Legendary Walkthrough by gelgel88

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Authored by gelgel88

Hello fellow grunts !
This is a battlefield survival guide. It is written for us ordinary grunts who
are constantly outgunned, outnumbered, out of ammos and down on luck. In this
guide I shall assume that most of you have played through the Campaign at least
once. I am not going to give a blow by blow battlefield account but rather a
tactical guide of what I consider the more sticky situations in order to

General Tactical Considerations

1. Long range combat is the key. If you can, always carry 2 weapons with ranged
capability. Melee only when you are in dire straits. Remember, it takes 2 hits
to kill an Elite, except those jetpack Rangers, even with the Energy Sword.

2. Weapons
Needle Rifle- the most useful.
DMR- a close second. Ammos are more plentiful as it is UNSC.
Sniper Rifle- most powerful ranged weapon. Ammos are scarce. Use only on Elites
if possible.
M6G- a life saver. You will be amazed how many enemies you can kill at extreme
range, even Elites too !
Focus Rifle- weak. Require a long press on the trigger to kill even Grunts.

Heavy weapons are slow. You will simply waste ammos trying to kill Elites with
them unless it is at point blank range.

3. Use your partner. They may be lousy shots but they are good for distracting
your enemies. If possible, try to flank your enemies. You may have to goad your
partner into fighting, so keep moving forwards, soldiers.

4. Armor. Drop Shield. Period.

Enough talks, ladies. NOW MOVE OUT !!

Noble Actual and Winter Contingency
Not much to be said about these two missions as they are a taste of what
legendary is about. There are DMRs present in both, so practice your headshots

Mission 3 : Oni:Sword Base
You start the mission with a DMR, so snipe away at those Grunts. Be aware that
after a while, Jackals will come down the left gangway and they can take down
your shield and life real fast. After their retreat, follow them up the
gangway, using the slope as cover and kill all the Grunts and Jackals that are
there. After a while, a second, more dangerous wave will arrive. Now go all
the way to the back where there is a large window like structure. Position
yourself so that you can just see the head of those Elites. Because you are
close, those Elites will stay still and try to shoot you but can only hit the
ledge. None of them have the presence of mind to come up the gangway but will
always stay at ground level. And because you are so far forward, Kat will not
hang back. This will actually be a very short fire fight.

The rest should not be a problem until you drive your Warthog to the AA gun.
Just remember to replenish your DMR ammos before you leave. The resident
opposition should not be a problem as the two squad leaders are armed with
plasma rifles only. Stay clear of that dude on the roof. After they are all
dead, Kat will say that you need to activate the AA gun now. Hang back a bit
as a second, quite dangerous wave will arrive. There are 2 Elites with
Concussion Rifles and 2 Ghosts. The building where you need to activate the
AA gun has a straight driveway on the ground floor. Use the building as cover
and simply drive your Warthog back and for. Your gunner will eventually kill

Now it is time to deal with the really pissed dude up on the roof. If you go
up the stairs, you will die. If you snipe from too far away, he will go into
cover once his shield is down and it is so much wasted ammos. A good place to
do it will be the pill box structure next to the AA Gun with some Armor
inside. But don't go inside yourself! Stay outside, behind the building and
snipe him dead.

Collect those Concussion Rifles because you will need them shortly. There
are DMR ammos inside the objective building to stock up your supply. As you
drive round the corner, there are two Ghosts and some Elites waiting for you.
The Ghost's gun will out-range yours so that by the time you come to grip with
it, half of your shield will be gone. It is possible to drive back round the
corner, wait for your shield to recharge, keep repeating until the Ghost is
dead. But it is a pain in the backside. I would suggest that you drive about
two third up the road, hop out and tackle it with your Concussion Rifle. The
Concussion Rifle is a rapid fire weapon and the Ghost is pretty weak, it
should be quite easy. The second Ghost will arrive after the first one is
dead to suffer the same fate. Back into the Warthog, kill all the rest of

You arrive at your second objective and a bunch of Tangoes will rush out.
These should present no problem. Just use the curvature of the road as cover
and perhaps use your vehicle to ram them. Just be aware that there is a
Revenant present but ignore it for the time being. The rest is simply sniping
exercise. Remember to collect as much of the Needler Rifle ammos as possible
for the later part of the mission.

