.
He carries a needle rifle and his body contorts in a strange way when he 
dies. Sometimes, if you wait too long, he will grow big and run away.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbhK-TURMjs (video is low in quality but 
shows my point)

Reach Racer-(RR)
Level-ONI Sword Base
	You need two or more people to do this. After getting the target
locater, kill all of the enemies in the area (all around and back to
this area. Not needed but makes it easier). Do not activate any of the
objectives. In the area to the left from where you start, there is a
waterfall in the farthest right of the area. On top of a big rock near
there, you will find an invisible switch. In the right area, there is
a rock overlooking a large structure off the cliff near the place you
enter if you were coming directly from the main area. On that rock,
there is another switch. Two people have to hit the switches at the 
sametime. Then a new objective will pop up that says Reach Racer.
You will teleport to the ONI Sword Base entrance with two gauss
warthogs. You will then race from objective (like a checkpoint) to
objective until you looparound back to ONI sword base and the
loser, if they are in a vehicle, will explode. You will then reset back
to the beginning of the race and you can do it as many times as
you want. Sometimes it will loop the other way.

Gun The Pelican Turret-(GTPT)
Level-Long Night of Solace
	When you kill everybody in the bay in the corvette and
you push the button to let Jorge in, ther will be a pelican with a bomb
attatched to it. If you croutch near the turret under the cockpit and
hold X, you will go inside and it will be black. You are inside the
turret and can fire the rail gun (same as on the falcon) but you
cannot see. If you move in a certain way and/or kill somebody
(It usually works either way) you may be able to see, but it takes a
while. It is most useful during the last part because you are invincable
and have unlimited ammo. If you look at the turret after you are able
to see, it disappeared.

MOA burger-(MB)
	When the Phantom with brutes comes up when you meet the
first civilians, turn left and go up the stairs. Turn right and you will see
a sign with three MOA that says “new flavor”.You will see that it costs
$7.77, an obviousreference to Bungie’s favorite number.

Newspaper smiley face-(NSF)
Level-New Alexandria
	When you start, go straight to the roof of the building with the 
green triangle emblem on it. On the middle curved window, there will be 
newspapers making a smiley face. It is kind of hard to find, but keep
looking for it.

Grunt Party-(GP)
Level-New Alexandria
	When the objective says to go to club Errera, go to the hospital.
 In the crack between the two buildings that make up the hospital, float
 down to a dark alcove directly under the entrance on the right tower and 
land. In a crack/smaller alcove, there should be a switch. Push it and
continue to club Errera. Inside there is a brute at a holopad acting like a
DJ. All acrossthe place grunts will be dancing in a getting hit or shot
fashion. In the center is a rocket launcher. There are bars on each side
and one under the jammer.The brutes at the right and back ones will
offer you DMRs but the left will offer you jetpacks. If you go to the
top of the club building, come from the side of the entrance. As you land
in the center, you will see a small building of sorts to your right, go under
the overhang and there should be a switchon the building. The music will
then change to The Siege of Madrigal. If youkill anyone, the record will
scratch and the brutes will try to kill you but the grunts will keep
dancing. It is better to kill everyone before you activatethe jammer
because the grunts will stop dancing and some have fuel rod guns.

Suicidal Marine-(SM)
Level-New Alexandria
	After you are at the top, you must turn right, go up the stairs, 
turn left and go straight, then go around the wall and into a dark room 
where a marine is acting paranoid. Sometimes, he may point his pistol 
at his head, it’s random.