Back at Oni Sword Base and another round of sniping. The only thing worth
mentioning is the two Hunters. Hug the central pillar where the Shotgun rack
is. Use your radar to locate where the Hunters are. Peep out occasionally to
take out those Grunts. Throw some grenades to make yourself useful. When the
Hunters are near with their backs towards you, blast them with your shotgun.
Don't waste your long range ammos.

I won't bore you with the rest of the mission as it plays the same on all

Mission 4 : Nightfall
Nightfall is in fact a fun mission. You start the mission with plenty of Sniper
Rifle and M6G ammos. On top of that, you can obtain Active Camouflage. Right
at the start of the mission where you are given a strong hint about
assassination, if you look down at the campsite, it is there. Obtain that and
you can walk right to the last part of the mission if you choose to do so. But
why miss all the fun!

After that campsite you are in for some serious sniping. Use M6G for the Grunts
and reserve the Sniper Rifle for the Elites. When you weed them down to just a
lone Elite, may be you can try an assassination but make sure you have the
checkpoint first! You will also get a chance with the Focus Rifle but if you
still have plenty of M6G ammos left, I would advice keeping the Magnum.

The next part is simple enough but with good opportunity for assassinations.
Get rid of the Grunts and Jackals first as they will hinder you. There is a
Plasma Canon here which is quite useful against the two huge Mules in your
travel. After you kill those two, you can safely drop that Canon as it is
rather useless in the next battle.

In the area with the militia, you can stay to fight or you can walk. If you
choose to fight, use the rooftop. Your enemies won't climb the stairs to get
you. Dumb bastards. Remember to pick up the DMR from a dead militia on the

You then come to a bridge where a squad of Grunts are fast asleep with only
their squadleader keeping guard. He is asking to be assassinated! Whack all
the sleeping beauties. However Jun may fire off his big gun at the most
inopportune moment. Fight near the platform with the Plasma Canons and Whoa!!
Numerous red dots on your radar and growls from the enemies. Drop everything
you are doing and run back to the bridge and beyond. This force is really
badass but they won't pursue you beyond the bridge.Jun can take care of most of
them with some assistance from you. Afterwards, a Drop Ship will bring 2 Hunters
and 2 camo Elites. I find the camo Elites to be more dangerous because they can
kill you very quickly while your attention is distracted by the Hunters. Stay
in your present area and try to shoot away the back armor from the Hunters. Once
that is gone, shoot at the red area on their spines. 2-3 sniper rounds should
drop them dead. If your ammos is running low, there is a DMR in a weapon case
and in the highest rooftop, there is a dead militia with a Sniper Rifle. A DMR
is also close by, leaning against a wall.

The last part of the mission is not much different from other difficulties.
There are Sniper Rifle ammos in a weapon case near the armor icons.

Mission 5 : Tip of the Spear
At the start of the mission, run immediately right behind those two thick
trees. There are 2 really dangerous gun turrets which can kill you with one
shot. You have the DMR and the Grenade Launcher. The Grenade Launcher is, in
my opinion, the most useless weapon in Campaign. Just fire off all its ammos
and hopefully scare off some of the Grunts. After a while when the majority of
the enemies are weeded down by Kat, flank those gun turrets and take out the
gunners with your DMR.

At your first objective, the AI gunner should be able to take care of
everything except that Elite with the Concussion Rifle. Ramming him with your
Warthog is probably the fastest way to take him out. After you blow up the gun,
I would suggest that you drive straight through to that factory and don't
bother with anything in between.

At the factory, pick up as much Needler Rifle ammos as you can. Some will be
dropped by the Skirmishers at the beginning and there is a Needler Rifle rack
as you fight your way up the stairs. The rest of the fire fight requires some
patience and skill but should pose no problem. When you get the Revenant, fight
beyond the weapon range of your opponents by firing the mortar above their
heads in a trajectory. Since ammo is unlimited, just blast them to bits. The
only enemies you cannot kill with the mortar are the Elites but you can ram

At the second gun, don't go out of cover until you have clear away all the
infantry. Once you leave the cover of the hill, you will have to do battle
with a Wraith. What you don't want is for those enemy infantry to render you
immobile while you are doing that. You may have to get out of the Revenant to
do a bit of extreme range sniping to get rid of the Jackals. Without the
infantry support, the Wraith is an easy kill. Do the same with the second
Wraith. Stay beyond the weapon range of the Skirmishers and Hunters up the
road and bombard them. Kat can take care of a final wave of Buggers.

Do some fast shooting during the Falcon ride and when it is down, use it as
cover to snipe. Pick up the long range weapons dropped by the Skirmishers then
march to the extreme left of that hill path so that you are on a ledge
overlooking the entrance to The Spire. Jorge will be down there firing his
chain-gun and with such a racket going on, it will attract enemies like a
magnet. Snipe away. Sometimes you may have to go back right to attract the
final few enemies. Be careful of that gun turret. When all is quiet, ride the
energy beam to the top.

The objective here is to get the Fuel Rod Gun from the Grunt to blast that
sword carrying Elite. After you deal with the few Grunts that appear, move out
to the shimmering platform. You can move either left or right and when you
reach a doorway, peep inside so that you can just see the top of the Grunt's
head. Kill him with your ranged weapon and when the Elite gives chase, run like
hell back to the inner corridor. Double back to that control room but be
careful with the second Grunt there. He also packs a Fuel Rod Gun. Once you get
the gun, it is pay back time for all your grief.

Mission 6 : Long Night of Solace
I believe Bungie turns up the heat with this mission.

The early part of the mission is just a walkthrough. Use your M6G for some
recreational sniping and just follow your Noble Team members. Remember to pick
up the Drop Shield and the DMR at the entrance of the Sabre Base as they are
essential. Before you board your Sabre,  there is a dead Elite with an Energy
Sword. Bungie would not give you something for nothing, would they? Pick that
up and it will make your life a bit easier later on.

Now onto the space battle. The first wave is simple enough, Banshees only.
Second wave is a different customer entirely with Seraphs and Banshees.
Although the controller tells you to take down the Seraph's shield with guns
then switch to missiles, it is really bad advice. The missiles take time to
lock on and that Searph will either get its shield back or shake off your
pursuit. Stick to its tail and just blast with your gun. It will take it down.
When you are being blasted by other bandits or when your co-pilots are saying
something like 'he is at your six' or 'he is preparing to attack', immediately
do some violent manoeuvres. By violent manoeuvres I mean thruster+evade(left
button+left stick)+right stick. Ordinary evasive actions cannot shake off the
Seraph and you will die very quickly and many times too. Rarely you will die by
running into a ship with your violent manoeuvres but it is better than being
shot to bits. Once you shake off the bandit, cruise around a bit until you get
your shield back before returning to the fray. I hope this tactics works for
you because I know that a lot of people are being frustrated by this battle.
Next up will be the Phantoms with escorting Seraphs and Banshees. Needless to
say the Phantoms are your top pripority as once they are all destroyed, the
battle ends. But don't ignore the Seraphs and Banshees. Shoot whatever is in
your sight.

The battle with the Corvette and her escorts is easy.

Now that you have landed on the Corvette, you should know what will happen if
you jump right in. Kill those Elite Rangers that come up first. Circle right
and jump onto the bridge that spans the length of this room. At your back is a
short length of the bridge with space on both side so that you can slide down
to the top gangway. Don't do that at this moment. Take your time to snipe out
some Rangers first. If they give you a hard time, jump back to the landing
platform and replenish your health with the Drop Shield. Luckily the Elite
Rangers are not as strong as their other brethrens. If you open fire first with
headshots, you can probably afford to stand toe to toe with a Ranger. Of course
if two are shooting at you, run! Once you have taken down 3 or 4 of them, the
place suddenly seems to go quiet. Now is the time to slide down to the upper
gangway. There are Needler Rifles here which is a godsend as your DMR would be
almost out of ammos. Take out your Energy Sword now because the remaining
Rangers will try to ambush you. Good thing that they are one hit kill. Move
around most cautiously, look at your radar all the time.

After clearing this area, it is time to move on to the Hanger. The corridor
leading to the Hanger has small enclaves on both side. This is where you will
fight your next battle. The best ones to use will be the second or third from
the airlock. When the airlock opens, turn quickly to run up the balcony, either
side will do. Shoot the Engineer hanging in the middle of the Hanger pronto.
The Engineer will give an over-shield to the enemies on top of their normal
shield and you certainly don't want that. Now run back to the corridor quick
as you can. Using the enclave as cover, you simply pop in and out to kill the
Grunts that will appear on the threshold of the airlock. For some reason they
will not cross over but  they will throw grenades. If they do that, deploy your
Drop Shield at once. After you have killed 4-6 of the Grunts, the Elite Rangers
will rush you. They have no problem crossing the threshold. Watch your radar
carefully and when you see a moving red dot coming, draw your Energy Sword
fast. When the enemies are down to a few, red arrows will appear above their
heads. Imagine that, poor sods! Now you can safely move into the Hanger, go
about half way up the balcony and shoot the last 2 Rangers through the space
between the upper and lower slope. There are plenty of Needler Rifles in that
Hanger, so stock up.