Level-New Alexandria
	When it asks you to guard the falcon, Sergeant Buck of
the ODST is speaking. In Halo 3: ODST, Buck says,” If we can make
it out of Reach, we can make it out of this.”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUPHZlaF1wU (listen to the 

Fly the Pelican and/or the Phantom-(FTPAOTP)
Level-New Alexandria
	 You must play this on legendary.During the level,
hijack a banshee and land it somewhere if you want to drive
the phantom. If you are playing solo, you will need a jetpack.
At the very end of the level Kat will ask you to land.Instead,
go back to club Errera and look for the building to the left
of the entrance. It is the one farther back. If you pick the right one,
on the back farthest point there is an alcove. If you are playing solo,
jump out and jetpack to the ledge on the rim of the alcove. Then,
when your jetpack is fully recharged, jetpack up to a switch on the 
ceiling, activate it, then land back on the ledge and call for evac.
If you are playing co-op, get one person to ride on top of the falcon 
and activate the switch. Then look for a building shaped like a hollow
oval and fly through it with the desired vehicle. If you want a pelican,
fly through with a falcon. If you want a phantom, fly through with a
banshee. Be warned, if you fly through, you will not be able to get
out or call for evac, even though it says to. Also, after you activate 
the switch, the banshees will run. You are completely invincible but 
I do not know if you can die by flying too low. You can also finish
the level by flying onto the landing pad. The controls for the Pelican
(not sure if it is the same for the Phantom) are as follows; use
normal right stick move, left stick look format. To fly down either
look down and move forward or press RB. To ascend, press LB. 
You have no guns.

Star Wars dialogue-(SWD)
Level-New Alexandria
	If you have the I Would Have Been Your Daddy
(IWHBYD) skull on at random times, after a gunner in your
falcon kills an enemy, he will say,” Just like shooting swamp rats
back home.” This is obviously from Star Wars.

Four Banshees-(FB)
Level-The Package
	 You need two or more people to do this. At the
beginning, kill everybody in the first area. Then, have player two
move the box to the right under the deck on the building with
the turret on top. Then, have player one go into the next area
and clear it out. Then player one moves past the area where the
tank is facing at first into the area where it says to return to battlefield
 and has water. Quickly look on the rock from the water in the area out
of bounds to find a switch and push it. At that moment, a switch
appears on player two’s screen which disappears if not activated
quickly. If it is pushed, the return to battlefield boundary disappears.
In the first area, on a building behind where player two pushed the
switch is four banshees. They have the ability to fire banshee bombs
by switch weapons using Y. The return to battlefield boundary
disappeared, but there is still a very far away instant kill barrier. 
I think it is funny how only the banshees that attack you in the
AA gun area are real, the others are just fake shadows that you can
fly through. But you can’t finish the game. The AA guns are now

Tribute Room-(TR)
Level-The Package
	You need two or more people to do this and it needs
to be on legendary. Start at Rally point Bravo. Kill everybody in
the area until it wants you to finish the level. Player one should
get a jetpack. Have player one walk straight from Halsey’s lab to
the lower path (from the point of view of the lab it is to the left),
while Player two waits near the building to the left (looking from
the lab) of Halsey’s lab with either a ghost or a powerful weapon.
 Player one then walks out onto a building that is directly opposite
the lab and climbs the ramp up to the building itself. Then, all the
way to the left is a few machines surrounded by a chain link fence.
Jet pack onto the fence but do not fall in. Go around the corner to
the right on the chain link fence (it should have a return to battlefield
barrier). Wait until you are about in the middle of the right side then
jump off and jetpack to the support where there should be a switch.
Push it, fall down, and if you can, jetpack up, but very few have made
it so it might be better to die and respawn to you teammate. After you
push the button, player two will see about ten golden elites coming
out with energy swords. Kill one or two with fire but then BACK UP! If
you get in a small area with them, it is not good. If and when player
one respawns, he should get another ghost or better weapons. If you
happen to have a ghost or two, out in the open area you can ram them.
But be careful, they happen to have both evade and armor lockup.
They can use armor lockup and blow you up or just dodge. Also, they
are very good at hijacking. After they are all killed, proceed to where
they came out, a door on the right side of the lab. In there is a small
room, but walk to the door on the other side of the room and you are
teleported to a large hallway. You have no ammo, no grenades, no
armor ability, and an assault rifle. At the end of the hallway, if you 
recognize it, is the inside of Halsey’s lab. There are about eight
data pads, and one I think is funny, the access terminal for getting
Cortana (not usable), a conversation between Halsey and Cortana,
some random pieces of art, and the windows looking out atCortana’s
ball of light. To get out, press the switch near the hallway. It will act as
if you pushed the switch to the door of Halsey’s lab and will switch to
 the cut scene.