Jorge will arrive with 3 UNSC grunts. It is amazing to see how quickly they
are killed once the next airlock opens. On both side of the airlock, there are
corridors. They are very useful for flanking. As long as the Elites don't know
of your existence, meaning they don't see you at the beginning, there is a very
good chance that you can perform an assassination on one of them. After
dispatching these two, replenish your Needler Rifle ammos before you leave.
There are Needler Rifle in the room where the Elites are but don't use those as
you will need them when you come back. Take a bit of time and stock up from the
area where you first enter because to all intent and purpose you will never
set foot in that part of the Hanger again.

In the next area, where you can see an ongoing space battle, are 2 very
aggressive Elites. I would suggest that you avoid battle with these two in that
room. First, there is no good cover on your side but plenty of covers on their
side. Even if you manage to kill them, you will be down on ammos and there is
no weapon to be had in the area besides the 2 Plasma Rifles carried by them. I
would strongly advice that you run to the end of the platform, hopefully
without them seeing you, wait for an opportune moment, jump down and enter the
airlock leading to the Bridge. Now you can go on to the Bridge but these two
will be waiting for you on your return and will make life really difficult.
Let's take them out now with a little stratagem. I hope you still have the
Energy Sword with at least 40% capacity. Well, you use it only on the Elite
Rangers, right? Stand close to the airlock but hide yourself in the enclave.
Watch your radar, when you see a single red dot close by, dart out and whack
the Elite with your Energy Sword. Don't wait for anything but rush back through
the airlock. Do the same to the second dude.

You are now ready to clear out the Bridge. In this battle you can afford to
stand close to the airlock but don't cross over. The Grunts are simple kills
but there are 3 camo Elites in the room. 2 are easy. Sight down your Needler
Rifle and when you see a shimmering shadow, pump them full of needles. The last
one is armed with an Energy Sword and he really moves fast. You have to lull
this one out. Prepare a plasma grenade then cross over the airlock. Move very
slowly forward, watching your radar intently. When you see a red dot coming at
you fast, throw the grenade and open fire. The last enemy is an Elite who is a
pain to kill. He will jump in and out of cover and it will take forever to kill
him. Although it is risky, whack him with the Energy Sword. Before activating
the switch, replenish your Needler Rifle ammos first.

There are more enemies on your way back but they are not trying except to your

You arrive back at the room with the Needler Rifles and you can see Jorge
battling some enemies. This room will be your safe haven in the coming battle.
There are plenty of long range weapons near the fighter plane so make good use
of them but save the Sniper Rifle for someone special. All these enemies you
should kill with ease until there is only one left which normally will be one
of the gold armor Elite. Now position yourself carefully because the next wave
is really dangerous and you don't want to be at the wrong place. One good area
will be the right balcony on your side as it offers a good vantage point to
kill the last dude and is near to your safe haven. Kill the dude and you will
get a checkpoint. Have your Sniper Rifle ready, turn around and you will see an
Elite exits through the airlock. Pump his head with Sniper Rifle rounds to take
him down. It seems that he is the Elite with the Concussion Rifle so it is one
less dangerous dudes. Rush back to your safe haven and when the chance is
there, shoot the other Elites to help Jorge. They will not come into the room
to hurt you but if you annoy them enough, they will turn around to shoot or
throw the odd grenade. It will only be a matter of time before they are all

Whoa! Mission 6 is not such a jawbreaker after all.

Mission 7 : Exodus
Kill those suicide squads but switch to the Plasma Pistol once you have it to
conserve M6G ammos. Proceed until you come into the open where the Brutes are
running riots. Headshot them with the M6G and see how easy it is to kill a
Brute. There is a Sniper rifle on the upstairs balcony. The rest are simple
grunt works. There is a DMR and a M6G in the Mall. Use them as much as possible
and only use the Sniper Rifle on worthwhile targets.

The next part is for you to defend your position until the elevator arrives. To
make life easier you need to prepare the battleground before you press the
switch to start the action. Head back down the stairs and drop your long range
weapons. A good place to leave them will be where you find the DMR. Pick up
medium range weapons dropped by the fallen, a good combo will be Needler and
Assault Rifle or Spike Rifle. I find the Needler to be particularly effective
against Brutes. Now head back and start the action. You need to stay close to
the doorway where the first wave of enemies will enter but not too close. Kill
them as they enter and usually you can kill quite a few. But you will be
overwhelmed no matter what you do. What you need to do is a fighting retreat
towards the right upper gangway. The left one will have Skirmishers coming
which is bad news. The only enemy who will chase you is that Brute with the
Gravity Hammer. In fact there are two of those. But usually at least one will
be dead by the  time you leave. Head all the way to your long range weapons to
retrieve them. Double back using the left upper gangway and you will find all
the enemies milling about in the open area in front of the elevator. It would
be a simple matter to pick them off one by one.

Ride the elevator up where you need to jetpack across. Don't forget to stock up
on DMR ammos before you leave. On your final approach you can either jetpack to
an open area on the right or the area with a roof over your head on the left.
Combat is more intense on the right but far more risky especially from the
plasma grenades. The left side is much safer but will take more time. Your
choice, soldier. When you have finished, I would strongly advice that you
jetpack back to the weapon rack to replenish your DMR ammos fully.

Work your way up the stairs to where there is an ongoing battle. Since you
have full DMR ammos, only use your Sniper Rifle sparingly. There is another
DMR leaning against a wall and a Rocket Launcher in a weapon case here. When
you go out into the open, you will notice a UNSC soldier jetpacking up a
balcony. That is where you should go. The balcony offers a much better vantage
point to snipe the enemies in the opposite building and there is a Sniper Rifle
and DMR plus Health pack at the other end. Be a bit careful when you go to pick
those up as there are 2 Brutes with Concussion Rifles opposite and even the
splash damage can kill you. You can lull the dude with the Gravity Hammer out
into the open and dispatch him with the Rocket Launcher.

Again stock up the DRM before you work your way up the stairs. There is a Brute
Hero? with the Fuel Rod Gun at a higher level whom you can easily kill with the
Sniper Rifle using the stairs as cover. When you are near the end of the
stairs, be a bit careful with the Grunt packing a Fuel Rod Gun. There is yet
another DMR waiting for you. Kill all enemies on this landing and in the
building with the large hall. It is really simple grunt works. The final
obstacle will be that Brute Hero flanked by 2 gun turrets and a squad of
infantry out on the balcony. When you enter the hall using the door on the
ground floor, usually he will usually  be standing rock still opposite you at
the other end as if challenging you to approach. 3-4 solid headshots with the
Sniper Rifle shall send him to the Convenant heaven. Don't use the Fuel Rod
Gun. You can never kill him this way. The rest is easy. If your Brute Hero
choose not to stand still but move out of sight, on either side of the hall,
there are corridors leading to the balcony with limited cover. It is risky but
you can kill him this way.

After the Falcon ride there is a Warthog waiting for you. Move a little bit up
the road and you can take out that Ghost driver with your sniping weapons. Now
there is a choice of vehicles to use. Personally I prefer the Warthog because
both the armor and armament of the Ghost are weak although it is very agile. On
top of that, the other UNSC soldiers will be driving the Warthog and the
Mongoose and their vehicles could block you just when you are trying to evade.
Kill all enemies and activate the first gun. There are DMR ammos and a Drop
Shield near the gun. You may want to exchange your Jetpack with the Drop Shield
for the battles to come.

Drive round the seaside road to tackle the Wraith and another Ghost. As long as
you literally drive circles around them, they can be kill rather easily. Watch
your shield and health. If they are down dangerously, simply drive away and
replenish them with the Drop Shield. There is another Wraith somewhere up the
road which will go the same way. Now just loop round the back of the second gun
and kill everybody there.