Jun Gun-(JG)
Level-The Pillar of Autumn
	Start at the end on any difficulty. On the left side of the
cockpit on the mass driver (MAC cannon) you will see a UNSC logo
and next to it is Jun’s service tag: S-226 in very small letters.

Master Chief in Incubator-(MCII)
Level-The Pillar of Autumn
	In the ending cut scene, you will see from a point of view
of the bay with warthogs and stuff in it at one point. After seeing
some soldiers run past, you will be able to rotate to the right and
will see master chief in his incubator. You can’t look at it in theater
mode though.

Master Chief in Clouds-(MCIC)
Level-Lone Wolf
	In the beginning cut scene, you see the sky. At the
beginning of the cut scene, look in the center. In the clouds is the
shape of master chief’s helmet and shoulders.

Master Chief Statue-(MCS)
Level-Lone Wolf
	Go into theater mode after playing. Play the movie
regularly until you see the first banshee come from the lower right.
Then, use the skip back button to go to the beginning of the video
and press B and then Y to get out of the map. You will see, in
the distance,the launching bay of the Pillar of Autumn. To the left
of the middle crane, you should see a small silver statue of master
chief facing the bay.

	At various places in the campaign, you will see and
elite ranger that is gold. If you have live and kill it, you will get
the medal "seek and destroy". But they are also more powerful
than regular rangers.
Marty O Donnell-(MOD)
 	On certain missions when you have a fireteam, one of the
members will have a tag "MRTY" and will be displayed as O-Donnell
at the bottom. This  corrosponds with the maker of the Halo
soundtrack, Marty O-Donnell.

In Multiplayer or Forge

Forge World Skull-(FWS)
Level-Forge World
	If you spawn in the coliseum, fly out and turn around.
To the right and in the distance, there is a mountain covered
with snow that is in the shape of a skull.

At any time

At any time
	Zoom in with any non scoped weapon. At the bottom left,
it will have binary 01000100011000010111011001100101 and Spartan 3
bios number. The binary translates into Dave.

Face on Shotgun Handle-(FOSH)
At any time
	If you look at the bottom of a shotgun at the handle you will
see a face that looks like this. If image is distorted, it will look like an
overly happy person with a huge mouth.
	        o   o
	        1   1
	        1   1

Golden Bullet-(GB)
At any time
	When you fire the DMR enough times, some bullets may be
golden. After hitting something, it rests on the floor and almost glows.

Hornet Graphic on Jet Pack-(HGOJP)
At any time
	After you start to hover in the air with a jet pack, have
another player look or go into 	theater mode and under the jets is a
graphic that is the same as the one on the hornet.

Misriah Armory-(MA)
At any time
	On any UNSC guns, there are the words Misriah armory. Also,
the machine gun turret says quantum industries or something like that.

Turretless Vehicles-(TV)
At any time
	If you happen to be playing on Forge, you are able to drag
vehicles through a kill ball without destroying all of it. If it is
a Scorpian, Wraith, Warthog, or Falcon, its turret or turrets will
be destroyed, but it is still drivable. Thumbs up for Civilian
vehicles. If you are in multiplayer or campaign, you can use
explosive weaponry such as a plasma launcher to blow off the turrets.
Be warned, it is about ten times harder to do in campaign. I myself
have done it only once in campaign.

I like

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llllllllllllllllllllllllll	   lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    lllllllllllllllllllllll	              llllllllllllllll
          llllllllllllllll	                llllllllll
        llllllllllllllll                           lllllllllll
        lllllllllllll		                    lllllllll
          llllllllllllll	                lllllllllllll
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