After you activate the second gun, you will get a checkpoint and it is the last
checkpoint until the end of this mission. This could be quite frustrating
because you have to work through quite a large number of enemies and the last
one is carrying a one hit kill weapon. Anyway, after the checkpoint move up a
short flight of stairs to a battlement and you will find another Sniper Rifle.
A Drop Ship will deliver quite a large group of Convenant forces.  The
Skirmishers will come for you first but WE ARE SPARTANS!!! Ground them into
mincemeat then tackle the Ghosts next. Go back to the battlement where you find
the Sniper Rifle and snipe away at the enemies opposite. After a while, a dude
with the Gravity Hammer will make a beeline towards you but since he is coming
from a mile away, there is no real hassle. When all is quiet, move down the
battlement and look up towards the pill box like structure in the opposite
building. If you are lucky you may see that badass with the Fuel Rod Gun
standing there. If not, you must do it the hard way. Move up the stairs very
cautiously, watching your radar all the time and try to take him out from
behind with the Sniper Rifle but it is flawed with dangers. Another method is
to drive the Warthog all the way up ( you can actually do that,) with the canon
fodders...err your fellow soldiers to distract him. Now quickly exit the
vehicle and move back downstairs. See all the plantations beneath the pill
box? There are steps which you can climb until you are directly underneath the
opening of the pill box. Jump up and down to see if the badass is inside. Quite
often he is out there attracted by your vehicle. If the coast is clear, hop in,
turn on the switch and end the mission.

Mission 8 : New Alexandria
You get to fly the Falcon. One rule, fly as low as possible. For once, your AI
gunners are quite decent so concentrate on flying as much as you can. Gain
altitude only when you are near your objectives otherwise you will be shoot
full of holes by the horde of Banshees here.

You may be send to either the Nightclub or the Hospital. If you are send to the
Nightclub first, you are in luck. Outside of the Nightclub, there are
Skirmishers with Needler Rifles and you certainly need these in the Hospital.
Inside the Nightclub are millions of Hunters whom you should not fight. Just
sprint up to activate the switch then sprint back down and that is about it.

Now to the Hospital. When the door opens you can see some Grunts that are
glowing bluish purple. You should know by now that there is an Engineer nearby.
This one is hanging in the middle of the hall so kill it pronto. Move down the
spiral staircase, laying waste to all along the way. There is a DMR on the
first floor. Enter the main hall and there are Brutes. Not much of a problem
until you reach the final two. These are glowing so take out the Engineer first
which can be located at the end of the hall. After turning the switch, you will
be reinforced by one lone UNSC soldier. Doesn't matter for... WE ARE SPARTANS!!!
To get out, you need to wipe out that Elite Ranger Squad. There are 2 DMRs and
a M6G on your side of the hall and probably another M6G dropped by the killed
UNSC. Use them wisely. Top pripority is to find a good sniping vantage point.
Now, see that bridge that span the width of the hall. Behind that you can see a
strut that runs up from the floor to the bridge. Go up there and that is your
ideal position. You are just outside the weapon range of the Rangers and there
seems to be an invisible line that they can't cross. You are in a high position
with no interference from the enemies; should have no great problem wiping out
that squad. You still need to save a few rounds for the next battle though.

As you turn the corner, a welcoming committee of one Elite and some skirmishers
will be waiting. You really don't have the fire power to take down that Elite.
It is better to run and fight another day than to be dead...countless times.
Take down the Skirmishers first with your last few rounds to make life easier.
I hope you still have some M6G rounds left. Jetpack yourself to the first floor
balcony and run. There are some Skirmishers on the upper level which is good
for they drop Needler Rifles.

After taking down the defenders to the last objective, you ride an elevator to
a really quiet office. Make very sure of your exit route first because once you
activate the switch, tons of Buggers will appear and they are really, really
annoying. Individually they are weak but in a group they are extremely
dangerous. With a bit of luck, you can still make it though.

The final part of this mission requires you to take out various objectives with
your Falcon which by now would be very much battered. You may die a few times
here but this part of the mission has numerous checkpoints so it is not 'teeth
gnawing' type of annoyance. Simply fly low, use the buildings as covers and
fight your way through.

Mission 9 : The Package
This mission is in fact quite easy. You have 3 of the Noble Team members with
you for the better part of the mission which makes life really simple.

At the start of the mission, go left using the rock boulders and building as
covers. When you make contact with the enemies use your weapons. You don't have
to kill everything in sight, just enough so that you can clear a path to the

The only real danger to the Scorpion is the two Fuel Rod Guns located in caves
up the mountain. Make sure you know where to aim.

The fight through the base is not a big deal. Kill the Engineer when you meet

In the defence of the Lab., it is much better to stay with your Noble Team than
running around wildly trying to activate, then reactivate those useless gun
turrets. Stay with the gun racks on the right hand side of the blast door where
2 Mongooses are parked. There are plenty of DMR ammos and health packs in the
area. The gun racks provide solid protections. Simply pop in and out of cover
to kill as many as you safely can. Your Noble Team members are like lions. It
really is a walkthrough. When the Hunters get close, kill them with the Spartan
Laser. Near the end of the mission, an Elite may come straight for you with an
Energy Sword. Get him entangle with one of your team in melee and there is no
problem taking him out. That is about it.

Mission 10 : The Pillar of Autumn
At the start of the mission, use your M6G to take out as many Grunts as you can.
With the weapons you are currently carrying, you cannot win a fight with the
Elites, so don't try. You should use Emile to do most of the fighting while
you make your way towards the hut with the weapons. Run from cover to cover but
always pressing forward. The enemies, although they outnumber and outgun you by
a huge margin, will gradually retreat up the road. Move cautiously, always
using covers to get the DMR and the Rocket Launcher. A lot of times, Emile
would have finished the job by then.

After the mad drive with the Mongoose, you reach another hut with more DMR
ammos. Go right and shoot those annoying geeks on the platform first. Go back
left, find a good vantage point and use the DMR to kill all enemies in sight.
As long as you don't cross over those stone blocks, the Wraith will fire
blindly and is no threat. When all is quiet, use the rock boulders as cover,
go down to what looks like some workshops. There will be some surviving enemies
left, so proceed with some caution. When all the foot soldiers are gone, it is
not difficult to kill the Wraith with the Rocket Launcher.

Before you leave the area, stock up with DMR ammos first. You will meet some
Skirmishers with Needler Rifles. Collect as much ammos as you can and hang on
to that Needler Rifle. The next part is a cavern where you will watch Carter
makes a heroic sacrifice. Next up are more Buggers. Let Emile bears the
brunt of the fighting while you take out the odd bugger or two. There are
DMR on the ground by the dead UNSC. You will also find a Drop Shield in the
cavern, nice!!! Again collect as much Needler rifle ammos as you can after
seeing off more Skirmishers.

As you emerge from the cavern, there is a battle going on down below in front
of the factory. Snipe away as many enemies as you can at the cliff edge. You
need to be patient with your sniping to conserve ammos. Don't fire wildly.
When you have cleared away most of the enemies, get down to the cabin on the
left side of the battlefield. There are DMR ammos inside. Use that as a base to
fight the next waves of enemies. The final bunch of enemies are 3 very
aggressive Elites. Use all the exits of the cabin to move in and out of cover,
always keep the pressure on them by some accurate shooting and with some
assistance from Emile, you will have the pleasure of killing 3 Elites in a row.
Just be a bit careful with all the wild Concussion rounds and plasma grenades.

On the first floor of the factory is a Sniper Rifle and a Spartan Laser. Use
the Spartan Laser to destroy the 3 gun turrets first so that the Grunts
milling about down below cannot use them again. When you wish to switch
weapons, switch between the DMR and Sniper Rifle because the Needler Rifle may
disappear after a while and you really want to use it later on. You are a
Marksman by now and there is no problem getting headshots to all the Elites,
Jackals and Grunts you meet along the way. Quite a large number of Elites in
this part of the mission which would really test you skill.

You reach the area where there are 2 Hunters and some Skirmishers. You should
at least have a little Needler Rifle ammos left and at least one Plasma Grenade.
The Plasma Grenade is essential and I'll tell you why later. Use the central
boiler as cover to kill as many Skirmishers as you can. The Assault Rifles
close by is a good choice. Take care that you don't receive a full blast from
the Fuel Rod Gun. After the Skirmishers are gone, it is time to think about
killing those Hunters. The shotgun will be a very good weapon to use and there
is one nearby. The cargo trunks on either of this room will provide good covers
for your Hunter hunting. Use your radar to determine where they are, pop out
to have a quick look and if the moment is right, blast away with your shotgun.
You really feel a sense of achievement when you take down a Hunter personally.

The next area has a camo Elite in it. Watch your radar and have your shotgun
ready. 3 blasts at close range is sufficient for this dude. The rest should be
standard fare by now. Before you leave the factory for the final big showdown,
check again that you have one plasma grenade.

Quite a lot of people have problems with the final showdown. Yes, it is next to
impossible if you run around the area wildly, trying to be a cowboy hero. The
area you have to fight is actually like this. There is a two storey shaggy hut
on the left. On the ground floor there are weapon racks, the most useful weapon
is the M6G. On the top floor there is a Sniper Rifle but LEAVE THAT ALONE!!!
Don't use it for this part of the battle. The Landing Pad is slightly to the
right with a mountain path and stairs leading up to it. On the extreme right,
down three flights of stairs is an area with rock boulders. This should be
your heading when you exit the factory. Make haste as the first wave of enemies
will land. In this area, there is a dead UNSC soldier with an Assault Rifle. Go
down another slope and move up the stairs. You should see the first group of
Convenant forces which are Brutes and Grunts. Using the stairs as cover, begin
your fire fight. The odd Brute may climb down the stairs but the Grunts will
stay at the upper landing. However they will move in close which is fine since
you are firing at point blank range into their faces. And as you are firing
upwards, you can see their thrown grenades with plenty of time to evade. When
your shield goes down, move back down the stairs and recoup with your Drop
Shield. You should be able to clear out this lot by using short or medium range
weapons only. Now move inside the shaggy hut to pick up the M6G. Move to a good
vantage point e.g. the landing on your side with some boiler like structures
would be a good place to snipe. When you are finished with the M6G, this first
wave should be down to a few members only, if not all dead. Notice that you
still have not use the Needler Rifle yet but you can afford to spend a few
precious rounds.

At this point, the second wave should probably arrive. Move back to the hut to
pick up the Assault Rifle. One or two Grunts may come up the stairs to the
shaggy hut but they can be dealt with by the Assault Rifle. The objective is
not to take high risk to kill a lot of enemies but to hold them off in the
mountain path. Now come the most important part. When there is a quiet moment,
head to the back of the shaggy hut. Bang the wall and a UNSC weapon rack will
drop out. However, it may already be on the ground. If it is the right side up,
of course all are best and shiny. But most times, it is not and there is no way
you can turn it over except by throwing a plasma grenade near it and turn it
over by the explosion. Holy Mary!! 4 DMRs and a shotgun!!!

The third wave will land even when you don't kill off all of the second wave.
They will land in the sandy area where you first started the fight. Wait until
you hear some ominous music and that is your cue. At the same time you will
also hear that UNSC reinforcement has arrived. The first bad guy to come for
you is usually the Brute Hero? with the Gravity Hammer. Quickly grab the
shotgun and follow your UNSC soldiers. With a bit of luck, the Brute will melee
the soldier while you pump him full of lead shots. Even if this does not happen,
he is such a clumsy fellow that quite a lot of time he will get himself
entangled by the stairs, doorway etc. No matter what, you have to kill him fast
because a real badass with Fuel Rod Gun accompanied by Brutes and Jackals will
be right behind. You really have to move fast and exchange the shotgun with the
DMR. If you are hard pressed, use the Needler Rifle first and go back for the
DMR later. Run back to your sniping area to do your work but be a bit careful
because 'Fuel Rod Gun' and Jackals may cross over to get you. Watch your radar.
Sometimes it seems that there is a fourth wave of Brutes, Jackals and Grunts
and the Grunts are carrying Fuel Rod Guns! Be on your toe at all times.It takes
a lot of rounds to wipe out this lot. Once again don't fire wildly.

After you hand over the package, it is time to pick up the Sniper Rifle. Look
across and you can see Grunts and their leaders milling about near the open
doorway. Use your DMR and Needler Rifle on the Grunts, reserve the Sniper Rifle
for their leaders. With such a racket going on, quite often you would have
attracted the Elite Heroes? inside the factory to come to the doorway. They
will have a bluish purple over-shield on them at first because there is an
Engineer inside. Don't waste your Sniper Rifle rounds just yet. After a while
their over-shield will disappear. Snuff them Out. Without using it on anything
else, you have enough Sniper Rifle rounds to take out 2 Elites and 2 Elite
Heroes, all solid headshots with one round remaining. There is not a great deal
of margin for errors. When all is quiet, cross over to the factory. There is
another UNSC dead near the doorway with a dropped DMR. Just what you need for
your last Convenant Hero.

Of course all battles are dynamic. Like all good soldiers, you need to think on
on your feet and improvise. In another mission I played, I only manage to kill
one Elite and 3 Grunts before everyone moves back into the factory. That is a
very difficult fight indeed.

Now is the time to fire the big gun. You can fight normal which is frustratingly
difficult or you can be smart...lazy? Simply initiate the sequence then exit the
gun. Go down the stairs and just hang about. Wait until you hear the command to
shoot the Corvette. All the Convenant ships will pour shits down on you and you
only have time to fire one shot but that is all it needs.

All missions successfully accomplished...Sir!!!

Mission 11 : Lone Wolf

Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die!

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